Chapter 2:

Chapter 2: The Sports Festival

Love, Sparks and Cherry Blossoms

The school sports festival is coming up soon, apprantely its a pretty popular event the entire school is running around like headless chickens, you can feel the excitement in the air. At least that's what i assume most people would be thinking but not me, i cant get into the excitement and anticipation for the school sports festival, my mind has not been able to shake the events that happened a week ago...Bookmark here

"Sakura i am so sorry, i did not mean to be so forceful, its just you are the first person to ever make me feel this way" Ai said in a panicked voice.Bookmark here

"I.....I....I got to go!" Sakura shouted in response before bolting out of the room.Bookmark here

Sakura brought a finger up to her lips. "Her lips were so soft, and her kiss so sweet" a brief smile crept onto Sakura's face.Bookmark here

"Ugh, why cant i stop thinking about this" Sakura said slapping her cheeks slightly with both her hands.Bookmark here

The school bell rang to signal the start of classes.Bookmark here

"Oh crap, i am gonna be late" Sakura exclaimed. wait since when do i care about being late to class.....UGH damn this kiss and curse you Ai Ishima, THIS IS DRIVING MY CRAZY Sakura thought as she ran to her class.Bookmark here

After classes had finished Sakura made her way out of the school building and made her way to the school council building, The clearing appeared before her, the lush green scenery once again greeting her eyes to a beautiful sight.Bookmark here

"Wait" Sakura said out loud before tilting her head to look at the ground.Bookmark here

What do i do about Ai, i haven't said a word to her nor she to me since the kiss a week ago, What do i do, ignore her? try and talk to her about it? pretend it never happened? UGH this is so frustrating! Bookmark here

Sakura slowly pried open the door to the student council building. Bookmark here

"Oh hey Sakura" Ai called out to her. Bookmark here

Ai was sitting at the table on her own, wearing the same beautiful smile she always did, but this time her voice sent shivers up Sakura's spine. Bookmark here

"OH UMMM HI Ai" Sakura said quickly and loudly whilst bowing her head. Bookmark here

Ai paused for a moment seemingly puzzled at what she had just seen. Bookmark here

"Errrrrr Sakura are you okay" Ai asked. Bookmark here

"YES YES EVERYTHING IS FINE THERE IS NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT I SWEAR" Sakura said just as quickly and loudly as she had before. Bookmark here

Ai gave a slight chuckle. "If you say so" Bookmark here

Sakura took her seat at the table. "Where is everyone" Sakura said whilst scanning the room. Bookmark here

"They are running a little late today, once everyone arrives i will begin the announcement i have to make and we can begin work" Ai said plainly Bookmark here

"Uhhhh ok sure" Sakura responded.Bookmark here

"Can i interest you in some tea" Ai askedBookmark here

"Sure, that would be nice" Sakura responded with a smile. Bookmark here

"Hmmmmm" Bookmark here

Ai leaned towards Sakura getting closer and closer, A spark of electricity shot through Sakura's body and her face immediately became flushed. Sakura tilted her head away from Ai to hide the fact she was blushing. She could not even look at Ai's face. Bookmark here

"Are you not going to scream at me to make it myself or scream that you are quite capable of making tea yourself" Ai said with a humorous tone. Bookmark here

"awwwww Shut up" Sakura responded still refusing to look at Ai. Bookmark here

Ai gave a cute chuckle in response. Bookmark here

"You are so cute Sakura" Ai said whilst getting up out of her seat and making her way over to the "Kitchen" area. Bookmark here

Ai returned moments later carrying two plain white mugs, she placed one in front of Sakura and carried the other one in her hands as she made her way back to her seat. Bookmark here

A moment of breif silence passed over the room, Ai took a sip of tea from her mug and placed back down in front of her gazing at it intently. Bookmark here

"Sakura...... I need to speak to you" Ai said with a serious tone. Bookmark here

"UHHHH OK ABOUT WHAT" Sakura said as a look of surprise shot on her face. Bookmark here

"Not here, can you wait for me after school and we can talk then" Ai asked her eyes still gazing at her mug of tea.Bookmark here

"Ok" Sakura responded as if she could not find anymore words to say. Bookmark here

The door to the student council building slid open. Bookmark here

"Hey sorry we are late" Arata voice called out Bookmark here

Sakura spun her head around to face the door and saw Arata Shinji and Ayana all standing by the door wearing exhausted expressions on there faces. Bookmark here

