Chapter 10:

Chapter 9 - We Fight Until the End


Simon’s eyes sparkled in amazement, now he felt all of his energy start to rise up as saw his boyfriend as a Love Protector. “Yes!” Both fairies cheered.

“What?! Now he became one of those wretched magical boys, too?” the King roared. “And I vow to protect the hearts’ passions just like how Azure protects the hearts’ dreams. Right?” He turned to his lover who was smiling from ear to ear. He grabs his wand and stands up. “Right!” Simon cheers as he transforms into Love Protector Azure. “Let’s stop this ‘king’ once and for all!”

“Two against a whole army? Think again!” Null yelled out as he tried to attack the two magical boys, but saw how swift Scarlet was with his dodges, also helping Azure out in the process. They got their weapons out, Scarlet’s staff resembling Azure’s and the both holding onto the Tsukikawa treasure.

“I need that to complete my weapon, guards, AFTER THEM!” Null commanded his army as they tried to go after the two, apparently they could fly as well.

“Oh no, there’s so many of them! What can we do?” Azure cried out. “Fear not, we can take them down, remember we’re working together!” Scarlet reassured the other magical boy. “But most of them as innocent civilians, would they be alright?”

“Perhaps maybe with our attacks, we can free them and they’ll be alright. King Null’s guards are in the red armor while everyone else is in purple, we’ll just have to be careful. Just follow my lead,” the red magical boy said as he attacked some of the guards, pushing them back from grabbing onto them and the treasure.

And at the same time, King Null was trying to attack them or take them down. But Scarlet didn’t allow it. While dodging some of Null’s attacks, he held his staff up and used the treasure to make his attack strong. “Scarlet heart flare!” Some of the other guards were taken down along with the attacks the evil king was trying to fling at them. Azure did the same thing as he took down the rest of Null’s guards, the others that were citizens grouping up, and trying to attack them.

Though they were slowing down, seeing as the magical couple was just too quick. Null was getting sick and tired of this. “What are you idiots doing?! Go on and get them!” he commanded.

“You’re not going to stop us on our watch!” Scarlet said. “Azure, hold your staff up and concentrate on your powers with me! We could link our heart energy together!” Azure was at first surprised at the idea, but nodded as it would purify the citizens and stop King Null once and for all. The fairies thought it was a great idea, but looked below to see the other guards were getting closer towards them. Not for long, however.

The two magical boys began their attack. “Heart link!” Soon, blue and red hearts combined, creating a giant purple heart that was glowing. “Love Protectors Azure and Scarlet Combination…Violet heart hurricane!” Soon, lots of purple hearts rolled towards the towns’ citizens, purifying them and putting the gems and crystals back to where they were supposed to be. As they did so, King Null’s weapon was broken into pieces, turning into ash and dust that was being carried away by the wind. The sky started to clear up and King Null himself was over and done with. “YOU TWO WILL NEVER GET AWAY WITH THIS!” he shouted before disappearing.

Everything was restored, as if nothing happened. People woke up wondering what was going on but they just decided to go on about their day.

Simon and James landed behind one of the buildings and reverted into their normal clothes. “We did it!” They both cheered and hugged each other, sharing a kiss. “We’re so proud of you both!” Sweet beamed. “Now you two can be Love Protectors together!” Spicy peeped.

The couple looked at each other and smiled.

A few months went by and things were even more happy and at peace with the couple. They were both magical boys that used their powers to protect the people around them and had little fairies to accompany each other and guide them. Simon didn’t think this could ever happen. One day he and James were just friends who bumped into each other a few times, both fell in love, and now both could fight any enemy alongside each other. There was something certain to the younger man; there’s no such thing as ‘dreaming too big’ and any dream can come true.