Chapter 21:

~Scene XXI~

Nymphea Vol II: The Rise Of Ill Fates

“Your highness…”Bookmark here

The younger maid finally mustered up the courage to speak up but was quickly rejected.Bookmark here

“I believe you are needed elsewhere, ladies.”Bookmark here

The young maid tried to respond again.Bookmark here

We must…”Bookmark here

The older maid standing beside her understood that the prince was referring that he wanted to be alone. She grabbed the young maid’s hand and bowed. Bookmark here

“We will take our leave.”Bookmark here

The prince nodded and proceeded down the stairway alone. Despite the old maid’s feeling of utter abandonment, she left proudly back down the hall with the other tailing behind her. Nafilah hid behind one of the columns as the maids began to pass her. She did not want them to know that she had been following them because they would be sure to call her out. Unfortunately, her attempt to be unseen had failed. The older maid had caught a glimpse of Nafilah as she passed the column. The maid froze and stood staring at the column. The younger maid noticed her staring at the column and began to walk towards it. Bookmark here

“Did you see something, ma’am?”Bookmark here

Nafilah tensed up as the maid moved closer toward her. The older maid looked away and spoke loudly.Bookmark here

“There is nothing there! If there WAS someone than I would advise them to go back to their room.”Bookmark here

The young maid turned around before peering around the column. After warning Nafilah to leave, the older maid began to walk away with the clueless maid still trailing behind her. Nafilah waited until the maids had cleared the hallway until she walked out from behind the column. She made her way toward the stairway that the prince had used at the end of the hall. Bookmark here

“I hope he hasn’t gone too far.”Bookmark here

Nafilah ran her hand down the railing as she cautiously made her way down the stairs. There were several stairways down this one hall but this was the first time she had ever adventured down this one. As she placed her foot on the last step, she lifted her head to the long dark hall that appeared before her.Bookmark here

“What could possibly be down here?”Bookmark here

Nafilah proceeded down into the darkness. As she walked farther down the hall a small light revealed itself. The faint sound of voices resonated from the walls as moved closer. The light led her to the door that was left slightly open. Nafilah leaned into the crevice of the opened door. Behind the door was a large empty room with two steel tables in the center. There beside the steel tables was the prince, two knights and a man in uniform. Bookmark here

“What do you mean dead?”Bookmark here

The prince turned his head to the two knights.Bookmark here

“Their bodies were found ripped apart and mangled. Although most of the damage was done by animals, there was also evidence that the Nymphians took part as well.”Bookmark here

The man in uniform turned toward the prince.Bookmark here

“The Nymphain body was also reported missing.”Bookmark here

Nafilah leaned closer to the door. She couldn’t believe what she was hearing.Bookmark here

The prince turned toward the man in uniform with little concern.Bookmark here

“Let them have it. What use is a dead body to us anyway?”Bookmark here

The prince looked at the two knights with a stern expression.Bookmark here

“As for the other issue, make sure to notify their loved ones of their deaths.”Bookmark here

The man in uniform stepped closer to the prince in disagreement.Bookmark here

“Your highness, what if killing our men was a message. What if those savages are planning to attack us?”Bookmark here

Nafilah inched closer to the door. Listening to their words made anxious.Bookmark here

The prince stepped next to the man and patted him on his shoulder.Bookmark here

“If they value their peace with us… they won’t.”Bookmark here

Nafilah backed away from as the prince approached the door. She hid against the wall. The prince exited the room and walked down the hall toward the stairway. After a few seconds, the two knights and the man in uniform followed behind him. Once the sound of footsteps had vanished, she slipped into the room. 

Bookmark here

“What is this place?Bookmark here

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