Chapter 34:

Osaka: Chapter 29

The Kimochi Warui Diary

Activity on top of Mount Kouya was minimal. Most of the foot traffic was made up of tourists, both foreign and native. A line of buses circulated through the streets just to help people get around, but aside from that, vehicle traffic was light.Bookmark here

Jotaro and I grabbed a quick lunch and then got onto the main attraction. Following the main trail, we were taken through stone pathways, past ancient stone lanterns and Buddhist statues. The path eventually led to several temples and shrines.Bookmark here

It wasn’t long before we found an enclosed temple that was bigger than all the rest. Not only that, but entry required a fee.Bookmark here

“This has to be it.”Bookmark here

“The big boodher?”Bookmark here

“Yeh. Roight.”Bookmark here

Jotaro decided he would pay to see the boodher. Bookmark here

I waited outside, wondering what kind of enlightenment he would experience from the temple. Would he pray to the big boodher? Would he ask him for good fortune or inner peace? I didn’t know anything about the history of the statue or its purpose.Bookmark here

Some minutes passed until Jotaro reappeared behind me.Bookmark here

“How was it?”Bookmark here

Jotaro said nothing. He turned his head over to the temple. Then he turned back toward me.Bookmark here

“It was a big a boodher.” Bookmark here

During the gondola ride back down the mountain, I couldn’t help but ask him:Bookmark here

“Is the trip turning out anything like you expected?Bookmark here

“Sure,” he said “I’m not too particular—I’m just here to see what happens.”Bookmark here

“I mean, yeah… That’s what I was trying to do too. Like with not getting a hotel for the first night, and visiting random towns.”Bookmark here

He didn’t say anything, but he was listening.Bookmark here

“I guess I just figured, I could be like a shounen protagonist and just hope that the plot was going to bail us out, ya know?”Bookmark here

“I get it,” he said. “Well, not that last part. But I get what you’re saying. And that’s fine. But you can’t not have somewhere to sleep for the very first night off the plane, numb-nuts.”Bookmark here

The smirk on his face told me that he did, indeed, understand. So I laughed with him. “Yeah, yeah, I get it.”

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