Chapter 7:

Alek and Davis - Part 1

The Garden Of Dreams

Alek Frost had a tough job, being a detective in a crime-ridden world wasn't easy. He was always busy with work, and never really got time to spend with his family.  The NCPD was aware of the existence of all the criminal organizations but only a few higher ranked officers knew about THE COUNCIL. THE COUNCIL was the most dangerous of all the organizations and so the NCPD didn't want to involve ordinary officers. Alek had a pretty high rank, making him aware of THE COUNCIL. 

On 22nd  April, 2093, a murder was reported to the NCPD. The owner of "Celestial Technologies", Graham Benjamin was found dead in his office, shot in the chest. 
The case went to Alek and his partner Davis, they started their investigation on 23rd April. There was no sign of forced entry in his office and the security alarm and cameras were hacked and shut down right before the murder. 
Alek and Davis tried everything, they searched the place upside down and enquired everyone in the office but still they weren't able to find any leads. With no solid evidence, Alek and Davis were stuck on this case for 5 days. They had decided to drop the case because it wasn't going anywhere but on the 5th day they received a mail from an unknown person. The mail mentioned something about THE COUNCIL being involved in this case. The mail also mentioned Jim Clifford and advised the police to look for him before it was too late. They weren't sure about trusting that mail but they had no other choice.  
The one who had sent them the mail was another scientist that worked for the COUNCUL, he had run away and started a new life in another higher ward by changing his name and history. When he got the news about Graham, he came to Nodax decided to help the NCPD in taking down the COUNCUL.  
Alek and Davis started their investigation once again, this time the prime suspect being THE COUNCIL. After 6 days of work they were able to track down one of the scientists, Jim Clifford,  that worked for THE COUNCIL. They busted him and took him in for some questions. 

Jim and Graham were extraordinary scientists. They were being forced by THE COUNCIL to work for them. THE COUNCIL was making them conduct research and experiments on the G.O.D(short for Garden Of Dreams). 
THE COUNCIL had threatened them to kill their family if they tried to inform the police or disobey them. After some heavy amount of research, THE COUNCIL let them go on the condition that they would never tell a single living soul about this, and if they did, THE COUNCIL would kill everyone they love.
They were working in an lab in another Higher Ward, Xadon. Xadon was only a few hundred kilometers away from Nodax. Nodax and Xadon were connected by an inter-ward bridge, named the "Xadon Bridge". Jim and Graham left Xadon with their families and moved to Nodax.
They thought that THE COUNCIL was finally done with them and that they wouldn't have to deal with them again. Jim settled in the North of Nodax and Graham settled in the West. Graham started his company "Celestial Technologies" in Nodax and Jim became a professor in The Nodax Science University. Both of them thought that the worst time of their lives was over but THE COUNCIL came right back knocking on their doors. 
THE COUNCIL approached Graham first, but this time Graham refused. His company had become one of the biggest Technological Firms and he couldn't afford work for criminals again. He threatened THE COUNCIL that he would go to the police and tell them everything. THE COUNCIL backed off first and later killed Graham when they got the opportunity. Jim got this news and went underground with his family. 
The NCPD got to Jim before THE COUNCIL.
 Jim was afraid for his life, he feared that THE COUNCIL might do something to his family if he opened his mouth.
"What do you know about Graham Benjamin?" Asked Alek.
"I don't know anything! I just worked with him at a summer internship when we were young, that's all, I swear." Replied Jim.
"Do you know anything about his murder?" asked Davis. 
"No! I don't know anything about that. You don't understand, I'm in danger, they are coming after me. If you don't let me go then they'll hurt my family.  " 
"Who's after you? Why would they hurt you? Are you talking about THE COUNCIL?"
"Please, I can't tell you anything!"   
They pushed Jim to answer but he wouldn't say anything.
Since Alek and Davis had no probable cause for suspicion, they had no choice but to let Jim go. 

2 days later, they got the news that Jim's oldest son had been murdered by someone. It was none other than THE COUNCIL. 
Driven with anger and revenge  Jim came to Alek and Davis...They had decided to meet at the 57th street, it was usually very quiet with almost no people.
Alek and Davis were waiting for Jim. Jim arrived in his car at a very high speed. He pulled over and quickly got out of the car holding a gun in his hand. He aimed the gun at Alek and Davis...
"You a**holes! You're the reason why my son is dead! I'll make you pay!"
"Mr. Clifford put you gun down! We can talk this out." Said Alek. Both of them drew out their guns too.
"No, I don't want to talk to you about anything!" said Jim while still aiming the gun at them.
"Mr. Clifford you don't have to do this. You're a good man, we can help you. Please, put your gun down." said Davis.
"No one can help me now! No one! I have to kill you or they'll kill my younger son too." But Jim broke down crying. He didn't have the guts to kill someone.
"Mr. Clifford, we need you to tell us everything. Trust me, we can help."
"I can't, they'll kill my son and then they'll kill me. I can't tell you anything."
"Where is your son right now?"
"Please, save my son, I don't care if I die, but you have to save him!" 
"We need to know where he is..." Said Alek.
"He's being held hostage at 52nd-"
BANG!! Jim's head was blown to bits before he could tell them everything.
"F*ck! Take cover." Alek said to Davis.
They both took cover behind a pillar.
"Where did that come from?"
"I don't know, a sniper maybe."
"Shit! What do we do now?"
"I have a shield on me. I'll throw it towards the car. And when I do, run and get in the car quickly!"
Alek threw the shield and both of them ran towards the car and quickly got in.
"Get the hell out of here!" 
Davis started the car and they drove away in high speed.
"F*ck this! Why was our badge not working? It should have warned us about the sniper watching us."
"I don't know. Maybe they used a nullifier."
"Damn it! We should have called for backup." 
"Where should we go now?"
"We need to find out where Jim's son is being held."
"Jim was saying something about 52nd. We should call for backup and scout that area."
"Yes, we can do that. I'll call for backup."
Alek called for backup and they scouted the 52nd street. They searched every house, they questioned every resident, but they didn't find anything. 
"What now?"
"Call every precinct and give them the details about Jim's son. Have them search the whole ward if it comes to that, we need to find his son. Send some special units to the neighboring lower wards too. We must track down THE COUNCIL."

