Chapter 14:

Kanto: Chapter 10

The Kimochi Warui Diary

As I followed Yuno through the station, my mind was racing with several thoughts:Bookmark here

What’s wrong with Utsumoniya? Did it get hit by a meteor? Is there really any justifiable way I can ditch my brother? How will I contact him in the morning? The morning after staying at… Staying at… Images flashed through my mind.Bookmark here

When we finally stopped running, we were at the train station platform, and Yuno was leading me to the ticket window. At the front of the line, she started demanding something from the attendant behind the window. That’s when I finally started piecing things together.Bookmark here

“Wait, wait! ちょっとまって!” Bookmark here

I showed Yuno and the ticket attendant my rail pass. The attendant must have explained what it was to Yuno, because her expression finally relaxed. It seemed she thought I was going to miss my chance to buy a ticket to Utsunomiya. Bookmark here

We stepped off to the side. So, now that the crisis was over… About earlier…Bookmark here

But before I could say anything, Yuno’s phone ringed. She took it out of her pocket immediately. Bookmark here

Whatever was on her screen didn’t look good. She bit her lower lip and stomped her foot. Bookmark here

“Sorry,” she said. “I must go home.”Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Before I could respond, she ran into the next open train. The doors closed a few seconds later, and she was gone.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Back at the Starbucks, Jotaro saw me approach. He closed his book.Bookmark here

“How was the date?”Bookmark here

“Hardly a date,” I said. Bookmark here

He didn’t press the issue. Bookmark here

We got on the next train to Utsunomiya. During the ride, I sent some messages to Yuno—no replies. Not even a “read” receipt. We arrived in Utsunomiya half an hour later. Bookmark here

Bookmark here

After checking into our room, I took the purikura photo out from my jacket pocket. I placed it in the center of a book I brought along for the trip, knowing it would be safe from being bent or torn.Bookmark here

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