Chapter 29:

Come on, come on!


What stood in front of Jack were thousands of large floating containers that were scheduled to transport goods from Morshina to Notrania, but no one in their right mind would have thought that the Mixed Bloods civilians would be the ones boarding those massive ships.

The amount of planning Mont had gone through blew Jack’s mind. He would never have thought that a single person would be able to pull off such a task. Jack dismounted his charion and walked to the Notranian heir. Mont wore black clothing, similar to what Entz wore on Feynoor last year. His blond hair seemed more brownish during the night, but the neon lights from Morshina’s night city gave it a different look. He was giving orders to multiple soldiers, as they got the Mixed Bloods in line before setting everyone with their designated containers.

As he approached the man, Jack stopped in place and turned away looking for a soldier. He saw one at the back and gestured towards him. The soldier came in running.

“I want you to grab a charion and deliver a message to Korn about the status here. ”

“Yes sir,” the soldier said as he moved to look for a steed.

Jack turned back towards Mont and jogged to him.

“I am glad you made it Mont,” Jack said as he approached the man.

“Ahh Jack, I am glad you got everyone out without any problems. Umm,” he said looking behind Jack, “I was informed that you and Korn were leading the army, where is he?” He asked, when Mont talked he had such an elegant manner to his tone that was so aristocratic, yet humble at the same time.

“Oh right, Korn is at the back attending to a problem, don’t worry he’s fine, reports said that there was a unit  numbered at around four hundred men attacking the rear formation of our civilians, so they are fine.”

“Well I hope so, anyways, we won’t be moving for a few hours, I hope that won’t be an issue.”

“I hope it won’t, Teph and the others are supposed to take care of the operating engine, because when it goes off the whole city will be in chaos and the last thing they will worry about is what’s going on in the outskirts.”

“I hope so,” Mont said looking up. Jack didn’t realize it but during the whole conversation he was dominating the Notranian prince in height, so much so, that Mont had to keep his head up to keep up with what Jack was saying. Such a blessing and a curse height was.

But suddenly, the ground shook faintly; but it was noticeable. Jack wasn’t affected, his monstrous height planted his body to the ground, Mont on the other hand, was wobbling. For a short while, it continued but then disappeared.

“What was that?” Mont asked surprised, his reaction was mixed between him debating whether he should be worried or be calm as this might be normal for Morshina to experience weak earthquakes.

But something unexpected happened, Morshina the city of life and joy, the city only defined by its nightlife, and lively lights, was turning off. It suddenly got dark.


Trent sat in Mort’s office with his new assistants Jont and Tomo. They had the holographic map that gave them live updates of what was happening during the battle Teph and the others were in. He couldn’t update them in time when they were flanked by an army that had more men than them. It reminded him of the battle with Mon fifteen years ago, hopefully, the result of that battle would be the same today.

Suddenly a powerful blast shot into the air, its the warning. The warning that all downcasters practiced when they were in battle, while it didn’t carry a specific meaning, everyone knew that it meant something extreme was going to happen. And, in this instance, Trent knew exactly what was coming next. He’s going to use it, he thought to himself disappointed. Should he?

Over the past few hours, their men were being destroyed and decimated. Of the eighteen thousand they originally prepared, about a thousand were still alive. And, their enemy’s still numbered four thousand men. So did it matter if four battalions of men were wiped off the map at the cost of a great general and a thousand men?

Trent zoomed in on the location Mort was in, and he appeared to lead his men back to the Tower of Knowledge, the only logical place in which they can survive what was coming in the next few minutes. You can do it Mort!

He grew tense, if Mort didn’t make it, then he would lose a friend he’d known for years. He stood up from his chair and set his arms on the table, gritting his teeth, he anxiously watched Mort gallop his charion with his men behind him sprinting to safety. They began approaching the hill, which would slow their pace, but they pushed on. Entz was on the hill leading the last few men he had as they were fighting another heavily armored unit. Mort came in from the back and cut a line through enemy soldiers.


Come on, come on, Mort tried his best to get to where Entz was, just a few seconds was left before Teph would blow himself and everyone else to hell. Come on, come on!

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh,” he screamed and was starting to see Entz hurrying him from behind the doors. He and his men shouted for their lives and were thankful they were able to make it inside before the doors behind them were shut. And then, it happened.

End of Part 3