Chapter 18:

~Scene XVIII~

Nymphea Vol I: Tale of Two Words

Silvia became bored from spending her nights cooped up in her room so she decided she would go look around Nymphea. Silvia had only seen Nymphea from pictures in books she read in the castle library. Bookmark here

“Everything looks so much more amazing up close.”Bookmark here

Silvia placed her hand on a large willow tree that stood beside a small pond. As Silvia was captivated in the beauty of the forest, the sound of footsteps approaching behind her drew closer. Bookmark here

“Beautiful isn’t it.”Bookmark here

A soft voice spoke from behind Silvia. She turned around to face a small elderly woman searching the sky. Bookmark here

“Yes…it is.”Bookmark here

Silvia blushed as she replied. Her fingers moved toward her head and combed through her long hair. The elderly woman walked toward the large willow tree and sighed.Bookmark here

“It won’t be long before this one comes to its end.”Bookmark here

Silvia kneeled at the root of the willow tree. The elderly woman glanced at Silvia and smiled.Bookmark here

“We can’t avoid death but just because we have died doesn’t mean we’re gone. Though this tree’s vessel may wither away, its soul will remain with us forever.”Bookmark here

Silvia looked up and to her amazement, the willow tree released several blue fireflies into the night sky. Their lights flickered like the stars above them. Each firefly danced in a different direction and flew away.Bookmark here

“Isn’t that right, princess?”Bookmark here

Silvia stood up shocked and cried out the elderly woman, who was walking away.Bookmark here

“You know who I am?”Bookmark here

The elderly woman stopped and chuckled.Bookmark here

“If you want to talk some more than meet me here again tomorrow… I would hurry back if I were you…it is dangerous to be caught outside this time of night.”Bookmark here

Silvia seeing that the elderly woman was far from reach decided to head back to her room. As she walked for awhile she noticed that she had passed the same tree several times. Even though she had no intention of admitting it, she was lost. A thin fog made its way throughout the forest and it grew thicker by the minute. Silvia knew that if she did not find her way soon she would have to spend the night outside in the dark. 
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