Chapter 8:

Chapter 7 - Our Bond is Unbreakable


A couple hours later, Simon came to James and Sweet sitting beside his bed. He saw he was in his bedroom after he had that battle back at the Null castle. “Hey there, sleepy head,” James said with a chuckle. Simon smiled and sat upright, stretching. “Geez, that attack took a lot out of me,” the younger said. “It did, but we are very proud of you, Simon. You were quick to think of your strategy and you got rid of Beck!” Sweet peeped.

Heh, that is true,” Simon replied. “Simon…” James spoke up. “I wanted to say that, I’m…I’m so sorry for what I have done.” The magical boy and the fairy turned to face him. “I was Beck at first. I…I was him because…” it was hard for James to say it but he mustered up the courage and continued to speak.

“I became him because there was someone who could help me be more confident to say that I want to be with you.” Simon’s eyes widened at that, a blush starting to paint his face. “I know I look like I’m calm, cool, and collected, but there are times my confidence wavers and I just do not know how I could tell you. Then there was this mysterious shadow that told me I have any wish I wanted granted, but there was something in return; I work for this being, thus…”

“ became Beck,” Simon finishes. James nods, lowering his head in shame as he continues to explain. “I was a terrible person for what I did, he even wanted me to kill you but I couldn’t bring myself to. So, King Null put me under a spell and cloned me. Beck was much more powerful, snarky, he wouldn’t stop for anything just so he could get what he wants. That’s why he was so cold.”

Simon was disappointed to let James get tricked into something such as this, but at the same time, he knew something new about his longtime crush. The saying was to never judge a book by its cover, but he had no idea James lacked confidence.

Maybe it was something he struggled with since his childhood but put on a facade to make it seem like he was confident. Simon slowly reached for James’s cheek as he caressed it, making the older look up at him. “You could’ve just told me,” the younger said softly. “I know, but I couldn’t bring myself to,” James responded.

“Then here, I’ll show you,” Simon said as he slowly leaned forward and gently connected his lips with James. The older was surprised to know that his crush would still kiss him, even after everything. But he decided to let go of what happened and let himself melt into the kiss, tilting his head.

After a few moments, they broke the kiss and looked at each other lovingly. “I love you very much, Simon.”

“I love you very much, too, James.” The two looked into each other’s eyes lovingly, for the first time, James felt more confident with his feelings for Simon, he didn’t need dark magic to know the latter returned his feelings. They put their foreheads together and held hands in silence, Sweet leaving them alone and giggling to himself.

“Why don’t I make us dinner?” James broke the silence. “I’m alright with that, thank you,” the younger responded with a smile. Over the next few days, things were peaceful between James and Simon. King Null was silent during this time but the magical boy knew the evil king would be back to strike again.

King Null was wondering what he could possibly do since his minion has been freed and his clone was destroyed. He does have his guards but like him, none of them ever went out to the human world. It was frustrating to the wraith-like entity.

“I still will get that lousy magical boy if it’s the last thing I do…” he grumbled to himself. “Do you still have a plan, your Majesty?” one of his guards asked him. “Of course I do, but in order for it to go through, I need someone to get me these things so I can create this weapon…” he was deep in thought before he decided that he was just going to make his army of guards bigger.

He doesn’t need James Tagawa for this, he can just use the magic he has and use it for what he already has right in front of him. The evil king smirked as he faced his guards. “Gentlemen, we are going out into the human world and stopping those two wretched humans once and for all,” he laughed evilly before pointing his staff towards the guards, everything going black.