Chapter 6:

Prologue: Resolve

KurtzPel: <Bringer of Chaos>

The Crest of Bellatos shone in the distance as Ethan sighed, tilting his head remorsefully with Crim firmly looking for anything or anyone in the distance.Bookmark here

"It was our only hope..."Bookmark here

Ethan thought about Geralt, His service to The Chase and specifically his recent news about his children and their potential as KurtzPel.Bookmark here

Suddenly, he felt a faint presence flickering with life though it wasn't just one, there was another that had not been awakened but in time it will.Bookmark here

"I guess our plans must change, now."Bookmark here

Crim paused as she spoke, suddenly seeing a vision of the future where a light illuminated in the darkness.Bookmark here

"I felt my karma resonating ever since I arrived here. I think it may be a sign that a KurtzPel was born nearby."Bookmark here

Before Ethan could continue Crim perked her head up, returning from her vision and declared.Bookmark here

"If a KurtzPel was born...then it's destiny that we will one day meet, in due time."Bookmark here

Looking in the distance, Crim stepped forward was Ethan smirked in response to her words.Bookmark here

"Let's get going."Bookmark here

Meanwhile...Bookmark here

Bridget reached the outskirts of the forest towards the shelter prepared for this instance with Luke in her arms and Maria by hand.Bookmark here

"Mommy, is Luke going to be okay?"Bookmark here

Tears filled in Bridget's eyes, as she looked at Maria and nodded as they approached the entrance.Bookmark here

"We're safe now, let's just get inside for now alright?"Bookmark here

"Okay."Bookmark here

Remembering the glyphs required, Bridget conjured Lua, Basar, and Karma simultaneously as a portal slowly formed upon the door frame Maria's eyes lit with curiosity.Bookmark here

"Pretty..."Bookmark here

"You can go inside Maria, it's our new home for now."Bookmark here

"Really?!"Bookmark here

Maria's eyes lit up though quickly looked towards their old home in curiosity.Bookmark here

"What about our old home?"Bookmark here

Looking at the Crest of Bellatos still shining in the distance Bridget brushed her cheek.Bookmark here

"It will always be in our hearts, and our memories are everlasting."Bookmark here

Maria looked puzzled then smiled in response.Bookmark here

"Now, let's get going okay?"Bookmark here

"Yeah!"Bookmark here

*TWACK!*Bookmark here

Bookmark here

An arrow notched itself before them as a figure walked up as the sound or rattling armor sounded.Bookmark here

"Well look at this, rats scurrying away!"Bookmark here

Bridget grimaced, their escape had been compromised. Luke was still unconscious, and Maria immediately went into shock, her eyes void of thought and all she could see was her Father impaled, over and over again.Bookmark here

"Now, I think it's time for the rats to be purged don't you think?!"Bookmark here

Brandishing some daggers in hand, his thirst for blood was clearly made known as he licked fresh blood from the already bloodstained weapons dripping.Bookmark here

"Maria, take Luke and get inside. I'll be right behind you."Bookmark here

Placing Luke in Maria's arms brought her back to her senses.Bookmark here

"Mommy no! I can't lose you too!"Bookmark here

As soon as Maria said this, a flicker of light illuminated from her eye to which Bridget had a look of surprise, but smiled.Bookmark here

"Everything will be alright, Maria."Bookmark here

Bridget, walking towards the soldiers immediately stretched forth her hand towards the portal as an object soared towards her.Bookmark here

"What is that?!"Bookmark here

"It's...a staff..."Bookmark here

The soldiers confused, became worried about their situation. Meanwhile, their leader began to laugh.Bookmark here

"Well then, Show me your resolve so I can snuff it out!"Bookmark here

Brandishing her staff, streams of energy filled the area as a cloak of lightning covered Bridget as she braced herself.Bookmark here

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