Chapter 11:

Kanto: Chapter 7

The Kimochi Warui Diary

Turns out, they wanted a picture with Jotaro. The girls took turns posing with him while the others snapped photos. Bookmark here

Maybe he looked like someone famous? Or they just liked his style? Today, he was wearing dark blue jeans and a tasteful flannel with the sleeves rolled up. Instead of wearing his hat, his hair was sleekly combed off to the side.Bookmark here

As for me, I was wearing the same puffy camping jacket I had worn since getting off the plane. My curly hair was still in its short phase, so it looked more like a round bowl cut. It’s not really about the clothes, though. My shoulders are rounded from years spent at the computer, and I’ve got a bigger nose and less-defined chin.Bookmark here

After the girls got their pictures, they walked away giggling and chatting to themselves.Bookmark here

“That was fucking weird,” Jotaro said.Bookmark here

I was already walking away back to the station, my hands deep in my jacket pockets. “I need to check the WiFi again.”Bookmark here

Was I seriously going to go back and bother the WiFi girl again? She was probably getting tired of my creepy little games. She’s in customer service, it’s her job to smile at me. Bookmark here

More importantly, there was a greater fact emerging from all of this:Bookmark here

I can’t keep relying on random WiFi spots. We’re lucky enough to have found this one. Instead of returning to my WiFi waifu, I turned and went into an electronics store. After asking around, I finally found just what I needed: Bookmark here

A SIM card. Now I could access data from anywhere—no more dependence on WiFi.Bookmark here

Out front of the store, I ripped open the package, carefully extracted the SIM card, and jammed it into my phone. I refreshed my inbox to see if Yuno had sent any new messages:Bookmark here

No connection.Bookmark here

I tried opening the phone’s internet browser, and by default, a Japanese registration page appeared on the screen. I tried filling out the required information, but they started asking for things like real Japanese home addresses, zip codes, and other information.Bookmark here

I didn’t have time for this… Yuno could be waiting for me to respond!Bookmark here

I needed to solve this problem—and fast. Bookmark here

Bookmark here

I would need the help of a true expert, and at that moment, I knew only one person in all of Mito Station who would help me.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

WiFi girl gave me the same warm, customer-friendly smile when I approached. Except, this time, she saw the worried look on my face.Bookmark here

「大丈夫ですか?”」Bookmark here

No, I’m not daijoubu! I showed her the SIM card website. Hopefully the words on the screen would be enough to explain the situation. I pleaded for help in my best Japanese: Bookmark here

「たすけてください。」Bookmark here

Internally, it felt like I had anime tears streaming down my face.Bookmark here

WiFi girl’s face was scrunched with confusion as she worked through the registration process. She eventually handed the phone back to me with an optimistic expression on her face. Bookmark here

I gave it a go and refreshed my inbox. The “refresh” logo seemed to be spinning in the center of the screen endlessly, until suddenly…Bookmark here

Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!Bookmark here

Like unclogging a faucet, a slew of new messages all poured out from the notification bar one after another. All of them were sent by Yuno.Bookmark here

I could already see the messages in the preview pane:Bookmark here

“I’m here! Where are you?”Bookmark here

WiFi girl was still looking at me. “Well? Does it work?” She seemed to be asking.Bookmark here

I was never going to see WiFi girl again, nor would I ever know what kind of person she actually was, but wasn’t all of this enough? Bookmark here

Bookmark here

I gave her a thumbs up and smiled. She looked happy for me and waved “goodbye” as I made my way back over to retrieve Jotaro.Bookmark here

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