Chapter 14:

~Scene XIV~

Nymphea Vol I: Tale of Two Words

As Silvia made her way to the door she felt a little headed. Her vision went fuzzy for a second then it cleared up again. Just when she was about worry she heard a funny noise coming from her stomach.Bookmark here

*Grrrl*Bookmark here

She giggled.Bookmark here

“Well, I haven’t had anything since I got here. I must be hungry. ”Bookmark here

She continued out the door and brushed it off as if nothing happened. Silvia wandered down the hall until she saw another Nymphian standing near the exit with something in his hand. The way he stood from behind resembled Kye but this man looked much older. When she approached him she felt as if she had seen him before. The Nymphian turned around and he glared at Silvia intensely. Silvia realized she had seen this unwelcoming expression earlier that day. He was the same man who was arguing with Kye when she woke up. Silvia froze as the Nymphian began to talk.Bookmark here

“I can assume you couldn’t complete the task you were sent to do.”Bookmark here

Silvia had no clue what task this Nymphian spoke of but she could tell it was important.Bookmark here

The Nymphian sighed and spoke again while walking past her.Bookmark here

“I was hoping my daughter could be of some use to me. I guess I was wrong.”Bookmark here

Silvia looked at him confused and then she heard her stomach make a funny sound again.Bookmark here

*Grrrl*Bookmark here

The Nymphian stopped when he heard the noise. He turned around and held out what he had been holding in hand the entire time. In his hand was a fruit that appeared to be a freshly ripe plum.Bookmark here

“Take it, you haven’t eaten have you?”Bookmark here

Silvia kindly accepted the offer with great gratitude. She bites into the fruit and smiled.Bookmark here

“Thank you”Bookmark here

The Nymphian turned back around with a cold expression.Bookmark here

“Do not mistake my role as your father for kindness.”Bookmark here

Once he felt he had said enough he left Silvia standing in the hallway. Silvia, who did not feel a bit intimidated by his words, giggled.Bookmark here

“Now I understand why Kye acted the way he did.”Bookmark here

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