Chapter 3:

~Scene III~

Nymphea Vol I: Tale of Two Words

Below the castle grounds the king and his knights reached a large chamber. In the center of the room were two metal platforms. His daughter laid on one of the platforms seeming almost lifeless. On the other they laid the young female Nymphian they had captured. All attention drew to elderly Nymphian that was being escorted into the room. Her face looked like one of a worn maiden and her body looked a thousand years aged. When she saw the two females displayed before her she shook her head. Bookmark here

"So it has come to this?"Bookmark here

The king turned away from her gaze. Bookmark here

The elderly Nymphian's eyes swirled around the room till they rest in the back of her head. She placed her right hand over the princess and the left over the female Nemphian. The king watched with hesitation as he was reminded of his past. Glimpses of his wife resurfaced in his mind. The elderly woman feeling his disturbance raised her brow.Bookmark here

"Do you want to stop?"Bookmark here

"..."Bookmark here

"Remember you came seeking my help. I cannot guarantee anything." Bookmark here

"..."Bookmark here

"Then I shall begin."Bookmark here

The elderly Nymphian's hands began to shake. The candles in the chamber blew out one by one. The princess's chest raised and white clouds crawled out of every opening in her body. The clouds creep toward the female Nymphian's body. They force their way into any opening they could find. Her body gasped for air before it too released blue clouds. The clouds left her body as her chest lifted. Then the cloud forced its way into the princess's body. A small quake shook the room before their chest fell and hit the platforms. The elderly Nymphian removed her hands slowly. Her pupils soon revealed themselves unto the king. Bookmark here

"It is done."Bookmark here

The princess's body started to awaken. Her lashes opened just enough to catch a quick glance of the body lying beside her. Then it closed for well needed rest.Bookmark here

The king's eyes fell on his daughter, who lay peacefully. His heart skipped a beat as it swelled with joy.Bookmark here

"Silvia"Bookmark here

Before he continued his celebration he notices the puzzled look on the sage's face. He turned his head to look over at the female Nymphian's body which was not moving. He inched away from his daughter's body shaking his head.Bookmark here

"What have you done?"Bookmark here

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