Chapter 6:

The Garden of Dreams

The Garden Of Dreams

Nathan now remembered who he was and where he was. 
But what happened to him in his past? What world is he in? What did he mean by "The Garden of Dreams"? The answers to these questions lie ahead....

The world Nathan actually lived in wasn't so perfect. It was a dark world, this world wasn't as bright as Nate's dream land. The people lived in very bad conditions, they suffered from poverty, they suffered from unemployment because they were replaced with androids, they suffered from hunger, they suffered from crime, and what not. This world was the total opposite of the world Nathan saw in his dream land. The poor people lived in the "Lower Wards". These "Lower Wards" were like towns, these wards didn't have a sophisticated security system, and the police weren't much active here. This made it easier for criminals to violate the people living here. 

Life in the real world wasn't so easy, it was like a wild jungle, "survival of the fittest".
Much like today's world, the richer sections of the society had little or no complications in their lives. They lived in "Higher Wards" where ordinary people weren't allowed. These wards were built  especially for rich people. These wards were very different than the "Lower wards", they had a highly sophisticated security system, and the police were very active here. These wards had malls, schools, parks , hotels, colleges, academies, offices, and every other facility a man could ever want. But even the higher wards had considerably high crime rates, which had been growing over the years. Every now and then some criminal from the the lower ward would somehow infiltrate the higher wards and the police would have to take him down. The lower wards would usually be much smaller in size compared to the higher wards even though the lower wards were much highly populated. Sometimes the higher wards would expand to hundreds or thousands of kilometers. 
The higher and the lower wards were separated by a wall between them. This wall was about 15 meters high and was heavily guarded. 
The world was controlled by one single government which was further divided into parts. Each ward had a governing entity which was controlled directly by the world government. The ward government had it's own free will but the supreme power resided with the World Government. 

Nathan Frost, born on 13th February, 2079, lived in the world's largest Higher Ward, Nodax. Nodax spanned over an area of more than 500,000 Km sq. It was the epitome of the modern society. 
Nathan's dad, Alek Frost, was a detective who worked at the Nodax City Police Department(NCPD). He was an excellent detective, and he had quite a reputation in his department. 
Nathan's mom, Amber Frost, was a teacher at The Horizon Elementary school. 
Nate and his sister, Ellie attended the same school. 

Nathan's real life was entirely different from his life in the Garden of Dreams. 
In real life, he had lost his family in an "accident" when  he was fourteen. His "nightmare" wasn't a nightmare, but rather a glimpse of his past life that he had forgotten.

What is the Garden Of Dreams...?

The world government faced many challenges, from protests by the poor to disputes between wards. But the most prominent of the problems was the existence of criminal organizations. From undercover missions to large scale wars, the world government did everything in it's  power to eliminates these organizations.  Many times, these organizations had complete control over lower wards, and war would be the only option left for the world government to take them down.
The biggest and the most fierce of all the organizations was "THE COUNCIL". THE COUNCIL was a secret organization and very few people from the government knew about it. Behind every murder, every robber, or any other crime, THE COUNCIL would always be involved somehow. The members of THE COUNCIL were the most wanted criminals of different wards. THE COUNCIL was found by "THE LEADER". No one knew his name or what he looked like, because he always had a mask on his face. He was the one who pulled all the strings. 
Usually, the aim of these criminal organizations would be to overthrow the government and take control of the world.  But sometimes, these organizations would be after something specific, something extraordinary. 

There existed a legend, of a wish granting land, "The Garden Of Dreams". It was believed that The Garden of Dreams could make all your dreams and desires come true. It would grant you the power to change the world as you liked, a world where you had everything that you ever wished for, a world where you are the God and the rest are your subjects. But these were nothing more than legends, no one really knew what The Garden Of Dreams was actually capable of. 

All these organizations were in a race, to find and conquer the The Garden Of Dreams first. 
THE COUNCIL was much ahead of any other organization. It had begun taking down other organizations, to reduce it's competition. And after years of research and experiments, THE COUNCIL had come to some solid conclusions. The Garden Of Dreams wasn't a  land, it was something like a portal. It was a black ball, of about 1 meter radius, which floated in air few feet above the ground. It didn't have an exact location, anyone who touched it would disappear along with the portal, and the portal would appear again after a year, somewhere else. Till date, THE COUNCIL had sent 13 persons as test subjects inside the portal or whatever it was, but they all disappeared never to be found again. All their communication systems went offline and their was no way to find out what exactly happened with them in The Garden Of Dreams. 

But if no one knew what it did, why did everyone call it "The Garden Of Dreams"? 

The term "The Garden Of Dreams" was first found in an ancient text. In the text, an unknown person described The Garden Of Dreams as such....
"The human desires and wishes can all come true, one has to simply seek the Garden. The unknown shall grant you whatever you wish, and you shall become what you desire. The world shall be yours to rule and the desires of humans shall be yours to control."  

Following this text, various other ancient texts from all over the world were found over the years. All of them described a portal, which could make a man disappear just by touching it. Some thought of it to be a portal to heaven and some thought of it to be a portal to hell, while some believed that it was a wish granting being. No one really knew what it was but the hunt for it had been going on for years. 

In the year 1955, a group of scientists successfully found The Garden Of Dreams and wrote their thesis on it. This was the first solid evidence that proved the existence of The Garden Of Dreams. This evidence was buried by the world government along with the ancient texts. But they came to light in the year 2065, when a scientist working for the government leaked this information to  criminal organization. Hence began the search for The Garden Of Dreams in the modern world. 

Many people were hurt and many lost their lives in the process of searching for The Garden Of Dreams, and Nathan's family was among those victims...

TO BE CONTINUED IN "Alek and Davis - Part 1"