Chapter 2:

~Scene II~

Nymphea Vol I: Tale of Two Words

*pant pant*Bookmark here

"The portal has been opened!"Bookmark here

A male Nymphian cried running through the trees toward a large spring. The spring was centered in the middle of the forest. Several Nymphians had gathered to the spring for a soak. Their bodies glistened as the sun's ray reflected off of each water droplet perfectly. The sound of a desperate cry grew louder through the rushing falls behind them. A beautiful young woman rose up from under the water. Droplets that were rested upon her back slid down her slender figure and collected back in the spring. The gold pendant around her neck swayed gently back and forth. She clasped her hair and ranged out all the clinging droplets that were entwined in her strands. Her green eyes traced the trees until she spotted the male Nymphian running towards them. She called out toward him.Bookmark here

"Father! What is wrong?"Bookmark here

The male Nymphian continued running toward her before he reached the edge of the spring. Bookmark here

" Nafilah! The portal has been opened. Their headed this way!"Bookmark here

Everyone's eyes widened with fear. In a split second the quiet spring had turned into a wave of chaos. Female Nymphians grabbed their children's arms, male Nymphians collected their wives and siblings connected hands. They rushed into the waterfall behind them and disappeared. Nafilah looked back at her father.Bookmark here

"We must go, father."Bookmark here

She reached out his hand and he snatched it back. She stepped back looking bewildered. Her father spoke.Bookmark here

"I will not go. This is our chance to get revenge. You go and hurry to your brother's side."Bookmark here

Nafilah walked toward her father with deep concern.Bookmark here

She reached out for his hand again but this time he did not resist. The echo of approaching footsteps bounced of the trees in the distant. Before they knew it the trespassers would be in their presence. Nafilah peered into her father's burning eyes.Bookmark here

"Please go. I will stay here. I will avenge our family."Bookmark here

Her father smiled as she released his hand. Then he disappeared leaving his daughter behind him. Facing the danger that came closer she dried her swollen eyes. The king and his knights found her sitting quietly. Even though she showed no resistance they knocked her cold and wrapped her in bondage. Leaving no trace behind them carried her away.Bookmark here

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