Chapter 9:

~Scene IX~

Nymphea Vol I: Tale of Two Words

*Knock Knock*Bookmark here

"Miss, dinner is being served in the dining area."Bookmark here

Nafliah opened the room door to view the voice behind it. There was a woman in servant clothing similar to the woman she saw earlier. The woman smiled and forced her way into the room. Nafliah watched as the woman opened the closet and took out a long blue dress. The dress had Nafliah mesmerized in its beauty. Bookmark here

"Miss we can't keep everyone waiting. Please undress and change into this."Bookmark here

Nafliah snapped out of her trance and wrapped her arms around her breast.Bookmark here

"Undress! I can dress myself!"Bookmark here

The woman rolled her eyes while placing the dress on the bed and stood near door.Bookmark here

"Please hurry, miss."Bookmark here

Nafilah picked up the dress and held it in hands. She felt uncomfortable having someone in the room when she changed. For right now she would have to endure with this type of embarrassment because she was living the life of the princess. If this was the routine she would have to go through every day, she was going to have to deal with it. Once she gained the courage to put on the dress, the woman escorted her to the dining area where dinner was being held. The room was enchanting. There small chandeliers in each corner that lit up the entire room, different shades of blue and white shimmered on the marble floor, the walls were cemented with gold and the table appeared as if it had been handed crafted by the finest carpenters around the world. She felt ashamed to dine in such a wonderful place. Nafilah eyes danced from chair to chair and fell upon the hand-painted tableware placed at each seat. After fancying the room she noticed something odd. There was no one at the table. Bookmark here

"Where is everyone?"Bookmark here

Nafilah asked the servant woman behind her with a concerned look on her face. The woman curtsied and head toward the double doors on the other side of the room. Bookmark here

"The chef should be here soon."Bookmark here

The woman exited the door and did not look back. Nafilah flipped her hair, flopped in a chair and crossed her legs.Bookmark here

"Rude!"Bookmark here

Nafilah cocked an attitude and fiddled with the silverware at her seat.Bookmark here

"Sorry to keep you waiting."Bookmark here

Entering in the dining area was Prince Lucas who was dressed in his finest attire. He sat down at the other end of the table across from Nafilah. Bookmark here

"Don't worry I just sat down myself. "Bookmark here

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