Chapter 28:



The civilians began walking outside the Under City, one by one. Their faces were horrified, one mistake and they could get decimated out of the planet of Mol.

Korn had made sure to form layers around the swarms of people leaving. They moved in rows made of 20 in a line. Korn’s men outlined the civilians, giving them one layer of defense. The buildings loomed over the frightened individuals, today was the first day in Mixed Blood history in which the Mixed Bloods were able to exit their city of their own free will.

The state in which they were broke Korn’s heart, but luckily this will be the last time he had such a feeling. Today was the day in which they finally had a step toward freedom.

Korn stood in front of the ranks; they were starting to approach Jack’s stationed units; Just a little more! The army was arranged in a formation in which 50 men mobile infantry units were on standby to delay any attack that would threaten to tear their lines.

Usually, when Korn led an army his men would carry flags to identify different battalions, and one main flag to raise Korn’s battalion location. In this way, his soldiers would know if their general had fallen in battle or if he was leading an attack to rescue certain squads who were in a difficult position to get out of. But, their army didn’t carry any flags to reduce any unnecessary attention; not that it would have mattered when they were marching crowds of hundreds of thousands of Mixed Bloods. Ironic how these decisions were made.

“Status report,” Korn asked one soldier who appeared to know the details of their march.

“Sir,” the soldier saluted, “we thankfully have marched the civilians out of the city without any problem”

Korn nodded on the point and said, “Have a unit of three hundred men guarding the rear, as it is our weakest point and one that our enemies could easily exploit.”

“Yes sir,” the soldier scrambled back to deliver the message.

Korn took out his communicator and began typing to Jack:

Jack, what’s the situation on your side? Korn wrote

Nothing interesting, I have 9 men with me, and we are currently roaming the area trying to look for any interception squad. We are just waiting for your arrival, how are things on your side? Jack replied.

We have made contact with your second station, I assumed you are on the sixth or seventh?

No, I made my way to scout ahead; further towards the outskirts. So, we’ll probably meet on either the 9th or final station.

Understood, please be careful, we can’t mess this up.

Oh and I forgot to mention, I’ve sent a squad of ten men to scout further into the outskirts and when I last contacted them, they wrote that they were beginning to see Mrol’s fleet in the distance. I am sure by the time you arrive they will have made it into the—

Jack? Are you there? JACK.

The communication was off and Jack’s status appeared offline. Oh no.

BUZZ, Korn’s communicator rang.

I am sorry, Jack wrote, I accidentally dropped the communicator.

You idiot, I nearly had a heart attack.

Anyways, as I was saying, by the time Mrol’s fleet arrives we will have made our first step toward survival.


Alright, see you in a bit.

Korn looked up from his communicator and let out a huge sigh, nothing happened yet and he was already mentally strained. For some reason, he wished he’d entered battle and just let his hands do the talk, but responsibility was something that he could not escape; even if he wanted to.

The wind continued blowing its night breeze, which helped calm him down a little. No soldier came up to him to report anything, no one disturbed him as they walked their way to freedom. The atmosphere was chilly and he even heard some of the children from the crowd behind him mutter things about being cold and that they couldn’t stand it. But, they must endure their last few moments of suffering, because it was all coming to an end.

Everyone was quiet, no one spoke, and after an hour or two of pure silence, they finally made it to the seventh station, three more to go. Korn received a short report of where the rear was located and decided to give everyone a short five-minute break. By the time they started marching again, the people seemed to have been glad to get the short refresher, as their movements were much quicker than they were a few moments ago.

Just a few more and we’ll be done everyone, PUSH THROUGH THE PAIN. He prayed from safety. In the Salchonic Church, individuals were able to choose a certain god to follow and pray to, and almost everyone in the army prayed towards the God of War himself, Hasharash. Please lord Hasharash, protect these people who have suffered greatly during the last few years. Even though Morshina’s social class was always separated into Mixed Bloods and Pure Bloods, it was never this bad after Khol died and ‘Tor’ took over. And so hopefully the Salchonic gods will accept their prayers.

“Sir,” called a soldier for Korn, “We have been attacked.” Korn’s breath was caught!

“WHAT?! Where?”

“In the rear sir, as you predicted a flanking squad tried to break through our weakest point, but luckily the three hundred stationed there were able to fend them off, however, the enemy’s unit has a much larger force! What should we do?”

“Get five men with me, I am going back,”

Korn galloped his charion all the way to the back, the outlined soldiers looked at him; confused. 

Why was their general marching back? 

In three minutes Korn was able to make it all the way from the head of their marching formation, back to the tail that was now under attack; his assistance was trailing behind him. He began to hear the metal colliding as he slowly approached the back. He stopped a few meters away from where the mini-battle took place.

He scanned the men and tried to look for their leader because if you took out the base of a unit’s morale, they started to collapse little by little. And besides, a single Downcaster was worth five hundred men by themselves.

He located the most ostentatious soldier who stood all the way at the back of his small unit. Korn rode with all the power he could drive from the short sprint his chiron made. With his spear in hand, he tore through their surprisingly-fragile defense lines and directed some of his downsap towards his right arm as he increased its strength and rammed his spear directly through the leader’s chest.

Without a moment to waste he hopped off his charion and began thrusting his spear here and there. He was able to clear out an entire ring around him, before his assisting squad caught the back of the four-hundred-man unit.

And with that, he was able to turn the battle in their favor. However, he heard a wheezing voice from behind him and found it was the unit’s leader trying to say something.

“Your friends are done for,” he struggled to let the last ‘for’ out of his mouth, “my father will destroy you and take care of you scumbags.”

Father? Korn approached the dying man and uncovered his helm to find an extremely thin face in front of him, and then he realized who the man was. Lopol probably thought he could turn the tide with his squad, but was easily wiped out in less than ten minutes after Korn’s arrival. The son of the true Tyrant Tor's eyes closed and Korn looked away somewhat satisfied.

Dead bodies surrounded Korn’s eyesight, they indeed took out a four hundred-man unit in a short time. From across the distance, someone approached Korn, at first he thought it was an enemy soldier, but as the jockey came close, Korn was able to identify his Morshan uniform.

“At ease sir, I bring a message from general Jack,” general? Korn noted, “I am glad to inform you that the citizens have begun boarding the fleets, and–”

Something hit hard, something caused the ground itself to shake, something so powerful that it caused nearby windows to shatter. Something so powerful it caused a Downcasted Korn to collapse - face first - into the ground.