Ai gave a slight chuckleBookmark here

"Don't worry about it, but this means that none of you can tease me about being late for at least a week right" Ai said whilst pointing a finger at the trip as if scolding them.Bookmark here

"Deal" The trio responded. Bookmark here

Arata, Shinji and Ayana all took their respective seats at the table so that Ai could begin the student council session. Bookmark here

Ai stood up out of her chair. Bookmark here

"Firstly i would like to congratulate and thank you all for your hard work that you did on those posters advertising club activities, i heard it was a major success and the school has had an increase in the number of students taking part in club activities" Ai stated proudly. Bookmark here

"Good cause those poster took forever to make" Arata interjected Bookmark here

"Well i warned you didn't i, if you spent half the time and effort you do complaining into doing your work it would have taken as long" Ai said with a grin on her face. Bookmark here

Ai comments earned a laugh from her peers except for Arata who simply responded with a pouty face.Bookmark here

"I have another announcement to make, as you well know the school sports festival is coming up soon and the student council has been asked to help out with the organization and preparation of this event but we have also been participate in the event" Ai stated Bookmark here

"TO PARTICIPATE" Arata, Shinji and Ayana said in unison. Bookmark here

"But the student council has never been required to participate in the sports school festival before" Ayana responded towards Ai. Bookmark here

"Well this year we have, and i have faith and confidence in us as the student council to not only be able to organize and prepare this event to the best of our abilities but win the event itself" Ai said with a look of excitement on her face.Bookmark here

Ayana let out a sigh. Bookmark here

"Hmmmm, What is it Ayana" Ai asked noticing Ayana's passive demeanor.Bookmark here

"Your not just getting excited about this because you want to beat Miyu in the sports event" Ayana said whilst folding her arms. Bookmark here

"No i am not! i am just excited because this is the first time the student council will be participating in a sporting event and i think it would be cool if we won" Ai said with a blatant defensive tone. Bookmark here

"If you say so" Ayana responded bluntly Bookmark here

"So what do you say guys are you with me" Ai said with anticipation. Bookmark here

"If its important to you than i will follow you" Ayana said with a slight smile. Bookmark here

"I can always count on you Ayana" Ai said with a smile. "What about you boys" Bookmark here

"Oh hell you know we are in, we are gonna kick butt and take names in this sports festival" Arata said with such confidence in his voice. Bookmark here

"Uhhh what he said" Shinji said with a quiet voice. Bookmark here

"What about you Sakura, you have been awfully quiet over there" Ai said noticing that Sakura has spent the entire conversation gazing at the floor.Bookmark here

Sakura took a moment to come back to her senses.Bookmark here

"Sure i am in, i mean if its required of us not like we have much of a choice" Sakura said plainly. Bookmark here

The days leading up to the school sports festival was a hectic roller coaster, everyone on the student council was darting around the school making sure everything was organized from the number of students competing in each class, to making sure we had enough equipment like Hurdles and Batons. Posters (once again) were also made to advertise the event. I don't think Ai stopped moving the entire time, she really is a dedicated student council president. Bookmark here

The day of the school sports festival the students gathered outside and grouped up into there respective classes. Luckily today was quite a hot day so we could enjoy the heat if nothing else.Bookmark here

Ai stood up on the podium to deliver her speech before the sports event could officially begin.Bookmark here

"Welcome to the annual sports festival, i want to thank the staff and students for there continued hard work in making this event possible year after year, i know you have all put alot of effort into preparing for this highly anticipated event, but this year myself and my fellow student council members will participating in the event for the first time and we promise to do our best, so lets all have fun and may the best class win" Ai announced proudly. Bookmark here

The school sports festival was underway and classes were competing against each other in various athletic events including the 100m, 200m, 400m and relay races. Bookmark here

Arata competed in the 100m dash Bookmark here

"HA THIS IS IN THE BAG" Arata stated. Bookmark here

"Woah who knew he could run so fast" Ayana said Bookmark here

"Go Arata, you can do it" Ai cheered. Bookmark here

"And first place goes to Arata from the Student Council" The teacher announced. Bookmark here

"See i told you it was in the bag" Arata said whilst confidently striding over to join the rest of the student council team on the sidelines. Bookmark here

"Well done Arata, now its the 200m race next so that means you are up Shinji" Ai said whilst gesturing towards a rather timid looking Shinji.Bookmark here

"Ill do my best" Shinji stated. Bookmark here

The students participating in the 200m race all took there positions and the start line. Bookmark here

