Chapter 18:

Kanto: Chapter 14

The Kimochi Warui Diary

As we made our way to the train station, I couldn’t help thinking I was wrong about today. Would it have been better to see Tashirojima, even if it meant changing our plans? Bookmark here

While I plan to visit Japan again in the future, how about Jotaro? Does he wish his only time in Japan was better spent doing something more memorable? I even forced him to sit in a Starbucks while I wasted time with Yuno.Bookmark here

I was sifting through thoughts as we boarded the train. My thinking was interrupted when, in front of us, a young man craned his head around his seat and began talking to us. He looked somewhat Asian—maybe less than half—but he was darker than your average Japanese. Bookmark here

After introducing himself, he revealed he wasn’t Japanese at all, but from Nepal.Bookmark here

“You guys are far from Tokyo,” he said.Bookmark here

“I’ve got no idea where we are,” Jotaro said with a laugh. Somehow, none of Jotaro’s usual aura was surrounding him when he talked to this stranger. Bookmark here

They got to talking and our Nepalese friend revealed that he was actually a Sherpa. His job back home was to guide hikers climbing through the Himalayas. Bookmark here

“I’ve hiked some mountains back home,” Jotaro said. “But nothing like those. You hike through them a lot?”Bookmark here

“Sure, but just the beginning part. It’s way too advanced for me after that.” The Sherpa laughed. “The more skilled climbers handle the rest of the tour.”Bookmark here

They spoke some more about travelling and hiking. Eventually, Jotaro asked him about Mt Fuji.Bookmark here

“Unfortunately, now isn’t a good season to climb Fuji… It gets quite cold this time of year.”Bookmark here

I used this as a chance to drag out some feelings. Bookmark here

“That sucks,” I said to Jotaro. “Maybe climbing Fuji would have been pretty cool?”Bookmark here

“Probably,” he said.Bookmark here

“Maybe we made a mistake visiting this late in the year…” Again, my failure to plan had ruined many opportunities. Bookmark here

“It’s whatever,” he said. “It’s all new to me anyways, so I can’t complain.”Bookmark here

If that were true then, even without Tashirojima, the trip wasn’t a disappointment!Bookmark here

Still—this trip wasn’t about me. It was about both of us since the moment I invited him to come with me. Bookmark here

I vowed from that moment that I would find a way to make it up to him!
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