Chapter 4:

Answers - Part 1

The Garden Of Dreams

Nathan arrived at the Nodax railway station, hoping he would get some of the answers. He didn't know where to begin. He thought that checking his medical records before anything else might be a good idea.
He went to him apartment. He checked all of his documents. He didn't find anything unusual in them. His medical records were perfectly fine too, his reports didn't show any sign of physical or mental damage.  
"I've been having these disturbing nightmares from long, it's time that I consulted a professional. " Nathan's documents and records weren't of much help. He had no choice but to get checked again.
He booked an appointment with the best mental health doctor in the city, Dr. Clauss. Since Dr. Clauss was a very known doctor, the waiting time for the appointment was two days.
"What am I gonna do with the rest of my time now?" Nathan didn't exactly come from Hillwood with a plan of what he was going to do.
"Why didn't I just book the appointment from Hillwood? I could've stayed there for the next two days with my family....Damn it, why didn't I think of this earlier." 
"Well, I'll just go and hang out with Alex, now that I'm here" 
Alex was Nathan's friend since high school, but Nathan didn't remember anything from his high school, hence he didn't know much about Alex. He had been hanging with him from some months now. They went to the same college, and they even worked at the same place. Nathan called Alex and they decided to hang out at Nathan's place. 
"Who is it?"
"It's me, Alex."
"Come on in."
"Nathan, how are you man?"
"Fine, what about you?"
"Well, I'm fine too."
"That's good to hear. How's Mr. Crane?"
"He's fine now, still getting the hang of the new robotic arm."
"I see."
"So, how's your family doing?"
"They're all doing great."
"Hey, you wanna try out the new play station? I just bought it few days ago."
"Sure. Why not?"
Nathan actually wanted to ask Alex some questions, but he didn't know how to... 
"Alex, how long have we been friends?" Nathan asked randomly while they were playing games.
"Huh...? I don't exactly remember but we've been friends since 10th grade I guess. Why do you ask?"
"Just asking."
Alex nodded his head, and they both continued playing. 
Time passed and Nathan failed to ask Alex more questions. 
"Shit, it's four already!?" Exclaimed Alex.
"What's wrong?"
"I need to go man, I gotta pick up my sister from school. See you later."
"Okay then, see you later."
Alex left to pick up his sister. Nathan ate some snacks and went out. He went to "Xadon bridge" (pronounced as "Zadon"), he stared into the sky repeating all his questions over and over again in his head. He then observed the "unusual" world . These peaceful lives seemed unreal to him. Hoping he would get an answer as to why did this quiet and calm world bothered him so much, he just sat on a bench on the Xadon bridge, doing nothing, just staring and observing. After some time, he ate at a diner and went back home. He laid down on his bed, closed his eyes, and then he suddenly realized something. 
"Oh shit! I was supposed to go out with Tessa today." He had completely forgotten that he had plans with her. 
"Damn it, I was the one who asked her out, and I stood her up. She must think of me as an a**hole now." He didn't even have her number, so there was no way he could have apologized.  
After much overthinking, Nathan accepted that nothing could be done now. 

Two days had finally passed and it was time for his appointment with Dr. Clauss. 
"Nathan Frost, Dr. Clauss is ready to see you now." the robotic receptionist announced.
Nathan went inside the doctor's office.
"Good morning doctor." Nathan greeted him.
"Good morning Nathan. Please, have a seat."
Nathan sat down.
" may I help you?" 
"Uhh...I don't know how to say this..."
"C'mon, don't be shy, its alright. Tell me, what's wrong?"
"I've been having these disturbing dreams or should I say nightmares...They are really starting to bother me now...."
"Don't worry, I see a lot of patients going through something similar. What exactly do you see in these nightmares of yours?"
"I watch my family and friends die, over and over again. My dreams are really gruesome, my family meets with an accident and I can see their dead bodies, and I see all of my friends get brutally murdered at a wedding. These nightmares don't make much sense but they seem way too realistic."
"You see accidents and murders, the rarest of the crimes, in your dreams?  Hmmm...interesting. Could you describe these dreams to me in absolute detail? Don't miss out on anything, I want to know everything, from what usually happens to what do you end up feeling..."
Nathan described everything to Dr. Clauss in as much detail as possible. He told him everything regarding his nightmares and everything about his daily life. Dr. Clauss seemed intrigued. In the process, Nate also told him about his memory loss and his feelings towards this world and it's lifestyle.  
Dr. Clauss smirked slightly when Nate talked about this world. Nate saw it for just a second, he wasn't sure what that smirk meant, so he just continued. 
After listening to all that, Dr. Clauss was amused.
"Memory loss? Well, that shouldn't have happened." Dr. Clauss whispered to himself  with a confused look on his face. 
Nate heard him but he didn't understand what he meant by that.  
"You know, I've never seen a patient like you." He said to Nathan.
Nathan didn't know how to respond to that.
"What do you think is the problem here? What's causing all this?" Dr. Clauss asked Nathan,  expecting an answer.
"I don't know...I mean, if I knew I wouldn't be here, would I?" Nate said jokingly. 
"Well that's kind of true. But my patients are usually the people who have lost some thing or some one, they usually know the reason behind their problems. Tell me, is there any childhood trauma or something like that which you think might be the cause behind all these disturbing dreams?"
"No, none that I know of. My childhood was pretty great. Some of the best memories of my life are from my childhood."
"I know, I know. Your life is supposed to be perfect. No really, you have everything a man could ever want, and yet you're suffering. Guess this world isn't everything you desire."
"What do you mean? I don't understand Doctor."
"Neither do I Nathan, neither do I." Dr. Clauss seemed concerned and confused. Nathan felt like he knew something but wasn't telling him.
"Is there something I should know doc?" 
"Oh, no, I don't have a solid conclusion for you just right now. For complex cases such as yours, we have to do in-depth research. Why don't you meet me again tomorrow Nathan? We'll continue our session after I've done some research..." 
"Umm...Okay doc, I'll see you tomorrow."
Nathan left. He went back to his apartment confused. He found Dr. Clauss's behaviour odd. He didn't want to put much thought on his topic, his mind was pretty occupied already. 
He called his father to check on his family...
"Hay, dad. You guys reach home yet?"
"Oh yeah, we arrived like an hour ago."
"Great. Everyone okay?"
"Yeah, everyone's great. What about you? You finfish that project of yours?"
"Oh yeah, I submitted it yesterday."
"Good. See you later son."
"Yeah, see you later."
Nate hung up the call. 
He didn't have much to do so he decided he'd go to work. He had taken a leave from work but now he changed his mind. He also decided that he'd go to college tomorrow, it had been four days since he was on leave. He planned out his whole week, he had also planned to make a quick trip to Hillwood and apologize to Tessa on the weekend. 
He had decided not to think much about his meeting with Dr. Clauss, but his brain couldn't stop overthinking. He repeated his conversation with the doctor over and over again in his head, trying to make sense out of the doctor's words. He hoped that he could get some answers tomorrow. Even tough his daily life seemed odd and unusual to him, he continued with it for the time being.....