Chapter 3:

between fiction and reality

her subsequent diary

april 8th

4:20 pm

dear diary,

im sitting at the same cafe where that boy got poisoned...and here i am eating donuts trying to reminise the event that had just happebed yesterday

it was as clear as day as the scenery flashes before my eyes

a horror indeed

but how come this cafeteria is on work today?arent they a little too insensitive to go on business and fully funtion despite having someone die in their own property

as i was watching the students in the cheerfully eating food at the cafe,i feel like i was about to get sick

its not that i feel sad or anything..its just that,i seriously feel something is not right

i just cant point it out .is this even real?theyve gotta be kidding me right?

i hate that i feel so empty,i dont know how to react or what should i do

despite being in the journalsm club truly fond of writing fiction in fact theres a lot of horror stories that are popular in this school were all of my works and everyone think everthything in my novel is remarkable but i guess In this world...when it comes to reality no matter how terrifying an event is no one will ever remember.

do you know what i mean?

if the story set up a bich of spectation of what the story is going to be and pulling pieces together even thiugh the story doesnt feel like its trying to be scary as long aa it feel really deeply settled like they know something horrible is hidding beneath the bottom,just waiting to get to the surface but when shit things like murder or crimes in novels happen in real life people would just act as if nothing had happened and everything is just a nightmare perphaps an illusion,tangible through by though as clock ticks by minute by minute what had just happebed they will eventually trying to forget

humans are selfish dont you think?but i guess im just being ignorant about certain things is it because this school is really tuebilent time in a lot of students life

music students devote their time to practice certain instruments....general department stidents spend.most of their.time studying trying to get good grades

i huess humans can get really passionate and dramatic and others have aching hearts and seek attention

i may not.know what someone is really feeling on inside them or people who are depressed and wont bother telling the world about it or people who just want to cause from others thinking it will fill the emptiness inside due to.human nature

after all,humans are fond of hurting each other.i bet those people in jail or those who die during medival era will agree with me

but it doesnt rwally matter to me anyways,i just notice whenever theres a shit happen in the school,the odd girl is always at the corner of my eyes as if shes the one who fuck other peoples heart with her filthy brilliant mind

the moment i caught someone in my eye..i know it was the creamer scahet in her hand...the one who got used in the murder...could it be posible she had something to do with it?or im just beibg paranoid?

if ill be able to talk to you think she will understand me?i just really have the feeling that theres something we had in common and maybe someone will truly understand my.condition

as someone who doesnt have emotion

if thats what it takes,ill dig this mystery even if it means to cover and tame it with another mystery 

i will reach her


her subsequent diary