Chapter 1:

Inner Space

Rotten Apple [One Shot]

Once upon a time, there was nothing. Nothing but a boy and a vast white light. The boy levitated through the light as distant cries for mayonnaise could be heard.

"Mayonnaise!!!" A talking sign screamed, waking the boy up. 

His eyes were blurred, slowly adjusting to the light, an immediate realization could be felt. He had no idea where he was.

"What's happening?" 

"No mayonnaise."

"Welcome to the place of your dreams..." Was written on the sign. "Welcome to the Dream World."


"What? What are you talking about... Mayonnaise?"

"A dream is a compilation of your brain's collective thoughts." It wrote.



"Your brain collects thoughts that releases dopamine, and compiles those thoughts into a dream."

"Mayonnaise is no more, MAYONA-"

"Okay, okay... WHAT IS GOING ON?!?." The boy thought.

"WHO ARE YOU!?! WHERE ARE YOU?!? THE BOY THOUGHT?!? WHAT!?!" Yes, you thought, you aren't actually speaking.


You're thinking.

"WAI-" you're thinking, Grey, you're thinking.

"WHO IS GREY!?!" That's you, you're Grey.

"SLOW DONE." you're Grey, Grey Lorde.

"WHAT IS A LORDE?!?" I thought it would be cool if your name had some spice.

"WHY AM I HERE!?!" Instead of Grey Lord you're Grey Lorde 'cause I mean it sounds cool ri-

"No, no. It sounds stupid." Oh and you got sucked into a black hole, and now you're here; Heh, fun ain't it?

"Okay, I give up..." Oh yeah, I thought up this cool ranking system we could rank each other with. It starts with the highest being White and the lowest being Black...

OH! We can also have it become blacker and blacker and blacker and blacker and-

"Stop, I get it." But do you really get it, Grey?

We can wish for anything we want. Though I get the first wish since I came here first.

"There is no way that's how it actually work-" no, I wished for it and now it's true. You can't undo a wish, Grey.

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN WISH!?!" You and I can wish for anything, although I get to reject your wish, and it would then not be true.

"So basically, you're a tyr-"

Mean words, Grey... Mean words...

But I'll let it pass this time, next time I might hit you with something meaner than those words.

"Okay?" Good, we're understanding each other. I think we can have a little friendship, can't we?

Call me White Lorde, or Narrator... And you better not make a white guy joke, I would torture you if you did.

"You can't actu-" Yes, Grey, I can.

I know you're overwhelmed, confused.

Maybe a little scared?

You're in a state of doubt.

Oh how sad, let me help you with that. Here I'll give you a nickname... Hmmm, Oh!

"Protagonist... Cool name ain't it." I said, sitting on a seat by the bar, facing our great hero.

"Great hero?" Yes, Protagonist, you're a great hero, an amazing hero even.

"You see that man." I said whilst pointing at a man across the bar, sipping away at his beer.

"He's a HUGE bad guy."

"Why is he ba-"

The glow from the light-bulb was dimmed by the dusty air, smell of gunpowder cluttered the pub. The man across the room slammed his mug against the table before getting up and looking down on Protagonist.

A bunch of men swarmed the great hero, holding guns whilst smirking at him. The big man walked towards our hero, revealing his collosal size. He towered over Protagonist, his height mocking him for his puny height.

"I am NOT puny!"

The big man grabbed Protagonist's shoulder, glaring at him.

"Hello, welcome to our humble pub. What can I do-" pause.

So what do you do.

"I, uh, order a sundae?" Wow... You're boring, alright I'll take over just this once to show you how awesome you can be.

"What? No-" just this once, I'll give you control over your body afterwards.

"But-" Protagonist closed his eyes as a red light emitted from his eye-lids. The big man looked at him with shock, slowly backing away.

"Sir, I don't want any trouble." he said, holding his hands in the air.

Then, his eyes opened, a red beam blasted out faster than light, slicing through the man like butter.

The hulk of a man fell to his knees, pale, as his blood dyed the protagonist's hands red. The protagonist is a her-

"IS HE DEAD!?!" Yep, super dead; everyone's looking at you too. Man don't you feel awesome, you're a hero, you saved the town.

A woman dashed to Protagonist, running to hug- she whipped his face red with a slap, as a drop of blood dribbled off of Protagonist's face onto the wooden plank floor.

Tears poured from the woman's eyes, as it rained outside the pub.

"I THOUGHT I WAS THE GOOD GUY!" that isn't important.

"You MONSTER! How DARE YOU!?!" She yelled before she pulled out a dagger, glaring at him. "I'M GONNA KILL YOU!!!""

"I- I DIDN'T MEAN IT!!! I SWEAR-" he begged. The woman was not entertained, she flung the dagger at the heroic man as it shot through the air, making it's way to Protagonist's neck.

He dodged barely getting caught by the knife- the blade slashed protagonist's neck as his back slammed against the wooden wall. The Protagonist bled onto the table... What?!

"I- I won't do it..." Wow, just wow. You're no fun-

"I WON'T!!!" Okay, okay... Chill.

"No... I'M NOT GONNA LET YOU PLAY WITH ME- I'M- I'M NOT A PUPPET!!!" Yeah, you're not a puppet, but you sure are an idiot.

"NO- I-"

You're bleeding, you're going to die because you didn't dodge.

"Dying would be better than this hell-" look at you, look at yourself, Grey.

All whiny and complainy because you killed a non-player-character. How pathetic. I guess I'll have to show you...

The woman screeched at Protagonist, "WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT, YOU FREAK!?!" As she ran at him.

Suddenly, the woman's face inflated as her tears mixed with her blood. She stopped, as her face plopped onto the wooden floor.

"NO!" Protagonist yelled.

Her desperate squeals for help could be heard as little squeaks.

Until finally, the balloon popped, painting the pub with a warm bright-red. Her heart was still beating, her brain scattered across the room, her eye-ball rolling towards the hero's feet.

Everyone around Protagonist either ran or screeched in horror, as a little girl knelt on the floor, crying. "MOMMY!?!"

"WHAT DID YOU JUST DO!?!" I killed her, Grey.

"HOW COULD YOU JUST DO THAT?!?" Grey, I can do whatever I want.

"YOU CAN'T JUST-" YOU can do anything you want. Well, as long as it alligns with what I want.

"You-" me? What about me, Grey?

You're just like me.

"I'M NOT LIKE YOU!!!" Grey, buddy...

"I'm NOT YOUR BUDDY!!!" That's cold, oh so cold. Y'know what, let's play a game.

"NO." You've got no choice, we're BOTH playing.

Roll the dice.

Rotten Apple [One Shot]