Chapter 4:

in searching for gold

Fragements Of The Moon

with the flower in my hands,i immediately went my way out from the garden to look for Nior when someone blocked my way

"hand over the kingdom insignia"

damn this emblem!"i thought to myself "youre in my way"i said coldly as i felt cold in my feet.trying to act tough but the truth scared!

"this ones the real price"the man infront of me said as he flastered a wind grin on his face"we should get a good price when we sell them"he added as he looked at me from head to toeare they preferring to my unform?

who are these guys?ah the one who were chasing me?

woah they wouldn't give up easily huh??

"she's a rare one the clothes alone will fetch a high price"

"what are you really"i asked as i made a few steps away from them.they arent merchants.thats for sure"perhaps bandits?"i asked"we're slave traders!""what?!i said in shock"well surprised are you?"he asked and they all laugh and someone grabbed my arms from behind while someone is trying to rip of my clothes.the emblem is probably around here somewhere"the guy whispered as he unbuttoned my shirt

"stop it!!"I scream and kick, trying to pull away from the touches. I kick my foot out, hitting someone but my mind couldn't catch up with the present event thats matter how hard i scream begging for someone to help..its not that someone will hear me anyways

"this is how it ends huh??"it's okay this is all an illusion anyways...but why does everything feels so real?"let go of me"I shrugged at his grip"hey what do you think you are doing?"he let me go with a push and i twisted my body and step back trying to gain more balancewhen i felt the grip slightly lossen.i opened my eyes to see a young man"why you"''ganging up on a girl?and you call yourselves men?''i heard a voice as he throw stones in direction which hit a guy at the back

''disgusting" the voice with full authority added as the man who asked money from me minute ago stumbles far back as a light skinned boy with an average height walk over to him.

who is this guy?"i looked up to carefully looked at him as our eyes met,,,it was a pair of beautiful pale indigo eyes

a dragon slayer!run for it"the bandits yelled as they run away from himare you all right? his worried look turned into a questioning confused face. 

"Is everything okay?" He asked. I just stared at him. He waited patiently for my answer

i felt safe just by starting at his face and that's when i saw the most beautiful pairs eyes I have ever seen"thank you...."if you're thankful you should give me some money"he said with a smug look on his face as he reached out his hand waiting for me to hand him over some money.To my disappointment and shock,i wasn't able to react to the situation immediately"does that mean you don't have money?why'd I wasted my tine saving a girl with no money"he asked in an innocent tone as he slightly tilted his head

"no one asked you to save me!"I yelled as the guy said with a palm face as he stood up 

"I hate poor people bye"he said as he wave his hand and silently walked away when i noticed a fine silver strands of hair on his fingers

My eyes widened in surprised.i tried to catch up with the guy earlier but he's nowhere to be seen"where are you nior?"I whispered as I looked around the wide open space filled with nothing but dandelions "niorrrr!!!!!!"Not knowing what to do I rush and make my way to the dandelions filled until I reached a small town 

why is everyone staring at me?

more than that,that guy before may have been sorta handsome...but he kidnapped nior"I won't forgive him"but still...where am I?

the atmosphere is almost like Isekai shit

"am I in that painting?could that be it?"Everything around me's incredible!it's like a move set!I'm so impressedI didn't even noticed im were in a city this the capital of westalia Earl been talking about?

everyone is so full of life

But the guy earlier?I lost track of him.

I noticed a small alley in the corner "I wonder what can I find here

i thought when someone grabbed my arms and to my surprise it was the 

Did he came looking for me?

"do you know where nior is?"I immediately asked I can't waste time

"nior?"he asked confusedly "you know the boy who was with me?"I added but he just stared at me as if there's a dirt on my face or something 

"the boy with a silver hair I saw silver strands of hair in your hands earlier

"oh him"he 

"no"he responded shortly with a palmface

"hold it"I angrily said"how dare you make fun if someone asking a serious question?!"i said frustratedly"that boy is clueless with it comes to social interaction!he had a mind of a toddler anything could happen to him"Saying that I hold his hands with my two arms and held it as tight as I can"hey "he said trying to scape from my grip" I'm not letting go until you give me a clue"

Fine"he responded 

"you will really help me?"tell me where's nior"

"how should I know?"he turned around and silently walk away

"come back here!"I said as I block his way"stop it"he said coldly as if he was already full of me

If I can't use force then I'll have to use all my cards 

"wait just a minute!first of all aren't you at all concerned?"

"a boy on his own gets separate from his friend?and is wondering around in a totally unfamiliar place"aren't you goina say "just leave it to me?!"

"look how I'm begging you"stubborn as ever he gently push me aside and walk pass on me"you call yourself a man?!"I yelled

"you just don't shut up do you?"he asked as he glance at me"you have no money and no right to act so high and mighty"he said in a serious tone

"if you want somebody to do something for you you gotta pay for it"he added

"come on pay me some money"all you talk about is money,is that all that's important to you?yes it isdid you sell nior into slavery"I burst out"I don't believe it how could you sell a boy?!"hey"finally,the cold poker face hes vee wearing finally came off "you villain!! you fiend!!!you beast!!"the drama I made earlier caught attention of the passerby so he tried to pull me away from the crowd"get away from me you slave trader"however without saying a word he kissed me on my forehead making me feel embarrassed and he lifted me on his shoulder like a sack of rice away from everyone "she's my wife!!!" He yelled 

"lessen to me"

"Have you decided to help me look for nior?"I asked cheerfully 

"would you cut it out?"

"then maybe I should tell everyone bout your business"

"are you treatinng me?I already told you I'm not a slave trader!"

I know that"I whispered and I looked down

"I had caused too much mess to you save me earlier and I didn't thank you you even came looking for me and yet here I am ordering you around as if I'm all mighty or something But stil....."I bit my lips

Why am I begging for someone like this,why am I even doing this ..what's the point?is it worth it

"Jez I'm not playing games here.its not easy to find someone"

"you're so cruel,I don't know anyone here I have no one to turn to I have to find him don't you fell sorry for him?"

"nope I'm not "Saying that,he left me alone