Chapter 20:

Final Act - Part 1

The Garden Of Dreams

The NCPD, along with Nate, devised a plan. It involved various factors and some heavy amount of fire power. 
The Police Departments of some other wards were called for backup, along with the military. 

The COUNCIL had stopped their attacks for the time being. But the most probable location of their next attack was the World Government HQ, which were located in Nodax. 

If everything went according to their speculations, the NCPD could somehow defeat the COUNCIL. 

The people of the areas with high danger were evacuated, the NCPD had took every measure possible regarding the people's safety.

According to the plan, Nate and Rey were at the Government HQ, along with 16 units in disguise. They knew that the attack was going to happen no matter how tight the security was. 

Captain Matthew and Jake were in the LW-11. For the first time in years, the NCPD had a slight idea about where the COUNCIL's HQ could be. 

"Is everything set?" Captain Matthew asked Nathan over the radio. 

"Yes sir, every unit is in position. What's the status over at your side?"

"We're evacuating the people and the search for the HQ is still going on."

"I see. I wish you all the very best captain."

"Let's do this kid. We're all relying on you." 

As soon as he kept the radio down, firing began. 

"It's the northern flank, some COUNCIL troops have attacked." Rey said to Nathan. 

"They must be distracting us so that the leader could sneak in."

"This is to all the personnel inside the building, stay on your guard, the enemy could infiltrate any time." Rey said over the radio. 

"The western flank has been attacked too sir!" an officer said over the radio.

"We can't afford to let any of them inside. Do whatever it takes to hold them off!" Rey replied. 

Soon all the flanks had been attacked and the troops were taking heavy damage.


"Captain we haven't found anything yet, don't you think we're wasting our time here?"

"Stop complaining sergeant, we need to find their HQ no-

The captain was interrupted in between by an explosion. 

"What the hell was that?"

"Sergeant, take your troops to the site of explosion and report what's going on."

"Got it sir." 

The sergeant took his troops near the explosion site. They found some dead officers there. They tried to find who had did this, but were suddenly attacked by a horde of drone.

The sergeant immediately contacted Captain Matthew. 

"Sir they are coming your way, stay alert, there's a lot of them!"

"What's coming our way, sergeant!"

The sergeant didn't reply. 

"Damn it, I think we lost the sergeant." 

"What was he saying?" Jake asked.

"He said that something is coming our way and that we need to stay alert."

Jake took out two guns and held one in each hand, he had also brought some of the drones that were built by Celestial technologies. 

"Men, gather around! Take your positions in formation C. The enemy is heading our way!"

The troops did as their captain said. They waited in the formation for about 10 minutes but no one showed up. 

"What's going on?" Jake asked Captain Matthew.

"I don't know, but we can't risk leaving our position." he replied.

The heartbeats of the soldiers became louder and faster as they waited there, they were expecting a surprise attack. 

"They're here! They're here!" A soldier shouted. 

It was a big horde of drones. The drones were made by the COUNCIL in the last year, they had done some heavy planning for this day.

"Shit! Those drones outnumber our troops by far. What the hell are we supposed to do now Captain!" another soldier shouted.

"Nobody panic, keep on firing! We can easily take on these drones."

Jake deployed his drones too. 

A fierce exchange of firearms began. 

"Nathan! It's the leader, he's here!" Rey shouted.

"Where did he enter from?"

"The underground. He's wiping our troops like a bunch of flies. You need to do something, now!"

"Okay, I'll go and distract the leader, you go and support the troops on foot."


The moment had finally arrived, when Nate had to face the leader. 

The leader was wiping out the troops on each floor and heading up.

Nathan was waiting for him on the 9th floor. 

The leader arrived at the 9th floor and saw Nathan.

"You just don't learn your lesson, do you?" he said to Nathan.

"I guess not. What are you going to do about it?"

"You should be afraid of those stronger than yourself!' The leader shouted as he rushed towards Nathan. 

He swung a punch right at his face, but Nate caught it with his left hand. 

"How did you-

BAM! Nathan punched leader in the face with his prosthetic arm before he could even finish his thought.  

The leader had gained unbelievable powers, he had super physical strength, and he could burn thing up with his mind(pyro kinesis). His endurance and durability had increased too. 

Nathan's punch had very little effect on the leader, he was just pushed back. 

"No ordinary human could've done that? How did you do that Nathan?" 

