Chapter 16:

~ Scene XVI~

Nymphea Vol I: Tale of Two Words

*Knock Knock*Bookmark here

As stated the royal designer and stylist had come to her room. Nafilah walked into her room and opened the door. The designer and stylist walked in and went to work. Nafilah lit up the party as she entered. The guests were in awe. Nafilah was greeted by each person she passed. Bookmark here

“Nice to see you again, Your Highness.”Bookmark here

Nafilah walked through the room while looking for the King. Nafilah struggled to get past the wave of people that stopped to adore her. Suddenly, a gentle hand wisped her away from the crowd of people. Nafilah turned around and there before she was a teenage girl about the princess’s age. The girl hugged Nafilah tightly.Bookmark here

“Silvia dear it’s been too long!”Bookmark here

Nafilah smiled in confusion as the girl released her.Bookmark here

“Oh come on Silvia don’t tell me you’ve been bedridden so long that you don’t remember me,Bookmark here

Your dearest friend Maybelle.”Bookmark here

Nafilah laughed it off.Bookmark here

“Of course I remember you. It’s so nice to see you too”Bookmark here

Nafilah hugged the girl again hoping that would convince her.Bookmark here

The girl smiled and flipped her hair.Bookmark here

“You seem like you were in an awful hurry to get somewhere a minute ago so, where were you going?”Bookmark here

The girl peered into Nafilah face with curiosity as she waited patiently for an answer. Bookmark here

“Me, I wasn’t going anywhere.”Bookmark here

Nafilah responded with great modesty. The girl smiled and glared at Nafilah with disbelief. She twirled around until she was facing the opposite of Nafilah.Bookmark here

“Well since you weren’t looking for anyone I guess I should tell you that I saw the birthday boy heading in that direction.”Bookmark here

The girl pointed to the hallway entrance to the right of the room. Bookmark here

Tell him happy birthday for me will you?”Bookmark here

The girl tossed a small box in the air behind her as she walked away. Nafilah caught the box and held it in her hands. It was wrapped in shimmering silver wrapping paper with a small note folded and taped on the top. Nafilah looked up to ask Maybelle what it was but by then the girl had disappeared. Nafilah headed for the hallway entrance the girl had pointed to. Nafilah hastily walked down the hall until she saw two knights standing guard in front of a large double door. Nafilah gracefully approached the two men with the suspicion that the King was inside. The two knights moved closer together to block the door. 
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