Chapter 10:

~Scene X~

Nymphian Vol I: Tale of Two Worlds

Nafilah continued to play with the silverware. Lucas saw what Nafilah was doing and started to play with his silverware as well. After a moment of complete silence, the double doors opened and the chef entered with the meal he had prepared for dinner. Tagging along were two men servers in black and white attire. They placed the trays of food on the table and poured water in the glasses. Then when they were done they exited the room as quietly as they entered. Nafilah stared at the food in front of her in disgust. She had never seen such an unpleasant dishes in her life. Lucas saw her displeasure and smiled.Bookmark here

"The food here was never to my liking either."Bookmark here

Lucas said jokingly hoping to get his sister to laugh. Nafilah smiled and Lucas continued.Bookmark here

"This is the first time in a while since we've sat at this table together. I'm glad you’re feeling better."Bookmark here

Nafilah looked at the six empty seats between them and looked confused. She was expecting the king to be here as well.Bookmark here

"Where is the king?"Bookmark here

Lucas stopped smiling and looked almost upset.Bookmark here

"The king?"Bookmark here

Lucas raised his brow and started again.Bookmark here

"Busy, I suppose. He has been eating in his study lounge lately. The council's meetings have become more and more frequent so, Father is always working."Bookmark here

"Sooo he isn't coming."Bookmark here

By the tone of Nafilah's voice, Lucas could tell she was disappointed. He got up from his seat, walked over Nafilah and took her hand.Bookmark here

"Do you want to take a stroll?"Bookmark here

Nafilah's heart skipped a beat and her face turned red. She did not trust him but it was better than staying here and eating the horrid food before her so, she took him up on his offer. Bookmark here

"Sure."Bookmark here

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