Chapter 8:

~Scene VIII~

Nymphea Vol I: Tale of Two Words

One of them asked as they came near him. Bookmark here

"Where is the medic? We found her amongst the intruders..."Bookmark here

Kye began to explain what happened but he was interrupted as a male Nymphian made his way pass the crowd.Bookmark here

"Found who?"Bookmark here

Kye confronted the Nymphian and showed him the body.Bookmark here

"Father! It's Nafilah!"Bookmark here

"Nafilah?!"Bookmark here

His father's voice was high pitched like he was surprised at his own daughter's return. He cleared his throat and spoke again with concern.Bookmark here

"Nafilah, my poor girl."Bookmark here

An elderly Nymphian broke apart their conversation claiming to be medic.Bookmark here

" Kye bring her inside immediately."Bookmark here

Kye followed behind the medic and enter a small hut. He laid his sister down on the bed in the first room. The medic walked inside with a wooden bowl and spoon. He mixed some herbs together and feed it to her like medicine. After every spoon full he washed it down with spring water so that it went about the body faster.Bookmark here

"She should be fine now. She just needs some rest."Bookmark here

The medic showed Kye a smile and left the room. When he left Kye's father entered the room.Bookmark here

He seemed displeased at the situation.Bookmark here

"Why did you bring her here?!"Bookmark here

He yelled at his son with great anger. Bookmark here

"What was I suppose to do, leave her there!"Bookmark here

Kye yelled back with a confused expression. Bookmark here

"How do you not know they didn't leave her there as bait? This could have been a way to draw us out and capture the rest of us?!"Bookmark here

"If they were going to capture us than why did they send only two men? Plus, if I left her out there she would have died!"Bookmark here

"Then that is what she deserves! She left on her own free will. No one asked her to go."Bookmark here

"Well maybe she had a reason..."Bookmark here

A soft weak voice cut Kye off in mid sentence. Kye looked and saw his sister sitting up.Bookmark here

"Is it over?"Bookmark here

Kye was the first one she saw as she rubbed her eyes. Bookmark here

"Lay back down. Your wounds haven't healed yet."Bookmark here

Kye walked over to her to keep her from getting out bed. Her eyes began to clear and when saw him she was terrified. Bookmark here

"Who are you? Where am I?"Bookmark here

"Calm down Nafilah!"Bookmark here

Kye demanded with a look of frustration. He had never seen his sister so flustered before.Bookmark here

"Nafilah? I'm sorry; I think you have mistaken me for someone else?"Bookmark here

She moved her body to edge of the bed farthest away from him. Her back was pressed against the wall behind. There was nowhere for her to go and she knew could not out run him.Bookmark here

Her father watching her reactions figured there was something different about her. Trying to make sense of it all he entertained her question.Bookmark here

"Then who are you?"Bookmark here

She went to the other edge of the bed when Kye was not looking and tried to make way to the window. She replied frazzled. Bookmark here

"What do you mean who am I? Well I'm the prin..."Bookmark here

She stopped when saw her reflection in the window. She placed her hand on her face in shock. Her reflection was not her own. Confused and astounded at her reflection she mumbled.Bookmark here

"I'm Princess Silvia...or at least I was."Bookmark here

Chad N Davis
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