Chapter 4:

twisted poem

subsequent diary

it was lunch time

nothing particular happebed the past few days after i talked to secondra

as usual.i was eating alone here in the cafeteria savouring each spoonful of suopfus meal in my mouth

it was really hard to shallow food not knowing whats going on with my friend

i dont even know if she had eaten already or is she havibg a good meal like what im havibg right now?is she okay?or is she hurt?the list of scenarios are endless

i felt powerless and incompetent and useless not being able to do anything

ever since we were kids,ruka is always the one who protect me

i badly want tp prote,t her as well,but how?

how can i protect someone whos much stronger than me

ruka exceed in almost everything...and im just living under her shadows even tho i should be the one protecting her

a boy being protected by a girl?it doesnt sound cool isnt it

and now,i couldbt even protect her this time when she needed me the most

it was my fault.i shouldbt have stick my nose

i know secobdra is my only hope .after our concersation two days ago.i never heard anything from her and now ruka is missing for 3 days by now.. the police is now investigating but theres still no lead

but i dont want to be sounds so desparate begging her do or put her into dangerous situation.i guess this is the end.

I vowed to my self to start investigating myself without the police notice

Who cares what they think.ruka is my friend and its my duty to protect her

I looked down as i heard murmurs everywhere

Whats a general departmebt doing here?"i heard someone asked as i feel eyes on me

I was about to stand up when i felt someone standing in front me.i looked up to see who it was as i saw a girl with a long black hair holding a paper standing across the table

"For the promised i made to you as the agreement to our contract- i hereby to justify a promised in understanding that a commitment has been made"secondra added as she put her arms at her back with the paper on her hands

"Failure to fulfill a promise in a contract is a breach of the contract, for which the other party may sue"last thing she said as she put a notebook on my table

Every students eyes where on me.i felt every uncomfortable in that monent as i watched secondra silently walking one dared to look at secondra as if theyll die if they did so

I reached out the notebook secondra handed to ne and i run my fingers to was a very beautiful notebook with a garter on its side keeping it on place

Is this a diary?"i whispered and stood up from my chair dashing off to the cafeteria and to the hallway trying to catch up with secondra

How ever...shes nowhere to be seen

I leaned my back into the door defeated and confused on whats going on.why did secondra went all the way up to the music department building just to give me this

I stared at the notebook she had given to me and opened it staring at the first page as i saw a plain text on it"huh?its empty"i said as i slide my back against the wall and sit on the floor of the empty hallway and flip on the next page


April 21st

In the room 023 at the music department building around 5 AM...close all door ignore knocks and scratches coming from hallow room filled with books and gym clothes can only be occupied by single soul located at the empty hall A confusing set of questions and answers Now you stay like a broken fragment It's engraved deep inside the whisper sound of wind, is it your voice? Is this the sound that is calling me?Am I the only one thinking about you?Does this music comfort me? Do you know my feelings I can't stop thinking about you Dear sky, please help Please stop this rain So i can forget it:


My eyes widdened as maby question went into my head

My would secondra keep a poem in a diary in advance setting?yeah today is april 21st but why?

I glanced at my watch as i drop the notebook

Its just 4:10 pm yet.why would the diary entry be advanced from its current timeline it was like 50 minutes in advance

Does this have somethjng to do with the contract i signed?secondra...wait...where is she now?

Rabdom thoughts came in my mind as fear starting to overwhlms me

Took the notebook with me and immediately looked for the room 023...but why does it no where to be seen?even secondra herself

Is that room even exist here in the music department?a vacant hallow room with space

'hallow room filled with books and gym clothes can only be occupied by single soul ?''i whispered out of confusion ''is that even a room?a room only being filled with books and by a one person?''

the word'' located at the empty hall ''gives me an idea....''lockers''i said

i reached the said second floor

but then i suddenly felt a cold stare that chills down my spine.i look back trying to spot anyone whos eyes were ne

but i didbt saw anyone''i must have been imagining thibgs''i co.ciced to my self and hope in line to secondra

a secobdral''i called out''why are you here?'

i quiestly walk dumbfounded as i fpllpwed her and before i knew it.we reached the stairs going to the a second floor of the abandined general departmebt building

despite the sunny sky from outside he inside of the hall buikding was cocered witb dark and inly few su lights from broken can be seen

to my dispapinted secondra cocered her face with face mask and wore a gloves trying not to breathe anydirt from the place

we climbed on stairs to the third floor when we heard a sound

tok tok tok

yikes!i clung to secondras sleeves as i boticed her eyrs slightly widened as her mouth opened

she continue walking while i was stil clunging on her arms

''ruka are you here?her voice echoef into the void''knocks and scarchess dot and dashes''


do you know anythung abiut the morse codel''i didnt know why shes asking a seemly.irrelecabt question but sinxe theres.a word code.i huess its somehow telated to the case in hand

''its a sequece of short and long signals caled dots and dashes''a guy with a cloak said as he keep a plain bored look on his face''ever dot,dash or sequnce of the teo reprsent a letter for ibstabce a sobgle fot means e two dashes means m and a bot and dash meabs and how its connected''he added and didnt say another word

a cloak?the same as the supreme student president..then,he must be somethinh else in the school.a student council perhaps?and why is he here anyway?however,with this dimlit hallway,i could barely see his face

''your girlfried probably locked this room. i bet her mouth is probably gagged so she cabt speak or cry for help''saying that secondra reached out my hands and give it a squeeze as we went into deep dark hallways.untill we reached the lasy rows of lockers where the knocks cane from and only one locker has been locked

secindta took a small box contains wires and put it inside the padlock and twist it.after a past few minutes she succefully opened the lock

shes the lersib reportedly missing since yesterday- Ruka reizen''

i walked towards ruka and fashped in horror for what i saw

her mouth was shaking and her lips were cracked,she hasnt been eaten anything or drunk water sunce he was absuctss.she was also varely cibcious

i noticed the watch on her hand and i was hocm

it was exactly 5:00pm

the same as wriiten in her diary.ignoring the weird thoughts in my head ,i immediately run towards ruka and removed the tape from her mligh nitg and untied the rope tied to her arms and legs

''water we need water secondra!''i cried in panick

however someone walked towards us and sat down on the ground ''lay her dowb and make sure her heas lift up''i look up to see who it was and there stood a young man with a rather pale skin tone with blue eyes. He has silver, layered hair which extends just above his shoulders, and long bangs with a concerned look on his face as he reached out his hand for me with a bottle of water

''if you force her to drink water theres a posiblty tgat she would soffocate'h

''i think i know whos probaly behind this incident''secondra whispered''ypu thinking what im thinking jin?secondra said as she glanced at boy

but the silver haired boy just sigh as he took a hankerchief from his pocket and a bottle of water as he held ruka and gently put her head on his lap


he opened the bottle and pour the water on the hankerchief and put it on rukas lips''that should do the trick''he said and let a sigh when we heard ruka moaned

shes haining conciois

we should let infrom the police regarding this''her voice went deep and serious''this is a serious incident

without saying a word.i stood up and wrapped ny arma around her''thank you for helping me secondra''