Nathan didn't say anything.

The leader was far more experienced than Nathan. Even without the powers, he could defeat him. 

He rushed toward him again and punched him in the face, Nathan couldn't dodge this time. 
The leader grabbed him by his collar and threw him to the other side. He then used his flames on him, but they didn't have any effect on him. 

The fight between them continued as they exchanged blows. 

"Captain, we have some heavy casualties here, we can't hold these drones off for much longer now!" 

"Just hang in there boys! More backup is on the way. We can't let these drones infiltrate in the Higher ward!"

"Captain, what are you planning on doing?" Jake asked.

"We can't do anything except waiting for the backup, we have to hold these drones until then no matter what!" 

"I had some advanced weapons in the trunk of my car, but it's on the check post at the entrance of Nodax, I should've  brought them earlier."

"It isn't too late yet, go and get them kid!" 

"Alright, I'll be back in a minute, just hold them off till then!" 

Jake rushed towards his car. 

Nathan got up, he was lying down, his mouth was bleeding. He had been beaten up by the leader. The leader was a little beat up too but his condition wasn't as bad as Nathan. 

"Why are you doing this?" Nathan asked him while trying to get up.

"Why, you ask? Why not?" The leader said while walking towards him.

"You literally killed thousands of people!" Nate said after getting up.

"Those people were suffering anyways, I just liberated them! I did what they couldn't do for themselves!"

"So you'll just keep on killing innocent people?" 

"Yes, if that's what it would take to free this world of suffering and injustice."

"You think you're doing justice?"

"I'm making this world perfect. With no weak people, the world would develop faster than ever. Only those would survive who are strong enough to stand up for themselves and work for themselves. We don't need weak and feeble people who can't even take care of themselves."

"You can't justify what you're doing no matter how hard you try."

"Deny it all you want to Nathan, but it's the truth. The weak people have always held back the society. They whine, they cry, and they want everything to be served to them on a silver platter. They do everything except working for themselves. Tell me then, how will they help this world grow?"

"You don't know what you're talking about, you're not even making sense!"

"Oh, I know exactly what I'm talking about. I've seen life, the real hardships of life. I know what it means to be weak, because I was once weak too. My father was weak too, he never earned a single penny for me and my mom and blamed it all on us. He beat us, he tortured us, but he never looked at his own mistakes. I had to kill him too. Now you tell me, do such people deserve to live?"

"Your father was clearly an exception, not everyone is like that."

"I'm done talking with you kid, you're wasting my time. Get out of my way!'

"Or what?"

"Or you won't leave here alive."

Their fight continued. The leader punched Nate, and as soon as he got a window, he rushed through the floors and went to top floor. He had planned to incinerate the whole HQ building from the top. As soon as he reached the top, all the COUNCIL troops fell back and ran away.

"Captain, I'm here Captain!" Jake shouted after he came back after getting the weapons.

"Hurry up, I'm here!" the captain shouted.

Jake ran towards the Captain and handed him the gun. Only a few more soldiers were left alive, he gave the rest of the guns to them. 

The drones were still high in number, but these guns took care of them quickly. The soldiers, along with Jake and Captain, shot down all the drones. 

The captained sighed and said, "If only you would've brought these weapons earlier."

The COUNCIL had attacked various other higher wards, this fight was going on all over the world. Artur and Danny were to fight somewhere else, hence they were absent in this fight.

"Detective Rey, send some choppers to the roof right now! The leader has escaped to the roof, he might be planning to do something!" 

"Got it!"

"I'm gonna head to the roof too!" 

Three choppers went up to the roof. 

"You're surrounded from all the sides, put you hands in the air and surrender now! Or else we'll open fire!" 

The leader stretched his hands and fire came rushing out of his whole body like an explosion. The helicopters got caught in the explosion and came falling down. 

The leader turned back and saw Nathan behind him. Nathan had a gun in his hand which was directly aimed at the leader.

Nathan shot him in the face without giving it a second thought. 

The leader's mask fell down and his forehead started bleeding. 

"What will you do now?" the leader asked Nathan.

Before Nathan could shoot him again, the leader used his pyro-kinesis and produced a fire so big that it burnt down the whole HQ in a fraction of seconds. 
All the buildings, all the houses, and even the officers in a range of 50 meters were burnt to a crisp. 

TO BE CONTINUED IN "Final Act - Part 2"

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