Chapter 13:


An American Otaku

Isabel sat at a familiar desk and gazed out a familiar window as her teacher lectured during the class. She watched the leaves slowly fall from the branches and then dance their way towards the ground.

“I wonder if it’s going to start snowing early this year or late?” She thought to herself as the remaining time of the class slowly came to an end.

“Alright class, don’t forget the project is due the 18th, you should be almost halfway done by now.” The teacher says to the students as the final bell goes off, dismissing the students.

Like the rest of the class, Isabel packs up her books and supplies and makes her way to the exit. Walking past the students on getting on the bus and the others getting picked up and driven away, she made her way home.

While taking off her shoes, she is soon greeted by her younger brother.

“Sis! I saw your artwork. My school was showing off the artwork from the highschool classes and I saw yours! I told everyone that it was my sisters.”

“Oh you did huh?” Isabel says with a smile, “Aren’t you supposed to be getting ready for your game?”

As she says that her mother could be heard calling out to him, “You’re not ready yet, come on get your shoes on.”

Isabel's brother puts his shoes on and then turns to Isabel, “Hey, show me how to draw some of that stuff you’re always reading. If you do, I’ll show you how to Roulette a ball real good!”

Isabel laughs in response, “Ok, ok. Now hurry along before mom gets mad.”

Her brother heads out the door and Isabel makes her way to her bedroom. Once there she begins her routine of unpacking her backpack and opening the window to let in a nice breeze.

“I should get started on my homework.” Before she even attempts it, her eyes make their way towards a manga sitting on her desk. “Well, there’s only one chapter left.”

She makes her way to her desk and begins reading the final chapter of the latest volume she had picked up earlier. She read every page and studied every expression given to the characters throughout, up until the very end. After she finished the manga, she closed it and then gently put it on her shelf with the others.

Then with a great big smile on her face Isabel said, “I can’t wait to tell the others about this.”