Chapter 1:

mirror of my soul

her subsequent diary

April 7th Friday                                                                                                        5:32 pm

dear diary,

As someone who suffered a disorder that caused me to have no emotions....

maybe sometimes once in our life where we consider ourselves unique and one of a kind... Like there's no one has similarities as ours

A priceless sole jewel to be exact

However, in that fateful incident...under a road of cherry blossoms on the first day of school. everything had change

I found her. My other half, my reflection ....the mirror of my soul

then i realize Meeting unexpected people at an unexpected time is something fascinating about life. When life brings us something out of an unexpected, we definitely feel amazed. But that’s how, life is supposed to be. They say some things are just strange and too strong to be coincidences but there's no such coincidence in this world only fate bound it to happen.

there's something been bothering me. She initially owned the old uniform of St.palantine academy which havent been wor at school for almost century. it uniform consists of a long-sleeved button up shirt worn beneath a pinafore style dress with a pleated skirt that extends below the knee, a bow at the collar, a wide belt at the waist, and black, knee-high socks and sneakers

her unique dark eyes and emotionless personality... Her  short jet black hair and cold eyes staring at me lifelessly  .

the moment our eyes met, theres nothing inside it at all

she was - cold as ice as she stared at me without speaking a word silently and envering without a blink for that long moment, her face was as vacant and expressionless as a doll

despite these oddness, she was simply and indescribably beautiful so beautiful that it sent shivers down my spines as if i was starring at my own reflection

Meeting her was purely coincident, but for me it was destiny 

isn't it fascinating how everything in the world is connected? the idea that two people were once one person is an extraordinary thought: the halving of a whole