Chapter 1:


Hell's Cutest Bounty Hunter For Hire

Across the Horizon Ocean, a lost world lies in isolation from the rest of Ainrann, surrounded by a wall of thunder that punished all who tried to pass through its hellish gates. Within those walls, creatures thought to have gone extinct millions of years ago dominated the landscape, terrorizing the people who continued to live there. But the discovery of the Undead World and the incredible adventure of five heroes that followed was just one of many in the world of Ainrann…

Janjira was a large continent renowned throughout the world as “The Root of Ainrann” as religious scholars and historians have closely linked its history to the creation of the world itself.

Naming themselves after the continent they were from, janjirans were a race with animal-like features that could adapt to new situations in an ever-changing world. The adults reached four feet tall at the highest, while certain kinds could reach five to six feet tall depending on what species they were.

During a time now known as the Age of Revolution, while many races were still in their primitive states janjirans were among the first beings to build advanced civilizations spanning over the centuries with sixteen countries currently making up the vast majority of Janjira, each with their own individual histories. Despite growing more technologically advanced with each passing century, much of the planet's history was lost to time, sparking a revolution in archaeology. Their success also helped them form strong partnerships with other nations and races that they would normally not affiliate themselves with.

With the fate of the Undead World now resolved, our next story actually begins 15 years prior…

Taylor Victoria