Chapter 0:

A Struggle... Heroes Of Time

Nimbus Complexion

"OTONASHI, OTONASHI WAKE UP!" A figure yelled down my ear.A dazzling twinkle left me partially blind as I opened my eyes.

"D-Did we win?" I question, feeling my spine throbbing with pain.

"Heck yeah, Your butler uniform has witnessed better days," he cracked a smile, staring at my chest.

I focus below to witness my chest and the surrounding area coated in blood. Aha, of course, it is, cracking a smile as I gaze at the soil below.

As my vision returns, I glance upward to witness his entire face obscured in blood, his standard-looking blade fractured in half.

"N-no!" I yell, His open wounds seeping with blood like draining bathwater. They're deadly as if he fought against hundreds of poisonous snakes. "Let me use Hex magic to heal you?!" I reach for him, but he blocks my hand, halting my movement.

"It won't save me now. Aha, I guess it's over for me." he smiled, his body giving in, collapsing to the ground hard.

I use my remaining strength and wobbled toward him. "NO! YOU CAN'T DIE ON ME!" I feel a build-up of tears overflowing my dam like a glass bottle slowly cracking, causing tears to spill onto the soil below.

"We did it! We're the hope of this world, We're the answer to all living things that yearn for peace." Another voice? From above? I witness my other friend with blood pouring out from her stomach as if the sun was blasting a solar flare.

She smiled in my direction. "I have to say, that new desperate power-up from you was fantastic Otonashi." grasping her stomach wound. Her long pink hair transformed into wings at nature's command.

I return the smile "Aha, This hurts so much though." before coughing abruptly. I notice a man waving.

"HEYYOO!" Covering his mouth partially, there stands a young man in silver knight armour screaming out. "DON'T FORGET ABOUT ME!" flapping his arms in the air like a weirdo. His silver armour rattled like churchbells.

"Thanks so much, choosing hope that was the ri---"

"AHHHHHHH!" A female demonic voice shrieked our souls with despair.A purple atmosphere?! What's transpiring?!

The purple mist slowly vaporised revealing a woman with long black hair. "YOU THOUGHT YOU WON?!" Dexis cackled, hands on hips. The wind exposed her two horns. Below the waist is a spider's body. A truly fearsome monster as dread sinks in.

Did we lose? my body quivers uncontrollably. No, it can't be. I focus on my female companion.Her boots vibrated "No..." My friend falls onto her knees, her hands fluttering.

Dexis carved a smile and pointed the palm of her hand facing us.Her hands express a dark aura around them."Curse: Fall" She screeched, truly a demonic laugh as a luminous purple beam consumed us.

My surroundings altered to complete darkness. Felt like I was forced out of existence like a bug in a video game. All I could do is stare into the abyss.

Back on the soil below as the final hero stands.

H-how?! falling to my knees, Dexis began to spread her mouth gradually about to speak.

"So, Takashi." Dexis shifted to face me, glaring, her eyes almost popping out."The final hero standing, I wonder what your plan is." spreading her arms into the air as if starting a performance.

I clench my fists, slamming the soil below."You may have killed my comrades..." Gritting my teeth. I aim for my blade. "ONE THING I'LL ALWAYS KEEP!" I thrust myself into the air with all my remaining strength."HOPE?!" I death stare at Dexis.

"You?" Dexis positioned her hands over her lips. "ONLY YOU?! YOUR POWER DIED OUT LONG A---"

"DON'T MAKE ME LAUGH!" I feel the wind smacking my hair. Grasping my blade tightly, and closing my eyes."Become a sharp edge strong enough to slice even the strongest material." I open my eyes."POWER OF A SWORD?!" I roared as a combination of light and dark red aura formed around me. My hair turned dark red.

"Heh, still have some fi--"

I punch her cheek using my fist, resulting in Dexis being flown toward the ground forcefully. A thick dark leg hastily approaches me. I dodge by a hair strand as I clip onto the leg like a crabs claw. Using all my strength to force her body into the dirt, her face scrapping with it.

"Ouch?!" Dexis screamed in misery, completely smashing into a tree.

I descend to gaze at Dexis, Pff looks like a mangled corpse. Eh? A tap of water travels from my forehead and drops. I'm frightened... I already know how this will end. I exhale rapidly. I cannot defeat such a monster alone.

Rustling in the bush, I stare."WHA-" Four dark legs thrust out of the bushes, I leap into the air, evading narrowly. I position my blade in front, sparks surround me with a metallic thud as one of the dark legs is used as a blade.

"AWW!" Dexis rises, stomping her feet."I THOUGHT I HAD YOU THEN?!" Dexis growled, before phasing her facial expression to a grin.

Wait a second, instead of defeating her? Why not seal her away? What if the future generation can't handle her? I shake my head. No, forming a smile. I'm sorry future generation, a selfish request of mine.

I wave at the clouds "Good luck!" Raising my blade beyond the horizon before rapidly descending into the torso of Dexis.

"HAA?!" I taste blood as a bright red pentagram forms below Dexis. A chain materialises and wraps around her resisting body.

"WH-WHAT IS THIS?!" Dexis attempted to break the chains as hard as iron. With no hope. I jump back as a gigantic red axe is brought to life, shortly swinging into Dexis and then me slightly. My silver armour completely shattered, piercing my own skin.

"O-OUCH?!" I open my mouth, sighing. I clench my fists, dammit! My girlfriend designed that armour. Dexis is no longer within sight. 

I sit down on the grass.I heard footsteps approaching from behind.

"Takashi, remember that promise we made? I mean, in the event you don't survive?"

That voice? It's La! I wave at La, my pregnant girlfriend... Hmm, lengthy green hair and a long white dress. Huh? Clouds mask her eyes as she steamrolls toward me.

"THAT'S--" I feel immense pain in my throat, falling flat on the ground "I'll at least let you name the baby" La revealed a sinister face. "I mean, if you're still alive..."

"Y-yo- D-ex-is"

A traitor?! I proceed to spit blood, my body shaking profusely. I use my finger to spell the name LUCY out of blood. Shit, my vision is altering between on and off.I listen to the faint sounds of footsteps fleeing.

"Finally no more heroes left..." La cackled.
Rafe Torr
Chiba Ritsu