Chapter 2:

sorrow and regrets

her subsequent diary

april 13th                                                  3:33 PM                                                  dear diary,

never in my life i expect someone to die in front of was terrible id say

do you ever wonder what it feels like being betrayed?or perhaps being stab by a person you least expect?or how about cry on tears.with nothing but full of shame and regrets?wishing you can just turn back the time and undo whatever shit you had done.

life would be easy if thats the case right?

well,the world is not easy that we can do what ever we want,no point crying over spilled was what has been said and done. afterall,we have to live by the choices we make

i was waiting for my sister at the school cafeteria.minutes passed but she hasnt arrived.she didnt even bother texting me

it lead me bo choice but to order something to kill not in the mood to socialize people to entertain myself.fortunately,things went well

i ordered a cup of green tea and some pastries.while sipping my hot drink... sorrow and the scent of fresh tea leaf

i lopk at the table next to me which qas occupied by two girls that until now,ordered nothing yet

theyre such an eye sore actually

until theres a boy went in the frame and the girls greeted him cheerfully amd as soon as he took a seat.the girls starting to order

aw they seems to be really good friends.i wobder what it feels like being in a circle of would probably be bice dont you think?laughing over little things and sharing thoughts and perspective to random stuff they could think about

but im not jealous nust curious what it feels like.i dont even know why they caught my attention.perhaps somethings off about them.especially the way they look at their prince as if hes the apple of their eye

they ordered a donut and a coffee by the way.i find them stupid prdeing the same thing their boyfriend ordered

i could still see the steam from their hot drinks suddenly i overheard the guy asking for creamer

and the short shair girl stopd up frpm her seat and volunteer tp get a creamer for him.wait...are those two girls like that guy?they stare at him with dreamy eyes whenecer xhance presents it seld but i guess rhe fiu is ivlicous to what his so called friends feel about him

then i felt something soft covered my eyes.shes.still.wearing.the same.sweet sister,euphimia

she sat down infeont of me while i stared at table next to ours when my eyes widened in shock to see the prince guy choked himself

he was shaking as if hes running out of breath and with in second.he no longer move..breathing to be exact

my sister rjshed to the guy and touch his wrist and slowly shook her head''hes dead''

ive never felt someone would literally die infront of was like frw seconds ago im watching him eating hapily with his two friends.

is this real?this isnt cabt be right?

i dont know how to react that time but my foot move on its own i rushed to guy

''dont come any closer!''my sister yelled at the long hair girl

i blankly lean closer tp the guys lips and began to sniff.

it was a scent of almond and potassuim cyanide

everything around me flash like a dcene in a movie

everyone staring the us in horror

what the fick am i.doing in the crime scene anyway.its not my jurisdiction to get involve buy my dear sister stuck her nose so i might as eell do the same

bit an annoying insoection pull me away and pat my head like a puppy saying who said i can step on the ceime scens and wastinf no rimr to statet the investegation

i conclusion.the.prince boy got poisoned

spmeone is yarfeting yhr victim theres not garante yhd later eikl pic poisoned pasty pr tea.inles they use a clicer trcik

tea cups are almosy empty bit what caught my attention were the donuts

three donuts thre teacups three plate and.two set of fprk and knife

but ofcours with som magic i ask the stiff to hand us pver 2 donits for my person of.ibterszta

the long hair girl eat it with grief exoect for the short hair one she bever touched the food

and that only how her guilt

she cabnot eat it because shes afraid to get poisoned.her hands hace laced.woth poisoned

the poison is not in the creamer sachet.its on the creamer saxret

''if david cant be mine then can have him either!''the long hair yelled but the short hair girl thouch her friend face gently with a gentle look on her face

''the reason why david chose to be friend because he doesnt us want to ruin our friendship because of him.''those words from the short hair girl really hit the nail on my head

 and ofcpurse they arrest the girl.thanks to me but you know what?i kind of feel sorry for her

for the first i felt a slighy pain somewhere in my chest as if it qas being squed tighy.its eeally painful to watch her tears fall pouring rain and much worse,everything she did was due to misunderstanding

i wish i can cry as well or the feelings of having regrets...sorrow as well as fear

i wonder what it feels like

suddenly, someone caught my eyes...

it was her,the mirror of my soul,my reflection,my other half

leaning her back against the wall..staring at the man lifelessly on the floor

with a creamer sachet on her hands

i wonder what it means..does she have something to do with this?

is this just a peak of an ice berg?what mystery lies ahead?

i have to get to the bottom of this 

fix this later😂