Chapter 7:

The Graduation Exams Part 01: Shiyori

Do I Really Have to Solve Every Problem in This World?!

The open plains graced by calm winds confused the group though needless to say they could only wander around looking for clues. Lea clung to Yuuta as Nello stooped down finding a jade orb, it glistened in the sunlight as if absorbing it for him to peer within.Bookmark here

'W-What?!'Bookmark here

He saw something...someone in fact to which the figure took notice and looked right back at him with cause for concern.Bookmark here

"Y-Yuuta! I think you need to see this!"Bookmark here

"Hmm?"Bookmark here

Nello quickly ran over and presented the orb in front of him. Hoping for him to see the figure inside but to his dismay there was nothing to take note of.Bookmark here

"What is it Nello?"Bookmark here

"I-I don't..know...sorry..."Bookmark here

Nello looked at the orb, then sighing as he cast it aside in the grass then walking towards a tree stump. Puzzled, Lea turned to Yuuta as he picked up the discarded orb shortly after.Bookmark here

"Yuuta, what do we do now?"Bookmark here

"Well, that guy did say there are challenges to accomplish for this test. I just don't know what we're doing though, it's best we explore our surroundings for the time being."Bookmark here

Yuuta looked at the orb calmly, then caressed it in his hand. It was warm, too warm in fact to be just any inanimate object. Shaking his head he placed it in his breast pocket with Celeste.Bookmark here

"Right, we'd best get moving along since we don't know how long we're supposed to be here anyway."Bookmark here

"You're right, but we've never really gone hunting or looking for food on our own though."Bookmark here

Yuuta smirked in response to this as he tapped his visor as it soon generated his UI though while he had no signal the amount of offline data he had already downloaded was sufficient for his needs.Bookmark here

"In order to better provide for ourselves, we need to first find a high vantage point for us to scout the area. There may be a town or village nearby, we may even be able to find out where we are if we were sent somewhere in the outskirts of the city."Bookmark here

 As they conversed about a survival plan, Nello meanwhile was a little disappointed in himself, thinking that he was a fool to think there was someone inside an orb of all things. However, he noticed something in the distance...and it wasn't friendly. Quickly running towards the others fear filled his mind as he soon lost focus on the orb but on the mysterious figure.Bookmark here

"Guys! We gotta go! Something's coming!"Bookmark here

"Nello? What's wro-"Bookmark here

*GROWL!!!*Bookmark here

Lea paled while Yuuta grimly looked at the approaching was a corpse, a moving corpse for that matter but its raspy voice chilled the surrounding area as the life was drained away with every step it took towards them. Yuuta knew he wouldn't be able to protect them from this, because he knew exactly what this fiend was...Bookmark here

"A Lich...of all things..."Bookmark here

"A what?!"Bookmark here

"You two take cover in the forest, I'll distract it and come after you soon."Bookmark here

Lea immediately pouted in response to this and grabbed Yuuta's hand while Nello was lost in thought from the traumatizing figure in front of them.Bookmark here

"What?! We have to run away!"Bookmark here

"Yeah I think running is much preferred...."Bookmark here

*HISSSS!!!*Bookmark here

The Lich wasn't slowing its pace, as rotting flesh coated the dying ground. Yuuta didn't have time to think, he had to act and fast!Bookmark here

"LEA GET DOWN!"Bookmark here

Yuuta gathered a ball of light in his hands as the Lich reached out to grab them as its fingers near his face Yuuta immediately thrust the orb into it.Bookmark here

'Spirits of Light, Heed your servant! Expel this heathen from your sight!'Bookmark here

"3 Rays of Light!"Bookmark here

The Lich groaned in response as the attack coursed through its body and it sudden lashed out at Yuuta striking his face with its putrid claws trying to take him with it.Bookmark here

"YUUTA!"Bookmark here

"Hrrgh!"Bookmark here

Lea cried out to Yuuta as he slowly began to collapse, but a light glowed from both pockets as two figures appeared where one banished the Lich entirely where the other caught Yuuta as his face was darkened by the poisoned claw he began to cough blood. Shortly after, the figure embraced Yuuta as a soft green hue covered his body with his wounds healing.Bookmark here

"Yuuta, you really shouldn't be so reckless..."Bookmark here

"Now Celeste, that isn't a way to comfort the poor boy."Bookmark here

"I didn't ask for your opinion....sister"Bookmark here

Celeste, after purifying the deceased land turned towards the endearing figure caressing a slumbering Yuuta crossed her arms as if this scene was rather displeasing.Bookmark here

"I had a hunch that it was you, but here of all places?"Bookmark here

"It's true, it's been millennia since we've met Celeste."Bookmark here

"Um...Celeste-san....who is this?"Bookmark here

Lea, trembling with shock was even more surprised by the sheer difference between the two.Bookmark here

'Big Sister, Little Sister, but why do they refer to each other as the opposite?!'Bookmark here

The "Big" sister, stroking Yuuta's face happily turned to Lea as if knowing her thoughts where Celeste sighs then burying her face in her hand.Bookmark here

"Allow me to explain! My name is Shiyori, I'm Celeste's Younger Sister and Patron Maiden of The Winds sure I may look more mature but Celeste is indeed the older one between us and is actually the oldest if I recall."Bookmark here

Shiyori was puzzled about this, but simply nodded as she looked below at the young boy.Bookmark here

"So Celeste, how'd you find this one?"Bookmark here

"..."Bookmark here

"Don't tell me he just suddenly found you?"Bookmark here

"Shiyori..."Bookmark here

"Hmm?"Bookmark here

Celeste walked up to Shiyori, grabbing her head and pulling it close to her face.Bookmark here

"Aiieeee! Celeste-chan what are you doing?! He's sleeping!"Bookmark here

"That's "Onee-sama" to you Shiyori, and don't you forget it!"Bookmark here

Releasing her hold on Shiyori, Celeste puffed her cheeks blushing red.Bookmark here

"He was only a child when his parents found me, they gave me over to him once they found out who I was. They kindly asked me to watch over him throughout his days, I wasn't interested but their sudden death soon after that request was alarming so I consented to the request."Bookmark here

Celeste looked to the rich blue sky...reflecting back to those mere moments in her long time existing...Bookmark here

"What's even worse, is that I know what happened to them..."Bookmark here

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