Chapter 6:

~Scene VI~

Nymphea Vol I: Tale of Two Words

The man asked as he knelt in front of her. He held her head and leaned his face forward. He pushed her bangs away to press his forehand against Nafilah's. Her heart began to pound from the warmth of his skin. If this continued she did not think she could last much longer. The man soon removed himself and stared in her face still looking confused.Bookmark here

"You don't have a fever. Are you sure you're okay?"Bookmark here

"I'm fine!" Bookmark here

Nafilah demanded while placing her hand on her forehead. Her skin still felt sensitive from his touch. After hearing her speak the man joyfully embraced her. Bookmark here

"You really scared us. We thought we had lost you forever."Bookmark here

"..." Bookmark here

"I've never seen father so weak." Bookmark here

Nafilah feeling overly uncomfortable shoved him off her.Bookmark here

"Just how long did you plan to hold me!" Bookmark here

Nafilah shouted at him aggressively. The man stood up from off floor in awe.Bookmark here

"Is that any way to treat your own brother?" Bookmark here

He said jokingly as he tried to recover from her rejection. Nafilah eyes widened when she finally realized who the man she was talking her was. She did not know the princess had neither a brother nor any siblings at all. Now knowing this information she felt troubled. The prince would be one more person she would have to try her best to hide her true identity from. Though she may look like the princess, at the moment there was one person who knew more about her than she did. She needed to gather as much information as she could out of him. While she spent time contemplating on what to say, a woman in servant clothing entered the room.Bookmark here

"Prince Lucas!" Bookmark here

The woman hurried to the prince and bowed her head respectfully. Bookmark here

"Your presence is required in the foyer, your highness." Bookmark here

The prince sighed and turned his attention to Nafilah.Bookmark here

"I just wanted to see how you were doing. I'll send someone to check up on you later."Bookmark here

The tone of his voice changed from a worrisome child to a more serious tone. He walked out of the room with the woman who followed close behind him. Nafilah listened as their footsteps fainted quietly down the hall. She crawled back into bed feeling exhausted. As she closed her eyes she thought about her own brother waiting for her at home.Bookmark here

"Kye..."Bookmark here

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