"AND THEY ARE OFF" the teach announced. Bookmark here

"In first place is Nami from class 3 , second place Akina from class 2 and third place Shinji from the student council team " The teacher announced. Bookmark here

Shinji walked slowly over his head hung over with a disappointing look on his face. Bookmark here

"Awwww don't worry about Shinji you did your best" Ai said whilst placing a hand on his shoulder. Bookmark here

"Thanks Ai" Shinji said mustering a smile. Bookmark here

"Ok, next is the 400m race, that means its up to you Ayana win this for us" Ai said placing a hand on her friends shoulder. Bookmark here

"Hmph, you know i will Ai, its for you after all" Ayana said confidently. Bookmark here

"hmmmm" Ai mumbled. Bookmark here

and the competitors for the 400m race are off.Bookmark here

"If its for you Ai, i can win anything!" Ayana thought to herself.Bookmark here

"Wow, what a performance by Ayana she easily crushes the competition and obtains first place, we will now take a short break and return with out final deciding event the relay race" The teacher announced. Bookmark here

"Hey Sakura can you do me favor" Ai said whilst turning her head to face Sakura. Bookmark here

"What do you need" Sakura asked. Bookmark here

"Can you go and grab the batons from the storage room, we are going to need them for the final event" Ai asked. Bookmark here

Sakura nodded in response and made her way to the storage room. Bookmark here

The storage room was only a short walk from the field track, Sakura walked at brisk pace, sipping on bottled water that she had brought with her, not because she was sweating or tired she hadn't actually competed in an event yet, its because it was so darn hot. Sakura reached the storage room and slid the door open, she reached her arm around to flick the light switch on, the storage room was surprisingly organized with various pieces of sports equipment like hocky sticks and basketballs and Tennis rackets neatly stacked in closets and containers. Sakura walked into the center of the room and began scanning the different containers, finally she found what she was looking for a bag in a closet with the label "Batons" on it. Sakura grabbed the bag and span around to make her way out of the room. Bookmark here

The door to the storage room slid open and Ai stepped inside shutting the door behind her. Bookmark here

"Ai what are you doing here, i was about to bring the Batons out to the field" Sakura stated with a shocked look on her face. Bookmark here

Ai paused for a moment. Bookmark here

"I just wanted the chance to tell you, best of luck with the relay race i am counting on you, i know you wont let us down" Ai said with a smile. Bookmark here

"Ai do you have to put so much pressure on me like that" Sakura said with a pouty look on her face. Bookmark here

Ai chuckled Bookmark here

"I am sorry Sakura.... Oh and one more thing" Ai said Bookmark here

"What is it" Sakura asked. Bookmark here

Ai stepped closer to Sakura and brought one hand up to her lips. Bookmark here

"We still need to talk after all this is over" Ai said whilst leaning forward and giving Sakura a kiss on her cheek. Bookmark here

Sakura recoiled back nearly dropping the bag of Batons she was carrying. Bookmark here

"Ai-" Sakura tried to see before being cut offBookmark here

"Now lets go and win this event" Ai said proudly whilst extending her end out to Sakura. Bookmark here

Sakura paused for a moment before slowly taking a hold of AI's hand and the two made their way out of the storage room. Bookmark here

And now we will enter the final event the relay race, the two final teams will compete against each other in a race where all members must participate, the participants will run a set length of the track and then hand the baton to their partner and so on until the last participants run the final length and we have our winner. Will the two teams now please take their starting positions on the track. Bookmark here

Ai and the rest of the student council made their way to the start point on the track.Bookmark here

"Hey you" a voice called out. Bookmark here

Ai span around to locate the source of the voice, a female student with a slender figure, short pink hair and bright blue eyes was looking at Ai with a look of determination. Bookmark here

"Oh hello Miyu" Ai saidBookmark here

"Hope you are ready to lose" Miyu said with a grin on her face. Bookmark here

"Just because you are a part of the schools track team does not mean you should take us lightly you know" Ai retortedBookmark here

"Hahahahaha this win is in the bag, may the best team win right Ai" Miyu said whilst holding her fist out in front of her. Bookmark here

"Don't worry about that we will" Ai said whilst bringing her fist up to meet Miyu's Bookmark here

The two teams took their positions on the track, Shinji would run first followed by Arata then Ayana then Ai and the finally Sakura.Bookmark here

"This is it the final event of the sports festival is about to begin, whoever wins this will be the winner of the entire festival" The teacher announced. Bookmark here

