Chapter 2:

Chapter 2 (At Home)

Ankh Holder (Season 2)

* This part is just an imagination of the author. Not to offend anyone's beliefs*

Daw Mi Mauk was weaving a bamboo net. But her mind was thinking about her long-lost son, Zeya.

That day’s meal was braised beef and plain rice. A meal Zeya had asked her to cook on the day that he went missing. Daw Mi Mauk can’t help herself but cry.

(Note* Daw is used in front of the names of Burmese ladies, equivalent to Mrs or Madam. While ” U” is used in front of males. The word, U is pronounced as “Oo”)

“Mi Mauk, are you alright?” her husband, Nga Shwe, asked her.

“Of course not, Ko Yin (A name used for calling males who had taken novice hood) Of course not! I just can’t stop thinking about Zeya!! He just went to feed the cows and never came back!! We don’t even know what happened to him!!”

“Mom, we searched our best, but not even a single food print was left,” Mi Thae, her daughter, said to her.

“I just can’t believe he disappeared without any footprint to find. Had demons got him? Or had he got to the hand of evil? I’m so worried about him. I don’t know why this is happening tonight,”

“Oh, Mi Maunk, honey, don’t overthink. Nothing is certain,” Nga Shwe tried to comfort his wife but didn’t help. Tears began to roll down Daw Mi Mauk’s face.

From afar, someone was standing and hearing all of these. Tears were rolling down his face too. He was no other than our friend, Zeya. He had found his way home but hesitated to meet his family. Will they remember him, he thought. But after hearing all of these, he had felt the love of his family. “But how can I explain my three years in space?” Zeya asked himself. “Oh, whatever it takes,” he changed his mind and prepared to meet his family.

“Alms!! Alms!! For the sake of your next life, alms please,!!” Voices of grown-up men appeared of a sudden. Zeya stopped and hid inside a bush.

The faces of his parents changed. Worries and frights filled their faces. “Mi Thae, get into the box,” Nga Shwe said, and Mi Thae quickly went inside a cane box. Nga Shwe and Mi Thae started to put food in a big bowl. Zeya was eager to know what was happening. Alm? He knew Buddhist monks don’t eat dinner. And why did his sister, Mi Thae, suddenly hide in the box? But soon, he found out.

A group of men, dressed as Buddhist monks, armed with weapons like clubs and swords, came to his parent’s house. “Alms!! Alms!!” they said, and his parents came rushing toward them, giving them a bowl of food. The so-called monks looked at the bowl and suddenly kicked Zeya’s father’s chest.

“Nga Shwe, Are you not afraid of the hell of great fire!!! Are you not scared to be reborn in the realm of hungry ghosts!!! Why have you donated such little food?” one of the monks said.

“I’m sorry, my lord, this is the only food we left,”

“Have nothing and donate nothing, donate nothing and have nothing. Ye peasants will never pass the circle of suffering. “Let this be the last time,” the so-called monks said. And they left the house.

Zeya was furious at these people’s actions. He wanted to get up from his bush and kill all of them. But he got a better idea. He sneaked them quietly to know where their base was.

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