Chapter 32:

Pay off


Entz struggled to get himself up. Whatever Teph did, caused everyone inside the Tower of Knowledge to collapse on the ground. His joints cracked as he was barely able to get himself to his knees. His muscles screamed of fatigue and faint pain.

The men around him groaned in the ache of recent events. And there was even a charion’s corpse on the ground, A charion? OH RIGHT! TRENT.

Entz did his best to walk to where Mort might be. Thank the True god, that he was able to make it in time! His body protested that he even take a step further, but he pushed through the pain of moving his legs. The room was extremely dark and barely lit by an open window that was crushedopen with what Teph did. The signal was obvious that something extreme was going to happen, but barely anyone knew what the actual cause was, he suspected Mort might have a clue.

“Trent,” his voice was hardly audible under the heavy impact of shock his body received, “Trent can you hear me? Are you there?” No reply, but a blue figure appeared from under the charion.

“Still standing, I’ve got downsap with me! But you, you seem to be in need of much more medical aid than I do. Are you alright kid?”

“I am hardly fine, but we have to push through the struggles today because it is in the future that we–”

“Don’t push it, kid,”

“Too much?” Entz chuckled.

“Yeah,” Mort walked to Entz and lent him his shoulder.

“So what happens now? And what did Teph do to cause this much damage?”

“Well, what happens now depends on Jack and Korn. If their part of the plan succeeded, then you can consider all of our struggles over, because if you didn’t notice, the operating engine seemed to have been dealt with!” Indeed Mort was right, the Tower of Knowledge was a few minutes ago fully lit. But, now the only source of light that they received was from the broken window on the roof; meaning the only source of power in Morshina was in need of great repair.

“As for what Teph did, well he used something called a Downblast,”

“Oh right, how could I forget, A DOWNBLAST, that would explain why it caused this semi-nuclear result,”

“You know what that is?”

“Yeah, I faintly remember my father explaining to me what it was. But, I do remember him destroying the one he owned, and him telling me that there was one more located with its creator. But they never did find him, they kept looking and loo--- Ohhhh, it's you who made it!”


“How did you–,”

“That my friend, is a story is for another time.”

“But then if Teph activated the device, then that means!” Someone banged the door guarding the Tower of Knowledge. Entz never noticed but, the Tower of Knowledge was actually quite tough. If this was another building, then it would have for sure collapsed under the immense pressure caused from the downsap’s nucleus being split. Well, in some way or another, Tor had actually saved them by making sure the Tower of Knowledge was sturdy enough to withstand the power of any foreign force.

But, the banging continued and it was getting louder each time it made contact. Suddenly a metal piece came off the thick door guarding. And, from the small crack was a familiar face that was all blue. The close face Entz was used to all those years before his father’s death seemed exhausted. As the blue figure was able to tear his way into their ‘hideout’, he collapsed on the ground and his navy aura disappeared.

“Teph! Are you alright?” Mort sprinted towards his physically unstable friend.

“Will he be fine?” Entz tried to catch up after his downcaster superior.

“I think.”

“I am fine,” coughed a wheezing Teph, “I just need time to rest.”

Buzz, “What is that?” Asked Mort.

“It's my communicator,” entz took off his armor and revealed a communicator strapped right around his belly.

“You’re weird kid,” Mort said flatly as he set Teph laying on his knees.

“Yeah, Yeah, Ye–,”

“What’s wrong? What happened? KID! Talk to us,”exclaimed a confused Mort.

Tears overflowed Entz’s face, all those sleepless nights, all of those days spent arguing trying to convince the Pure Bloods to see that there was no difference between them and the Mixed Bloods. Korn had just contacted Entz, filling him with the details of the event he and Jack had experienced and how it was over. Every struggle Entz and the Mixed Bloods dealt with was over, every single sweat, blood, and tear he shed for his cause was worth it, because it was over.

Korn regrettably explained that they found his mother’s corpse on the floor, which made it a bittersweet moment for him.

“Kid! What’s wrong?”

“It's over Mort, Teph it's over,” Entz said struggling to get the words through his mouth, “IT'S FINALLY OVER.” He screamed and the men around him cheered for their freedom as well, the communicator buzzed one more and Entz saw words written on the screen:

We will send transportation along with medical aid to where you are, for now take this time to rest.

Thanks Korn,