Chapter 1:

Twinkle twinkle little star,How blown up are you?

Midnight rave 真夜中のレイブ

Its a dark day on Earth,the year is E9XM^2,The explosion of the sun creating a supernova forces the human race to colonize in space,NATA,a replacement of NASA,created a Simulated dome Earth-Like Enviornment,"SDELE",The more wealthy people were given passes to the VIP ship,while more poor people were sent to the Slum ship immediately,Labeled as not up to citizen standards.Sick and elderly people were killed in large gas chambers by the organization HAPPY CORP.
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The new line of android Humaniod cyber-network organisms are called "NEW ARCHETYPES" These were created to fight off and guard the streets of the slums.These androids murder,giving no mercy to who ever defies the NATA standard for the slums,sometimes even killing children in front of families,siblings near other siblings,and at sometimes,group decapitation by laser. Equipped with Lasers capable of blinding a human retina in one picosecond.Bookmark here

Tama is one of these NEW ARCHETYPES,authough she is a defect model,she wont kill any of the poor citizens in the slums.To punish her,NATA employes shamed her,ripped her guns and lasers off of her body and took advantage of her feminine body,and then threw her into the slums.Tama was  then given the low class patch,and was dispatched at a shack made out of Zsynthesm,A substance similar to cardboard but does not get wet when water is dropped on it,Tama sits and looks up at the sky,wondering what her life will be.Not being wanted by NATA,she just couldnt kill someone who was innocent,notherless a child.Bookmark here

So she sat there,watching the children play. And said not a word.Bookmark here

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