Chapter 5:

~Scene V~

Nymphea Vol I: Tale of Two Words

*thud* Bookmark here

Nafilah, who was wrapped under sheets, slipped out of bed hitting her head on the way down.Bookmark here

 "Oww." Bookmark here

She rubbed the top her head. Using the weight of the bed beside her, she pushed herself up off the ground. Her hands tightly gripped the pink satin covers hanging off the bed. Once she was on her feet she turned around and opened her eyes to unfamiliar surroundings. Her eyes cringed at the sight of the rosy pink walls that surrounded her. She stepped back and her feet brushed against the unusually soft ground. Startled she leaped off the floor to view the fuzzy pastel pink carpet below her. Heading toward the door she stopped as she passed by a large floor mirror. She stared at the reflection in the mirror. The reflection was not her own but someone else's. She stood there for a moment then covered her mouth. Bookmark here

*gasp* Bookmark here

"I'm the princess!" Bookmark here

Realizing her current position she smirked at her own appearance. This was her ticket to getting her revenge. Her pure thoughts were swept away by evil intentions.Bookmark here

 "I'm the princess." Bookmark here

She whispered mischievously. Nafilah examined her new body thoroughly. Starting from her face, she made note of every blemish. First, she noticed the mole on her face underneath her right eye. Then she found a scar on her left leg that started at the knee and ended before it reached her ankle. When she thought she discovered everything, she started to familiarize herself with the way she walked. Her feet patted the floor as she moved around the room.Bookmark here

 "Why does this girl walk so funny?" Bookmark here

She shouted at her feet then she lost her footing. Her body fell backwards and before her body made contact with the floor it stopped in mid-air. Two strong coarse hands placed her back in a standing position.Bookmark here

 "You shouldn't be out of bed." Bookmark here

A kind concerned voice came from behind her. When she turned her head she saw a tall refined man standing between her and the doorway. He had a great sense of elegance about him. The atmosphere around him felt welcoming. By the way he stood she could tell he did not work here. His expression resembled that of a worried mother. Nafilah stared at him intently. The man looked her confused as if he felt that something was off. Just when Nafilah had thought of a response the man drew closer to her. Nafilah backed away from him until her bottom sat on the edge of the bed. Bookmark here

 "Are you okay, Silvia?"Bookmark here

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