Chapter 4:

~Scene IV~

Nymphea Vol II: The Rise Of Ill Fates

The elderly Nymphian walked toward the female Nymphian's body. She used her index finger to hold the left eye lid open. Leaning forward she pressed her lips together and softly blew her breath in the eye socket. The eye did not respond to the touch of the hot heat gently grazing it. The elderly Nymphian straighten up and removed her finger. She quietly mumbled to herself.Bookmark here

-" I saw the souls switch...then why?"Bookmark here

Her eyes widened, she feared the princess's soul was now lost forever. The king seeing the elderly Nymphian's expression walked over to her.Bookmark here

"What has happened?"Bookmark here

The elderly Nymphian became frightened. If she told him what she knew he would be furious. Choosing her words wisely she spoke softly.Bookmark here

"The souls..."Bookmark here

"What about them?"Bookmark here

"..."Bookmark here

"What happened to my DAUGHTER?!"Bookmark here

The king slammed his hand on the metal platform beside him. The elderly Nymphian lowered her head.Bookmark here

"The souls did not switch. Your daughter soul still remains attached but as for the is lost."Bookmark here

The elderly Nymphian kept her head lowered. She knew she had lied to him. She had seen their soul exchange during the healing ritual. It was the first time she had seen such a sight. Preparing herself for the worst she began to raise her head. She was shocked at what she saw. The king had fallen to his knees before her sobbing. Bookmark here

"She is girl. She is alright."Bookmark here

The elderly Nymphian confused at how to respond left the gullible king wallowing in his own tears. Soon after, the prince entered after hearing of his sister's awakening. He went to his father and helped him to his feet. The prince knowing his father could not speak shouted commands. He pointed at the female Nymphian's body.Bookmark here

"Guards! Dump this body back where you found it!"Bookmark here

"Yes Sir!"Bookmark here

Two men in worn sliver armor grabbed her arms and dragged her out through the exit. Bookmark here

"The rest of you escort my father to his room. I will carry the princess."Bookmark here

"Yes Sir!"Bookmark here

The prince placed his hands under the princess's back and lifted her with little strength. Her body rested in his arms as he held her close to his chest. He followed behind his father as he carried her away. For a moment the room fell silent before it was interrupted by the sound of the heavy metal entrance sealing shut.Bookmark here

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