Chapter 26:

Something is not right!


Entz walked as captain. For the first time in his life, he wasn’t a leader. Even when his title as heir was taken from him, he was still part of the group that planned this whole rebellion. He still took part in most of the meetings and even made decisions himself, but this, this was different. Today, he walked as captain of a hundred-man squad.

The only true leader in this army was Teph. He took the position of Supreme Commander. Korn, Jack, Trent, and Mort were practically “generals”, but they refrained from using those titles. Mort had explained earlier that the only person worthy of the title General was only Teph. The others, they were not ready. But luckily, Teph was able to talk some sense into them and made them in charge of armies themselves.

The leaders of Entz’s army were Mort, Trent, and Teph, although Trent stayed back in the Middle City to be able to give aid to the army’s strategist and tactician.

Finally, they arrived! The outskirts of the city were empty. The barren land that Teph described to have fought on for many years, stretched beyond Entz’s sight. The azured atmosphere was something to be amazed by. Morsh’s - Morshina capital city - neon lights were so bright that they influenced the atmosphere around the land surrounding it. For some reason, the air was more dense than usual which made it harder to look ahead of you, but it wasn’t so foggy that it blinded your view. Something about walking in this night made Entz worried. Something bothered him and he couldn’t quite understand what it was.

Everything was going too well, they hadn’t received any distress message from Korn or Jack, which meant that they were proceeding smoothly. Was that a good or bad thing? Entz couldn't get his thoughts right!


Teph stood in the midst of his soldiers, unlike other generals who would stay back at HQ to provide assistance, Teph liked to be with his men to provide a sense of security and harmony. And, it looked like it was working.

Sitting on his charion allowed him to have a large view of the army and gave an extra boost in authority. Teph was humble or at least he tried to be. Being above everyone else bothered him a little, but generals had to have respect and being amongst your men meant that you had made it hard for them to approach you as a comrade and more of a higher ranking officer.

They marched forward to the Tower of Knowledge, the foggy mist made it harder to see in the distance but, a large dark silhouette of a tower was ahead of them. Entz had explained that Tor had secretly stationed two battalions to guard the actual operating engine of Morshina. A lot of people will die tonight. Teph was bothered by the events that were going to take place in a few minutes or hours. But, unlike any other moment, he was prepared for everything. Even prepared to die; if it was for the sake of discrimination against his people, he was ready to give up his own life for them to progress.

“Teph,” said Mort as he trotted his charion to Teph’s, “We’re getting close, are you sure you want to do this?”

Teph cocked an eyebrow at the stupid comment, “we are marching eighteen thousand men to reclaim our position in society, OF COURSE, I WANT TO SO THIS,” Mort simply smirked.

“Just making sure,” he later said

“So, how are we going to do this?” Mort asked.

“As soon as we hear their battle alarm we att-,” a loud sound cut Teph off and he met Mort’s eyes; they both knew what this meant. Teph wore his helm and sounded his battle cry. His men began running as they began their attack.


Helet was called by Tor for an emergency meeting. As she entered the meeting room, all of the military officers had arrived and were discussing some sort of plan.

“What happened, why am I called at this time,”

“Helet,” called a commanding voice, “sit down and we’ll explain everything.” Tor near the end of the room as he led the discussion.

“We are currently under attack, or let me rephrase, there is currently a force of eighteen thousand men heading towards the Tower of Knowledge, and we believe your son is behind all of this.” Said Mol Morhsina’s current defense minister.

“And, we believe you have something to do with it,” Tor added with a smirk on his face