Chapter 33:



Entz leaned over a balcony railing outside the presidential house. It had been a few hours since the events of the Tower of Knowledge. The power was still off, but, something about watching the sunrise on this day was magical. The feeling relaxed Entz’s muscles. It had been a while since he felt so relaxed, so at ease, not worrying about what might come next, but actually looking forward to it.

It was true that he spent the last few months free with the people he earned the right to call friends, but something about knowing that their struggle was over, washed away every worry in his mind. It was finally over, finally over, FINALLY OVER!

Many great people were lost to get to where they are today and so he placed his fist on his heart as a mark of salute for his fallen brothers. May glory be with us all.

“Entz!” Called a familiar voice from behind him in an enthusiastic way. “You’re alive!” said Yon with a wide smile on his face. “You did! You actually did it!”

“We did it, Yon, we all did it,” replied Entz sharing the same expression. The two laughed and embraced each other.

“It's unbelievable how much we struggled to get here. Hundreds of years of oppression and discrimination between the two Morshan groups, but now it's finally over.”

“Yeah, I am thankful I was able to participate in ending it. Today will be a day that will be remembered for thousands of generations, a day that will be marked in history.” The two shared their intimate moment of celebration, and after a few moments let go of each other.

“So what happened with mother, Tor, and the Frol faction?”

“Oh right, your mother left something for you,” he handed him a letter, “as for the Frol faction. Apparently, Lopol led an attack on the civilians but was completely overpowered by Korn, Tor suffered the same fate but died under the pressure of the Downblast. And the rest of the government officials were taken care of by Korn and Jack. But, we don’t have to worry about them now. We should look forward to the future!” Yon said with his hands on Entz’s shoulders.

“Yeah, but it's a shame that there was no other way” He looked to the ground “But, you’re right, let's not let those tyrants ruin our moment.”

“Sooooo, What now?” Asked Yon.

“Well, I am following Mort and Mont back to Notrania. I need to learn about these powers I have and apparently Beth had some sort of Notranian heritage, so I’ll have to see what comes of it.”

“You’re a hisser as well?” Yon asked barely moving his lips; just leaving a gap to let air out was enough for him.

“YON! Why didn’t you tell me?”

“I was confused by it as well and didn't know where to go, but luckily there are people like me.”

“Well, you’re going to have to tell me your story on the way, because I take it you’ll tag along my journey?”

“Yeah sure, it's not like I have anything better to do!”

“Anyways, you really should read your letter.” Entz looked at the piece of paper wrapped up in his hand and hesitantly nodded.

Yon hugged Entz one last time, before retreating into the presidential house, but someone else came up as Yon made his way back.

Korn wore a black leathered jacket and walked with his hands in his pockets.

“Congrats kid, it's over!” He said with a wry smile on his face. Korn was rarely seen smiling, the man had something about being serious during most of the encounters Entz had with the man. “It's finally time to smile. You know, I promised myself on the day we were banished into the Under City that I would never smile again, and if I did it would only be during the times people needed, and now I can finally smile!” That explains a lot, Entz thought as he smiled back at the scar-faced man.

“So, I heard you’re going to Notrania with Mort and Mont, I am guessing it doesn't have anything to do with the rehabilitation process they are arranging for the Mixed Bloods.”

“Yeah, I have to find out about these powers, Korn, I feel like they will have a big impact on my life.”

“Quick advice from me, don’t over-depend on it,” Korn smirked.

“I won’t.”

“Anyways,” said Korn, “If you are truly going back with them, then you better hurry up, because Mort is leaving soon. Actually, a car is waiting for him by the entrance to this place, so, if I were you then I’d quicken up my steps.”

“Wait, what about Teph? I need to at least tell him goodbye.”

“Teph is currently in hospital far from here being treated with his wounds, and don’t worry Jack is there to guard him. We won’t just leave our leader with Pure Bloods un-protected, not after today’s event. Don’t worry, I'll tell him you sent your regards. Now get moving, Mort won’t wait any longer.”

“Thanks, Korn,” He ran and embraced the man, “I am going to miss you.”

“Likewise kid,” he tightened his grip.

“Well, take care.” Entz let go and went calling for Yon, hopefully, they will make it in time for Mort.


Entz sat in the back seat of the car, watching the beautiful tangerine sun rays giving life to this day. He tried to get into a comfortable position, but couldn’t, something was bothering him, something…. He felt his pockets and found the letter Helet – his mother – left for him, it read as follows:

Dear Entz,

If you are reading this, then you probably succeeded in your plan. Well, I wanted to congratulate you and settle a few things. Your father during his last few days suffered from a great illness that, only I and a select few people knew about it. Somehow information was leaked and Tor found out about what happened, and so, began exploiting your father’s weaknesses and even hired assassins to claim his life.

But, your father was much smarter, he knew he didn’t have much time left and didn’t want to die at the hands of his enemy and so poisoned himself in the final week he had left with his life. His plan was to make it like I was the one who actually took his life and make me seem trustworthy to Tor so that he won’t touch me or you. His plan was so that I and you could live.

Obviously, I had to keep up the act so that he would leave us alone, but Khol knew that someday YOU will rise up and complete the mission he left for you.

I made it my duty to treat you the way I did because I didn’t want to suspect a thing, and thankfully it worked. Well, I just wanted to let you that, because I didn’t want you to resent me to the end of your life, and there is no one in this world that I love and care more for than you. So, forgive me for what I have done, and may glory be with you.

PS. Make it your life mission to always protect those who cannot protect themselves, I love you.

Best wishes,

Your mother.

Entz couldn’t control his emotions at this moment, tears trickled without stopping, all those words he said to her, all of those faces of disgust he showed her if only he’d known. I am sorry, he covered his face. I promise to live life to the utmost fullest and carry on your will.

He looked up to the sky, raised his arm, and formed a fist. I PROMISE.