Chapter 27:

All bad things come to an end ( 2/2 )

Chaos' Game

Note: This last part sounds rather like a recap of the events, and I sincerely apologize for that. I ran a bit of time at the end.

“And I kept this promise for eight years. It's not my fault if she decided to disrupt my plans. Now, she will pay the price. But don't worry, this way you will be all together again.”

     The hacker considered the scene with great surprise. Even he thought that the mayor was more kind-hearted than that. Would she actually be the devil himself?

     As they were speaking, Marnie emerged from her own shadow, next to Woodle. Kiseki glanced in horror at her.

“Go away Marnie!! You can't stay there!”

“Hoooh, here we have a good girl. I didn't even have to look for you.” Merlish applauded.

“I won't run away. For I have to know. Why did you want to kill me back then? I want to know why my own death.”

“She's not the one you think she is, Marnie… She's not Lucy.”


     In utter surprise, Woodle glanced at Kiseki. Did he rave? Maybe it was a desperate tentative to avoid Marnie all that pain. The latter frowned at the inspector, thinking it was a mere lie…

     Although, the mayor let out a sneer.

“This is the sheer truth.”

     Reaching for her watch, she touched her screen and the mayor's appearance, her silhouette, began to flicker. A mere hologram. Then it disappeared, giving way to her true appearance. An old woman with scarlet eyes and elegant short white hair.

     Marnie was voiceless and Woodle widened his eyes to this unexpected turn of events.

“…Donna Merlish?!”

     She was the mother of the mayor.

“Surprised? That's natural, I used this hologram as a mask for so many years, now.”

“I can't believe my eyes. But, in this case, where is the true Lucy Merlish?”

     Before the mayor had time to react, it was Kiseki who answered the question.

“She's dead. Donna… murdered her eight years ago.”

“Indeed. Though this was her sole fault. If she obeyed me and did all I asked her for to do, then she would be alive. I merely wanted her to control the city for me. What an ungrateful daughter she was…”

“I don't allow you to say this… Lucy was wonderful. And when she suspected you to be able of killing her, she brought our daughter to an orphanage, so that she would be safe. She…”

     Filling dizzy, Kiseki put a hand against his wet forehead.

“Enough. Time has come for all of you to die. Ernst!!”

     At her call, a silver armoured silhouette appeared by Donna Merlish's side in no time.

“Let me show you the achievement of my researches. An android with a human conscience.”

     As she spoke, the android took his helmet off. With rather short green hair, he had a peaceful expression.


     Unable to formulate a single word, Woodle stared at the android in utter disbelief.

“This can't be.”

“Attack them all! No mercy.”

     Instantly, the android hurled on Marnie, trying to kill her but she sank in the ground at the latest moment.

     Then, Ernst took a glare at Woodle. That seemed to be no emotion in that look. However, Woodle who glared back at him seemed under shock.

“Big brother?… No. You died seven years ago…”

     He scarcely had ever been more confused that in this moment. Ernst Bomme. This was the identity of his deceased brother.

     However, the android would not let him overthink. Dashing towards him, Ernst was incredibly fast. He outstretched a hand towards Woodle and the following instant, blood gushed forth in Woodle's back.

     The latter, in utter pain, lowered his head to see one of the android's arms passed through his stomach.

     Taking his hand out of the wound, Woodle fell forward on the ground while the android approached the inspector.

“Should I kill this one too mistress? His existence is already condemned.”

“Do it.”

     Leaning forward, he was about to strangulate Kiseki when a little object hit his back and exploded, making him roll all over on a few meters.

     From the opened hatch, a young fellow with mid-long green hair and a patchwork scarf went out, coughing blood, and enclosed Kiseki. He drew a phial out of his pocket and made him drink it.

     Merlish thought she saw a ghost, until glancing at what was supposed to be Woodle's corpse, and see it evaporate progressively. A supernatural ability…

     The antidote had an immediate effect and Kiseki was already regaining his spirit.

“Why did you heal me?”

“We have a common enemy, and I can beat it, but I need your collaboration.”


     Woodle had regained composure in no time. And this was literally because of the fact he – or rather his clone – got killed earlier. The true Ernst would never do something putting him in danger. Hence now, what he should do, as a leader, was to protect his group and… to free the conscious of his brother.

“You want to protect Marnie, don't you?

     The question was useless, but Kiseki instantly nodded.

“I will do anything”

“So this anything would be to trust your enemy.”

     As they spoke, the android woke up and was about to attack them again.

    Kiseki wasn't eager to trust Woodle, nor to help him but their common enemy was far too powerful.

    Hence, Kiseki flew away in order to complete his task. Meantime, the leader made great use of his agility to avoid the attacks of the android. Less than ten minutes later, he took a last glance at Donna Merlish.

“It is time to repay for what you did to my brother, Ernst Bomme.”

    Donna Merlish stole the most important thing he possessed. More than his life, his humanity...

     She scarcely had time to frown that a huge explosion blast in the whole circus taking it to pieces. The whole circus was on fire, what witnessed from the outside the other Players still conscious and the Idonosoko. He did what Woodle asked for, taking everyone outside. Almost everyone at least, as Ling Zhen had mysteriously disappeared.

     Near Kiseki, Marnie beheld the scene tears dropping down her cheeks. She grabbed the inspector by his sleeve, feeling lost.

     Thereafter, most of the Players escaped before Kiseki tried to arrest them. As their leader as well as their main enemy disappeared, they had no more reason to fight. Reisig was brought to the hospital, but he remained in the coma. Kazuya often visited him, sometimes with Kiseki and Marnie, who tried to learn to know each other.

     A peculiar fact is that when police investigated on the place of explosion, they found traces of Donna Merlish, but not a single of Woodle nor the android.

-- THE END --


Chaos' Game