Chapter 11:

~Scene XI~

Nymphea Vol I: Tale of Two Words

The two of them left the dining area and went down the hall that leads outside. They walked down a stone path surrounded by trees and flowers. The wind blew carrying the aroma of tulips and roses as it passed their noses. Nafilah listened as Lucas spoke.Bookmark here

"Beautiful isn't? Bookmark here

Mother worked hard to keep this garden alive. You both would tend to it every day. She showed this place as much care as she showed us. Now that she is gone it doesn't get much attention anymore so..."Bookmark here

They came to patch of the garden that was covered in dying plants. The plants looked like they had been neglected for years. Nafilah was overcome with remorse. She too knew what it felt to lose her mother but she could not sympathize with him because it was his family that killed her.Bookmark here

"...they wilt away."Bookmark here

He finished his words and collected his thoughts.Bookmark here

"I know it has been rough without her but I do believe that father has our best interest in mind despite his decisions. He worried about her as much as he worries about you."Bookmark here

Nafilah could tell how worried he was by the sadden expression he gave. Nafilah wanted to ask him what happened to his mother but was distracted by the sound of footsteps in the distant.Bookmark here

"I think they are looking for you?"Bookmark here

Nafilah said with a bit of disappointment. She wanted to know more about the queen's death. She hoped it would help her find out what happened to her mother as well. Lucas embraced her and said goodnight. The warmth of his arms being wrapped around her remained as he walked away.Bookmark here

Nafilah felt the urge to run after him and hug him back but she fought it. She needed to meet the king as soon as possible to accomplish her goal. If she did not stay focused she feared she might not be able to do it when the opportunity presented itself. As the prince's back faded in the darkness, she felt herself wanting to be by his side even more.Bookmark here

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