Chapter 7:

Prologue: The Mysterious Figure

KurtzPel: <Bringer of Chaos>

Soon after donning her cloak, Bridget quickly went on the offensive, staff in hand she quickly conjured a dark field as the soldiers were forced together with their leader leaping away with ease but was soon met with Bridget face to face who spared little time knocking him into the air encasing him in a magic field shocking him as the soldiers were soon crushed into a mere block of metal.Bookmark here

"YOU!! WENCH!!"Bookmark here

"You'll regret coming after my children."Bookmark here

Sparing no time she quickly cast bolts of lightning in quick succession as the once ruthless leader struggled to rise from the ground.Bookmark here

"You're...too late... those kids should be dead by now...haha..hah..."Bookmark here

Bridget quickly turned towards her children to only see a figure standing in front of Maria, who had Luke in her arms and was terrified. The figure was short, though sensing a great power residing within Bridget knew that danger was to come before them.Bookmark here

"I see, you two are..."Bookmark here

The figure stretched forth a hand, as if curiousity was shown though as soon as Bridget saw the Bellatos Crest on the figure's cloak she immediately bolted towards them.Bookmark here

"W-What are you..."Bookmark here

"Do not be afraid, I am a friend and you two are destined for greatness. My task is help you two prepare for that time."Bookmark here

As soon as Bridget approached the figure she was immediately grasped by an invisible force, gasping for breath the figure continued.Bookmark here

"Mother!"Bookmark here

"Your mother will understand soon enough, but for now remember what I am about to tell you."Bookmark here

Maria looked at her Mother, who was struggling to get out of the figure's grasp. Then, looking at the figure, she saw a kind smile full of hope to which Maria nodded solemnly.Bookmark here

"You are to study to world, and understand the lies and deception your father spoke of. Ellenore City is where your journey begins and your mother and I will watch over you so that you may be ready to take on Bellatos and claim your vengeance. However, you must be aware that you are not alone and along the way you will meet others who will inspire you to do good."Bookmark here

Placing her hand on top of Maria she smiled as she released Bridget.Bookmark here

"Now, wake up. Light of Azure!"Bookmark here

With a resonating heartbeat, Maria's eyes glowed a brilliant gold as she was soon thrust the into her mind with time stopping she was in darkness which soon illuminated with torches lit with azure flames.Bookmark here

"Where am I?"Bookmark here

Following the trail of torches, Maria was soon met with an granite altar, upon it was a crystal pulsing red with life as if calling to her.Bookmark here

"What have you done with my daughter!"Bookmark here

Meanwhile, Bridget saw her daughter fall to the ground with Luke in her arms as if lifeless she sprang towards the figure and grasped her throat enraged, she voiced her concern.Bookmark here

"I have awakened her potential as a KurtzPel, she may not have a karma but she can still prepare to receive one in due time."Bookmark here

"But why now?! Who are you?!"Bookmark here

The woman smiled, placing a hand on Bridget's and with a flash of light Bridget's mind was filled with memories of the past at the Magic Academy and of a certain girl she spent time with.Bookmark here

"L-Laura?"Bookmark here

"Hello Bridget, it's been a while."Bookmark here

Releasing her hold on Laura, Bridget quickly went to her children. Maria was burning up, and Luke was still unconscious but wasn't hurt from the fall as Maria clung to him even in the trance she was put in.Bookmark here

"So, what do we do now Laura?"Bookmark here

Bridget turned to Laura who was enchanting her gauntlets with energy she then turned and spoke.Bookmark here

"We go to Ellenore, my influence will be sufficient for you to hide there. However, I must return to report the unfortunate loss of the unit."Bookmark here

"You're....with Bellatos?"Bookmark here

Pulling her hood, Laura walked up to the children and brushed their hair.Bookmark here

"You should know there are spies everywhere, just like you and Geralt, I am of The Chase though my squad rarely keeps contact for our safety but we send vital information concerning the inner workings of Bellatos."Bookmark here

"What about my children?"Bookmark here

Standing up, Laura looked at Bridget who was cradling her children dearly.Bookmark here

"Maria will soon come out of her trial, let her rest in the safehouse and she'll wake soon enough. As for Luke, his soul sleeps though with enough rest he will rise as it looks like his father has already placed him in a trance like Maria."Bookmark here

"So it's true, my children...they are from The Prophecy?"Bookmark here

Laura smiled, and began walking towards the remains of the enemy leader.Bookmark here

"We'll find out soon enough Bridget, now go and leave this place before more arrive."Bookmark here

Taking her advice, Bridget soon departed into the portal and as she began to close it Laura waved as she then vanished from view.Bookmark here

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