Chapter 24:

May glory be with you!


Teph watched Korn and Jack’s army set off through the tunnels as they made their way towards the Pure and Under Cities. May the one and the only, true god of us all be with you.

“Sir,” he turned and found Jont and a man who had a face that resembled an owl standing behind him. Jont had changed from that skinny, yet tall man who used to assist Teph with his daily task in the Under City, to an extremely fit and muscular person, that Teph had trusted with his reserves army. The owl-faced officer resembled Jont with his build, but that face, made him stand out more than his impressive body.

“Jont, who’s this?”

“Oh, umm, that’s one of the ex-soldiers who retired into the city, his name is Tom old, but we call him Tomo.” Teph nodded absently; his mind was still with his friend's leave. This Tomo guy looked suspicious but he carried such a sincere smile that brushed off every doubt he had about him.

“What is your position soldier?” Teph walked to him.

“Hundred men squad captain sir; reserves army, second battalion. Captain Jont had asked me to assist him with his army due to my previous experience.”

Seems fine, “Anyways, what did you want Jont?”

“Right. You need to get ready sir, your march is an hour away.” Teph nodded and followed him to the dressing room.

There he saw his General uniform. It was similar to what the captains would wear, however, it carried a red cape at the back and the right shoulder’s pauldron was fully gold. His helm was shaped into a much more ferocious design. Shortly after, a few female servants began assisting him in putting the armor on. Every piece was set in place, everything fit perfectly. He wore armor that was specially crafted for his body; he had to maintain his diet for the past few months or he wouldn’t be able to put it on.

Once all was in place he moved his body and stretched, before he finally got used to having everything on.


Jack and Korn finally reached the intersection, he turned and looked at Korn and saluted him. The scarred General saluted back and made his way to the Under City.

Jack continued down the road ahead of him, before he was able to make out light in the distance. This is it, he thought in anticipation. Moments later they arrived, the Pure City was right in front of his eyes, he hadn’t seen the bright lights in a year; all of his time was spent in the Middle City.

He noticed that their exit was an old sewage system that drained itself here. The big circular ‘gate’ had a large radius that was able to fit 15 men in one row. There, he saw the Under-Gate. It was a sad scene to watch. Complete and utter discrimination stood in front of him. The Pure City with its neon lights, flying cars, skyscraping buildings, and futuristic technology. It was like those posters you’d see comparing the rich with poor. The Under City, with its metallic roads, rusty buildings, polluted air, and utter poverty. 

How could the Pure Bloods stand this? Did they have no heart? Couldn’t they feel? Teph had ordered his men not to touch Pure Blood citizens, but how he could one contain his anger toward those who didn’t acknowledge the Mixed Blood’s existence? Jack felt his blood boil and wanted to let off some steam, but how?

Luckily there were police patrols guarding the Pure-Gate. Bingo, he wouldn’t give a damn about what Teph would say, because after what he saw, he’d either commit a massacre or spare the lives of worthless police officers, who probably tortured a few Mixed Bloods themselves.

“Sir, are you seeing this?” Called a soldier from behind him.

“Yes, I do.”

“Should we attack?” He hesitated as he asked.

“Yes, we will. But, hear this,” Jack screamed to his soldiers, “once we pass these gates, there is no going back!” No one appeared to waver before his warning.

“Now shall we have some revenge?” He smirked before galloping to the gate.

Charol – his charion – moved with tremendous speed, the gate was a few hundred paces away. The Pure City was especially quiet in this part of the city. Of course, no Pure Blood would want to come close to a Mixed Blood’s territory. But, something about the night’s eeriness was bothering him. Finally, he arrived. The officers were startled and frightened by the Great Jack’s return.

He felt the thrill of cutting down men who deserved their deaths. It fueled him, such feeling only came from one sensation and one sensation only, revenge. Most of the guards were completely confused and it took them seconds before they reacted, and Jack took it to his advantage, he angled himself downward; to increase his reach, with a swing men were scooped off their feet. No man could do what he justdid, no any ordinary man, but Downcasters can do more.

He moved a tiny chinch of his reserves to his right arm; increasing its strength. 15 years ago and he would have dreamed of using such portions of his downsap early in battle, but over the course of the last 12 months, he had endured rigorous training. Downcasting for a long time was usually avoided because it usually left the person feeling drained; it acted the same as stamina. And so, he and his fellow Downcasters had to go through extended runs, carrying extra weight on themselves, eating tiny food portions,and doing doublethe exercises. It was hell, but hopefully, it would all pay off.

Before his army even arrived, he was done with thirty me and they finished inside the rest who hid in the building managing the gate.

“Now, we wait for Korn to show up.” He announced to his soldiers. Hopefully, he doesn’t take his sweet time.


Teph walked out of Halfway inn for one last time. He knew more than anyone that they had very slim chances of winning, but it was worth trying because gone are the days when he would live with the guilt and wait for someone to rescue him, he needed to take action. He held his helm in his right and walked with his sheath constantly making faint noise as it made contact with his armor.

Everyone was ready, an endless line of men stretched beyond his eyes, he was used to seeing this many people formed in front of him. But, never did he see such a determined and bloodthirsty army in his life. Finally, they were going to take revenge.

He moved a smidgen of his reserve to his foot and shot himself into the air before landing on a wooden podium set up for his final speech.

“I will not deliver an hour-long speech about determination and confidence, so I’ll only say this: Fight with everything you got, even if a spear had torn through your flesh, cut down every single enemy soldier in front of you, but, do not touch any civilian. Whoever disobeys this simple rule will be punished by death. We want to set an example here! Am I understood?”

“Yes.” Screamed his soldiers.

“Very well then, may glory be with you!”

“With us all,” they shouted back.

He walked off the platform and strode to a groom waiting at his charion’s side. He grabbed the saddle and hop onto it.

Shortly after, Entz and Mort trotted up to him.

“You read?” Asked Mort.

“Nope, but I am ready.”

“What the fuck is that supposed to mean?” Chuckled Mort.

“I have no idea,” smirked Teph.

“Okay, we are supposed to attack the Tower of Knowledge right?” Entz said nervously. Mort nodded.

“But, as I mentioned, since the tower of knowledge’s actual use is to house the operating engine, then Tor stationed two battalions to protect it.”

“Yes,” said Teph, “we know that Entz.” He turned around and met Entz's eyes.

“You alright kid?” He placed his hand on his shoulders.

“Yeah, yeah. It’s just my first time going to war.”

“Don’t fret about it, we all were like this when we started,” Mort said trying to comfort him. Teph smiled.

“What’s that for?” Mort said noting Teph’s smile.

“Oh, it’s nothing, it's just that twelve months ago and you wouldn’t even look at this kid, now are you giving words of encouragement.”

“Don’t be stupid, you-“ he was interrupted by Jont and Tomo who walked to the men.

“I am sorry for the disturbance sir, but we wanted to say our final goodbyes. May glory be with you.” The two saluted them.

“With us all.” The three men replied.

“Alright, shall we get going?”

Teph moved with his charion towards the tunnel as they headed to Morshina’s outskirts for the first time in 15 years. Mort sounded the command and their army was on the move.