Chapter 25:

Safety Route


Everyone was already ready when Korn arrived in the Under City. The streets were flooded with mothers, children, and the elderly, and Korn was supposed to smuggle all of them outside to Notrania. Luckily they had organized and rehearsed everything beforehand. By the time he sent an order to move everyone, the large lines of people that stretched beyond made their way into the Pure Gate.

Not many people knew this but the Under City was built into the ground. The city was devised into 5 layers. The first two layers were inhabited by civilians, while the third layer was where the engine operators slept. The last two layers were where Morshina’s ‘operating engine’ was located and where the engine operators worked. The Notranian prince had promised to change all of this, while every man in the Under City was working hard preparing for one last civil war, he was out in his country constructing new homes, building new facilities to accommodate for the Mixed Bloods, and doing his best to provide what these underprivileged class of the Morshina society weren't blessed with.

It took a while for the people to climb up to the first layer, but all was going smooth. No problems rose from the Pure Bloods guarding the gate; Jack had taken care of them, at least that’s what his messengers told him. Teph had planned all of this extremely well. He chose the perfect time to do it, the perfect day, and the perfect role for each person. However, everything felt too perfect and that bothered Korn. Luckily, whenever he felt such things were going to happen he kept himself alert. He kept watch on every corner, every nook, every tiny hole, expecting something to pop out and sabotage them.

Korn stood on his Charion waiting for the civilians to hurry their steps towards the Under-Gate. He gestured to one of his officers, who quickly responded by running to his Captain. Korn asked him to send a squad of 100 men to assist any person in need and nudge them to move quickly because they certainly didn’t have all day.


“I want a single battalion of men with me, fifty cavalries and the rest infantry. Get them ready in five minutes I want to clear a way for when we charge!” His men scrambled and began sending his orders.

“The men are ready sir.” Said Nol – his lieutenant – five minutes later.

He galloped Charol through the empty street ahead from him. As he suspected, police patrols were walking a hundred paces from his squad. He raised glaive high in the air and sounded a large battle cry, which hinted at the message of the Great Jack's arrival.

As they got close to the scouting party, Jack was able to make out their worried faces, he even heard some order for backup, but his glaive was quicker than anything when it moved, you’d be lucky to parry its blow, let alone, escape its path, once it set on its target, it never left it alive.


Kill kill kill kill kill kill kill kill, KILL


The scouting party was wiped out in seconds. Charol stood atop a dead corpse and crushed its bones with its enormous size. Jack directed Charol by moving his reins to the right and continued towards the outskirts.

The eerie atmosphere was something that didn’t bother Jack. He wasn’t the type of person to worry about what might happen in the future, he was the type to focus on the present and tackle one problem at a time. The silent breeze created silence amongst his soldiers, even though their marching was loud, the quiet tone was more distinguishable. Charol trotted in a majestic way, his head was high up and his movements were as grace as any Charion could get. Charions were a weird breed of horse, or that’s what scientists believed. Unlike horses, Charions were less in number; making them hard to find. They took way too long to breed, and the female Chaions were more scarce than males, however, they lived for a very long time; three times longer than a healthy steed.

The strange creatures were large, the average size of any Charion was a staggering eight feet, but Charol was even larger standing at nine feet. This bothered most riders because not many were able to ride the monstrous beast. But, that wasn't a problem to Jack, he was already seven-foot-four. Jack was extremely fortunate to find that his animal companion was still around after his banishment. Apparently, Mort had built his own Stable during his early years in the Middle City and bred quite a few Charions as well. Not only that, but, he made it his duty to smuggle the Charions his friends rode.

Jack brushed the hair on the back of the Charion’s neck and patted his partner. People had pets and treated them as if they were their own children, but no one could understand the relationship he had with a Charol. The battles they rode through, the life-threatening situations they were thrown into, and the number of times they had to rescue Teph and the others were something more intimate than sex itself, at least for Jack that is.

He whipped Charol’s reins and moved ahead with faster speed. His soldiers started jogging and they finally become livelier. Sounds of armor clanking grew louder.

Jack turned his upper body arm around and raised his arm gesturing towards his assistant officers.

“Get me a map,” he said as the man trotted up to him.

“Yes sir.”

A few moments later the officer returned with a tiny device in his palms and pressed a button on it.

Suddenly, a holographic image appeared in front of him showing the terrain of their location and what was surrounding it. The man tried his best to stabilize the device as it was wobbling from the Charion's movements.

“Keep it steady goddammit!”

And he did, he minimized the shaking as best as he could. Jack spotted the outskirts in the blue holographic scan and measured the distance between them.

“With the speed, we are going with right now," he muttered to himself, "it’s going to take us another fifteen minutes to finally arrive. And, even then, we need to contact Mrol on where his location is. So let’s do this,” Jack said as he grabbed a communicator from a satchel attached to Charol’s saddle. The spherical device asked for a retina scan, to identify its owner. And, so Jack removed his helm and scanned his eye.

He later typed a message to Korn or whichever officer had his communicator:

Korn, we will set up stations to secure the route to the outskirts, it will take time for me to return and so, let’s not waste it. As, as you get everyone out, march with my army and yours and we will regroup outside the city.

He finished typing his message and threw the communicator back into the satchel.

“Soldier, send word to the all men to seperate themselves into 100 man squads and ask them to form a line of stations; keep every station five hundred meters apart.”

“Yes sir!” He saluted and moved on to deliver orders.


Helet put her pen down as she finished writing the last few words to the person she betrayed, she handed the letter to Yon and he knew what to do with it. He left the room leaving her alone as she sank down in her thoughts. But, something caught her attention, outside the window she spotted a group of people rioting at the face of the presidential house. And they appeared to be numbering about a thousand; a battalion worth of civilians. This night will not end well!