Chapter 10:

Epilogue: A Promise Fulfilled

The Weight Of Ignorance

“Yuuto, I’m not aksing for much. Please?”

“No mom, I’m 21. I’m going to get married soon”

“So until you get married then?”

“No, I have work to do”

The person I was talking to was my mother. She was asking me to move in with her. She said that she wanted to live with her son but I refused since I needed to live close to high school and then I needed to live close to the university when I did my masters. Now, I was going to get married in about a year or so. The bride was Hana Urashima, the girl that helped me understand my own feelings 4 years ago. We had been dating for the last 3 years and this year, I finally proposed. My mother and I had gotten much closer after the both of us had apologized. She invited me over a few times and I always accepted. Eventually, we reached our current relationship.

“Okay, do what you want” she said while pouting to herself

“Fine, I’ll move in for a few months, will that be okay my dearest mother?”

“Well… what will I ever do with you? Always so attached to your mother?”

“You just wanted to say that line just now didn’t you?”

“No” she said while averting her eyes

“Fine, I’ll move in next week”

“Ehhh, why not tomorrow?”

“I’m yet to arrange any movers and packers and take care of other work that I have”

“Fine” she said looking dejectedly

“Also, tomorrow I have something very important to do”

“Oh, tomorrow is that day right?”


“Have fun”

I nodded and left for my house. My house had been the same as it was 4 years ago. My doorbell had been fixed so people didn’t have to knock like they were in medieval times. I reached home and saw that the door was unlocked. I’d been through this situation many times that I knew exactly what was happening.

“Kokone, if you’re here at least close the door properly”

“Oh, Hi Yuuto” A girl who had grown up into a beautiful lady came to greet me.

“I’ve made some food.” She said while bringing some tsukemen.

I started eating the food. It was really tasty.

“Oh, by the way, Yuuto, I got a boyfriend” Upon hearing this, I began choking on my food


“Yeah, you remember the guy I liked right? He came up and asked me out” I remembered her saying that she liked A guy but I never went into the details since I never thought of this possibility.

“I won’t accept your relationship” I said in a stern voice

“What? Are you trying to play the strict dad role from some anime?”

“Can I at least meet him my dearest little sister?” I asked her while giving her the biggest smile I could.

“Oh, no you cannot my dearest older brother” she replied while returning the same smile



“Please let me meet him”

“Fine, but don’t do anything unnecessary”

“What do you mean by that”

“You tend to be overprotective of me. So, I know you might go overboard”

“How rude”

“Shall I invite him tomorrow?”

“Tomorrow, I have some work”

“Oh, that’s right. Sorry”

“Nah, it fine”

After finishing up the rest of the tsukemen, Kokone decided to leave. Akira had hit the bullseye with Kokone’s future. Kokone was very popular with the guys in her class. She had been asked out by multiple guys and she had rejected every one of them. Sometimes they would ask her out when she would be near my house and I would thoroughly interrogate them, which explains why didn’t want me to meet her boyfriend but I will interrogate him as well and make sure Kokone gets what she deserves.

“Huh, Kokone is gone?”

“AHH” I screamed upon hearing a voice. I turned around to see a girl with pure white hair wearing a T-shirt and shorts.

“Hana, what are you doing here?”

“I came to your house a while back but Kokone was already there. I told her that I would make some ramen for dinner and that she could stay. She said she had some work to do, So, I took a nap” Uh oh. I didn’t like where this was going. The both of them got along with each other but were also a little competitive for some reason.

“She…made …..tsukemen?”

THINK YUUTO, This is an emergency, think.

“Oh, I’m soo getting her back for this.” Before I could finish thinking Hana had already started plotting her revenge.

“Yuuto, do you need me to drop you off tomorrow? You might be too drunk to drive back home”

“I’m only gonna drink one can. I should be fine.”

“If you say so. Anyways I’m going to back bed, wanna join me?”

“Yes” Only a fool would say no and I was no fool.


I woke up the next morning with a beautiful girl sleeping next to me. She looked like an angel. It was hard to imagine that she was my fiance. I slowly stroked her silky white hair. She slowly woke up as well. Hana had been learning to cook recently, so she insisted that I woke her up for breakfast and that she would also cook other meals. Most of her meals so far have been well, moving on. Today she was making Rice, Miso soup, and some boiled vegetables with grilled fish on the side. I was a little skeptical about her making an elaborate meal.

“ WOAH, Hana, this is actually good”

“Fufu, I’ve been practicing hard you know?” she said with a smug expression

“And this miso soup is amazing”

“Yeah yeah, praise me more”

We continued to breakfast while discussing various things like what anime was coming up or whether our favorite mangaka was done writing manga. We also had a long conversation about whether isekai was good or not. At the end, she gave up and accepted that she liked isekai.

A few hours passed and it was time to do the thing I had planned for today. I took out my car and drove to the nearest convenience store and bought 2 beer cans. After buying the cans I drove to the cemetery and found the grave I was looking for almost instantly: Akira Kanazawa.

I sat down in front of the grave and opened up both our beer cans.

“Happy birthday Akira. You’re now 21.”

“You said that you were sorry about not being able to keep your promise right? Then keep it. Don’t worry I haven’t had alcohol despite becoming 21 before you. So we are both experiencing it for the first time.”

“So, Let me fill you in on what happened since the last time I visited.” I said as I took a sip of the beer

“beer is really bitter. How do people even drink this”

“Anyways. Akira, Kokone got a boyfriend but don’t worry, I told her that I would have to thoroughly interrogate him before he could go out with her. She’s grown up to be a beautiful woman. She’s probably smarter than me so I know I don’t even have to see who she picked as her boyfriend. I knew he would be a good man. EVEN SO, I need to see if he’s worthy to date Kokone”

I spoke to Akira at least once every 2 months. I would tell her everything that happened to me and everyone else as well. I told her about my marriage being confirmed and that I was moving in with my mother for a while. As I kept talking, I kept drinking some beer and pouring some of Akira’s beer on the grave. Whenever I came here to speak, it always felt like Akira was right next to me laughing and smiling. So, I always smiled when I was talking here as well.

“Oh by the way Akira. I started working as a game developer. It’s a fun job and the pay is good. Hana on the other hand is working in a bank. I’m actually working on some pretty fun games. I’ll let you know how the release goes”

“I’m also a little nervous about getting married. I want to say that it’s going to be easy but I’m sure we have our work cut out for us. Thinking about having a family of my own wasn’t really a thought that ever ran through my head but now that it was happening, it's a little overwhelming. Man, I miss your miso soup” I said as I let out a small laugh.

“Bye, Akira. I’ll visit soon”

After saying this, I picked up both the empty cans and started walking toward a new life that awaited me. I knew this was going to be a rocky road but I wasn’t going to go back to how I was 4 years ago. I’ll face anything thrown at me this time.