Chapter 7:

~Scene VII~

Nymphea Vol I: Tale of Two Words

Nymphian breath carried throughout the forest heavily. Their faces covered by the trees near the portal entrance. Closely they watched as two men crossed over from the other side. The two men walked obliviously toward the enemy. They moved with caution while dragging along a body behind them. The enemy's skin tickled with excitement by the easy prey that approached them. Then the hand of a male Nymphian rose in the sky, signaling the others to attack. All at once the Nymphians leaped from their positions, with each a deadly look in their eye. The two men were stunned at the sight of them. Both men went to pull their swords from their hip. Bookmark here

"Uuugh!"Bookmark here

One of the men froze in motion when he felt an intense pain. He looked down and noticed a long pointed wooden spear had penetrated his chest. His warm blood flowed out his open wound. The color red dripped down the spear and made a puddle at feet of the Nymphian still gripping the other end. The man looked way and witnessed his partner's head being ripped off his shoulders. Closing his eyes the man took the spear and thrust it deeper into his chest, ending his own life. Bookmark here

"Kye!"Bookmark here

The Nymphian released the spear and walked to the voice that called his name in the distance.Bookmark here

"What is it?"Bookmark here

The Nymphian saw a female Nymphian inspecting a body that lay in the leaves. His eyes narrowed and stared at the body. Bookmark here

"Is this what they had with them?"Bookmark here

"..."Bookmark here

The female Nymphian tired to overt her eyes. She ran her fingers along the body's face and her voice choked as she replied.Bookmark here

"Yes..."Bookmark here

"Well who is it?"Bookmark here

"'s your sister."Bookmark here

"Nafilah?"Bookmark here

Kye forcefully pushed the female aside and took the body in his arms. He sprinted to the sound of rushing waters ahead. Without a second thought he stepped through the waterfall. His feet touched the moist gravel as he walked inside the tunnel. Sunlight seeped through the cracks above him. Up ahead the amount of light coming in through the tunnel grew. There was a large opening at the end that took him out and brought him to small village inhabited by Nymphians. Those walking by saw him enter and went to him. Their eyes transfixed on the body he held in his arms.Bookmark here

"What happened?"Bookmark here

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