Chapter 31:



Korn found himself on the ground, what in the name of Hasharash happened?! He didn’t know.

He struggled to get up and had no choice but to heal whatever was broken in his body. It took a moment before the downsap made effect, and what he saw shocked him. Most of the bodies around him were either dead or heavily injured. Jack!

He dropped to his knees searching for his communicator; he needed to check if everything was alright at Jack’s side. Whatever caused all of this was a powerful force that no one must have calculated. Soldiers fell to the ground, the shocking wave must have broken their bones. The buildings around him had no windows, they were shattered from whatever that was.

Korn pushed aside a body on top of his legs. The messenger!

The messenger that arrived moments earlier must have carried a communicator and so Korn searched where the man was. Luckily the charion was large enough for Korn to find the man, and when he arrived where it was, it didn’t take time for him to identify the messenger. He directed downsap to his arms and carried him outside the mess that he was in.

He walked for a few moments and found land that wasn’t littered with corpses. He dropped the messenger and he grunted on impact, oh shit!

“Are you well soldier?” He asked the injured man, “I am sorry, I didn’t notice you were alive.”

“Don’t worry sir, I take it you are looking for my communicator, here it is.” The man handed him the device from a satchel he was carrying.

“What’s your name, soldier?”

“Moment sir, Moment with a T,”

“Alright Moment with a T, you have my thanks! Anyways, assistance will come your way, just make sure you hang in there.” Moment nodded and went back to rest on the ground.

Korn entered Jack’s coordinates into the communicator and was able to get a signal and began a conversation with the giant.

Jack, are you there? Korn typed, it took a few moments before a response was made.

Korn is that you?

Yes, it’s me, the only one who’ll know about your coordinates is me, Teph, Trent, or Mort!

Just making sure, what’s the problem?

Did you feel that sudden shock? Or more like an extremely powerful earthquake.

We didn’t feel it as strongly as you did, but the ground was shaking.

I think someone might have activated a Downblast.

The only person who could do that is….

Teph, Korn completed.

Yes, exactly. Mort had told us about the thing when we left.

So what do we do now? Asked Jack.

We can either try and rescue Teph and the others, or we could do something else, Korn wrote back.

Something else? Noted Jack.

Yes, something else. I suggest that we raid the presidential house.

Raid the presidential house?! Are you crazy??

Look, there will be no point in arguing here, if the others are safe then that is good, but if they aren’t, then we are already late for help.

What do you mean we can’t do anything to help?!

Listen you,seven-foot giant, the downblast’s effect wipes anything that is in its radius. So if they were near it, Hasharash forbade it, then it’s over! So the only thing we could do now is either sit and wait for a call from them or be useful!

Korn! I can’t just march my men to the presidential house like that, just because you said so.

Who said anything about marching your men? I meant that me and you – two downcasters – should slam through the presidential house’s front doors and destroy every single government officer that made it their daily job to oppress our people! With or without you, I’ll destroy those men! So, are you with me?

Jack took his time to respond, but then a single word popped up on Korn’s tiny screen.


Good. Now, send aid to the fourth or fifth stations, because I have some who need help. I’ll meet you at the location, May glory be with you.

With us all!


Half an hour later, Korn stood with Jack in the dark streets of the presidential house. The two downcasters were glowing with blue downsap which evaporated from their tiny skin pores. It was a scene taken out of a movie, except this was actually happening.

Jack took the first step and Korn followed after. They climbed the stairs leading up to the main entrance. The streets were filled up with police squads, and protestants. But, no one dared get in their way; not even the police; you knew better than to get in the way of a downcaster. The streets were only lit by police lights, and the protest that they organized seemed to have been dealt with, but some people still stayed.

As they reached for the door, an officer came calling from behind the two and he wished he didn’t.

“Hey!” The man said. “Where do you think you’re going?” Without a moment to think, Korn disappeared from Jack’s side, and Jack only heard the man groaning as his partner dealt with him. Korn appeared a moment later.

Jack directed downsap to his fists, as he punched a hole through the large brick door that appeared to be barricaded from the inside. Korn took a peek inside and easily ripped a bigger hole and the two entered inside.

Surprisingly what greeted them were bright lights! They must have their own power supply, Jack thought. In front, they laid a line of men that were crazy enough to form a line that would act as a defense for the important government officials that hid inside.

“Stand down, these are our allies,” said a youthful voice from the inside, “I am sorry generals Korn and Jack, but you see, we thought you were enemies. Let me introduce myself, I am Yon, your source of information from the government.”

Yon? Jack thought, oh that Yon.

“He is the guy whom Entz contacted to give us inside information from the government,” Jack told Korn.

“Yeah, I remember.”

“What might be the cause of your visit?” Asked Yon.

“We are here to deal with a few people that helped build this piss-scum government, care to give us a lead on where they might be Yon?”

“Oh, but of course. Head down this hallway,” he pointed to his right, “And you’ll approach an intersection, from there turn right and you will pass by stairs that go downwards, climb them down and in front of you will be a guarded door, after that… well, you know what to do.”

The Generals sprinted without saying a word and reached their desired location. Two ‘big’ men stood by the doors handling two spears in their arms. Korn didn’t even give them a chance and just ripped through their guts and kicked the door behind them open.

Government officials filled the meeting room that was set for them, all of their faces terrified, they knew what was coming next!

Korn jumped on one of them, Knocking him out of his chair. He stepped on his shoulder and crushed his collarbone; the man screamed at the agonizing pain. Korn left the man suffering for a few seconds before finishing him with a punch that put a hole in his face.

Jack smirked and began torturing the men who caused hundreds of Mixed Blood children, women, and men to die of starvation and malnutrition. No matter what Korn and Jack did today, it was never going to bring those lost lives back, but at least they were going to take revenge.

About an hour of pure torture later they were done, and Korn took out his communicator to contact Entz and the others, hopefully there alive to answer, because THEY DID IT!