"Okay. And what should we do?"

"We'll look for clues. We need to find what THE COUNCIL wanted with Jim and Graham."
"Where do we start?"
"We start with that mail."

Alek and Davis went to the IT department of their precinct and asked for every information about the anonymous mail that was sent to them. The person who sent the mail had tried his best to remain anonymous. Tracking him wasn't going to be easy.
After hours of trying they were able to find out the location. 
"Sir the mail was sent from Nodax, from somewhere around the 33rd street."
"What about the name and identity of the sender?"
"We couldn't find that sir. The person who sent that mail was pretty smart. He used some special codes to remain anonymous."
"Okay...thanks for you help. Let's go to the 33rd street Davis."
"But whom are we supposed to search for? We don't have the person's Name or ID."
"We'll try and find whatever we can. What else can we do anyways..."
Alek and Davis went to the 33rd street with a special search force. They cleared the area and began their search. They had no idea who they were looking for but they had hoped to find something.
They were searching house to house.
Davis knocked on the door of a house and told the residents to calmly get out. But no one responded. He knocked again, and again, and again, still there was no response.
"Hey Alek, come here."
"What's wrong?"
"Something's up with this house. I see the lights on but no one's opening the door."
Alek went there. He knocked on the door and said, "This is the NCPD, we need you to open the door."
No one responded. 
"If you don't open we'll have to force our way in."
"Huh...looks like no one's home" said Davis.
"We'll have to search the house nonetheless. Hey Raymond! Get your men here and break this door down."
The squad broke down the door and they entered the house. 
They found something on the table. They found an envelope, "For Detective Alek" was written on it. 
"That's strange. How'd they know we were coming here?"
"Open the envelope. What's inside?"
"It's a research paper by Graham and Jim."
"From the time they were working with THE COUNCIL?"
"Yeah, I guess so."
They went back to the precinct with that paper. They tried to figure out what the research was about. They got the paper checked by forensics too but they didn't find any finger prints. The house belonged to the Reynolds' but they weren't home that day. And according to them, no one else should've been there, this meant that the person had somehow broke into the house. 
"Is this supposed to be a joke?" Said Davis.
"What?" asked Alek.
"This paper...It doesn't make any sense."
"Why? What's wrong?"
"Why don't you see it for yourself."  
Alek read the paper. He had the same reaction as Davis. He couldn't understand what the paper was about. It sounded like something out of fiction. 
"You know what Davis. I'm just gonna go home tonight. I'm too tired right now to deal with this. It's also been quite a long time since I spent some time with the kids."
"Yeah sure, go ahead. You deserve a break man. I'm gonna head home too. We'll continue this on Monday."
"See you later then."
"Yes, see you later." 
Alek went home, tired and sleepy. He had decided to go out with the kids in the morning.
But Davis didn't sleep that night. He stayed up, trying to make sense out of the paper. 
The paper mentioned something about a giant floating ball which could make humans disappear just by touching it. It also contained conclusions of some experiments.

"20th July, 2085.
 9:05 pm. 
Subject 1.0 has disappeared, all the trackers and communicators have gone offline and there is no possibility of contacting with the subject. The G.O.D has disappeared too."

"20th July, 2086.

9:17 pm.

Exactly one year after the previous experiment, the G.O.D has appeared again, at a different location this time. Subject 2.0 was wearing a hard reinforced Barcon suit, which is impossible to penetrate or break at room temperature. We had installed 16 trackers and 12 communicators and 3 video recorders inside the suit.  But still, the subject 2.0 disappeared without any trace and no footage has been retrieved from the recorders. The G.O.D has disappeared again."

There were three more such paragraphs and every one of them had the same conclusion, "The subject has disappeared along with G.O.D." In the paper, but in a different writing, a person's name was mentioned and his whereabouts were written in some form of a secret code. 
Davis didn't understand anything. He spent 12 hours on the NCPD web, looking for something similar. He called some resourceful people, he searched the internet. He did everything he could, and finally he understood. He now knew what the paper was talking about and what the organization was after. He knew why THE COUNCIL would go as far as killing Graham and Jim. He had cracked the case. From the paper, he also came to know about the whereabouts of Artur Maxim, a member of THE COUNCIL who would always be sent out to kill the people he had been ordered to. He was the one who had killed Graham and Jim.
Davis looked at the time, it was eleven in the morning. He hadn't even slept for a second.  He called Alek to tell him that he had discovered some major leads and that all that was left for them now was to bust Artur. Alek was out with his family but he agreed to come. 
Then, while waiting for Alek, Davis called his Captain and informed everything to him. The captain praised him and Alek for their work and told them to come to the precinct on Monday with the detailed report of the case...

TO BE CONTINUED IN "Alek and Davis - Part 2"