On your marks Bookmark here

Get set Bookmark here

GO!!!!!!!Bookmark here

The baton went from Shinji to Arata to Ayana with both teams looking to be on equal footing, the baton was passed to Ai and Miyu at the same time, the two teams were neck and neck. Ai sprinted as fast as she could her heart was pounding her breath was elevated, she did not want to glance to see where Miyu was she was so focused on winning. Ai could see Sakura in the distance, her face was pointed at the floor and she looked nimble, like she was lost in deep thought. Bookmark here

That kiss from before what did mean? why is she being like this, kissing me than acting like nothing happened and now the antics in the storage room. what does it all mean! does she really like me. Bookmark here

Does she like meBookmark here

Sakura....Bookmark here

How can she like me when Bookmark here

Sakura.....Bookmark here

When i don't even like myself! Bookmark here


Ai's voice shook Sakura out of her trance, she realized she had been handed the baton but her opponent was already long gone, Sakura had no hope of catch up. Bookmark here

"And the winner is class 1 lead by Miyu" the teacher announced. Bookmark here

"YEAH WE WIN I KNEW WE WOULD" Miyu cheered with her class. Bookmark here

Ai looked at Sakura who had a look of utter disappointment on her face.Bookmark here

HmmmmBookmark here

With the excitement of the Sports festival over everyone packed up the equipment, got changed and were heading home. Sakura left the changing room and began walking towards the front gate. Waiting by the gate leaning up against the wall was Ai, she was gazing at the sky with a smile on her face. Bookmark here

"So what did you want to talk about" Sakura said whilst patting Ai on the shoulders. Bookmark here

Ai's body jolted as Sakura's touch shook her out of her daze. Bookmark here

"Not here, come on walk with me i know a place we can go" Ai said. Bookmark here

The two girls walked down the street side by side, neither saying a word. Ai finally braked the silence after a moment of walking. Bookmark here

"So what happened" Ai asked. Bookmark here

"What do you mean" Sakura responded. Bookmark here

"On the field, you zoning out" Ai explained. Bookmark here

Sakura slowly tucked her hair behind her ear. Bookmark here

"Its nothing" Sakura said bluntly Bookmark here

Ai have Sakura a stern look. Bookmark here

"I can see that its not, but its fine if you don't want tot talk about it" Ai said plainly. Bookmark here

Sakura and Ai reached a small cafe that was situated on a street corner opposite a grass embankment. Ai stood in front of the cafe door and turned to face Sakura. Bookmark here

"We are here, lets go inside" Ai said. Bookmark here

she span back around opened the door and stepped in with Sakura quietly following behind. Bookmark here

"Hello Ai its good to see you again" The barwoman called out. Bookmark here

"Hello Miss Kishimoto, its good to see you too." Ai said as she walked over to an empty table near the corner of the cafe. Bookmark here

Ai and Sakura took their seats at the table, Miss Kishimoto walked over and took the girls orders. Bookmark here

"Two orders of tea coming right up" Miss Kishimoto said with a big smile on her face. Bookmark here

Ai sat across from Sakura and studied her, she could tell something was wrong. Bookmark here

Sakura's mind was else where, all she could think about was Ai's actions over the past week and what they mean if they mean anything at all. In that moment Sakura decided to find out. Bookmark here

"Ai-" Bookmark here

"I am in love with you" Ai said cutting Sakura off from her sentence. Bookmark here

"W....what" Sakura stutterd Bookmark here

"I know its strange isn't it, i thought so too, i did not think i would ever meet someone who would make me feel this way, my only focus was on school, grades and the future, and yet when i met you i felt my heart skip a beat for the first time in my life. Its true what i said its really true, Beauty does exist in the just have to know where to find it. Ai said with tears welling up in her eyes. Bookmark here

"You love me" Sakura responded with a wide-eyed look on her face. Bookmark here

"Will you let me love you Sakura" Ai asked. Bookmark here

"THAT,S NOT FAIR, you cant ask something like that of me, because i have nothing to give back in return i cant love you because...... i dont even love myself!" Sakura said forcefully. Bookmark here

Ai paused for a moment before blushing and smiling. Bookmark here

"I will not ask you to go out with me or anything like that, i just want you to let me love you and be the love that you lack for yourself and for others" Ai responded whilst holding her hand out to Sakura. Bookmark here

Sakura could not pull her eyes away from Ai, she gazed at her beautiful face, her eyes get lost in Ai's Bookmark here

Sakura let out a sigh and smiled Bookmark here

She reached her hand forward and took hold of Ai's hand. Bookmark here

"OK" Sakura said Bookmark here

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