Chapter 1:

The class of Failures (Part 1: F stands for Failure)

The Demon Lord's CLASSROOM

   5 minutes ago, when the lights were off, in a classroom two floors above the demon lord's chamber, a short conversation happened between 8 people.

“Why are we here?”

“Where are we? Isn’t that the right question?”

“Does anyone remember what happened?”

“What is this place?”

“Is this the school?”

“I thought we got expelled!”

“The light is on! Pretend you’re asleep everyone!”

“But I’ve just woken up!”

The 8 students, not knowing what was happening, decided that their only chance to understand the current situation was to act cautiously.

Actually, they agreed on not making any single move.

Sitting on their chairs, they were all closing their eyes leaning their heads down on the desks before them silently.

The desks, the chairs, and even the walls were all coloured white colour. Everything except for two things in that room was white: The pitch-black chalkboard and a piece of blue paper put on the teacher’s desk.

The silence reigned over the room for three minutes. During that time, the students of class 2-F tried their best to perform the best act in their lives.

For them, it was a huge effort to close their eyes, defying the curiosity that was eating at their souls telling them to look around and discover the area.

Before closing her eyes, Himura Kozue, one of the 8 students trapped in that class, got a quick glimpse of the classroom. It was for a short fraction of a second.

Even the demon lord Baal, who was supervising the situation from another room, didn't notice that.

Even after closing her eyes, she was able to feel the light surrounding her.

She wasn’t as clever as Nishimiya Chikao who asked everyone to pretend to be asleep; however, she knew that the best thing to do in that situation was to follow his words.

Speaking about curiosity, Kozue wasn’t the only one suffering to suppress that feeling. Another girl, sitting in a chair on the other side of the classroom, had a similar feeling: Kamijou Kamiya.

In her case, Kozue’s words being the last thing she was able to hear before starting the small act was annoying her. In fact, she can remember that she woke up at the same moment as Kozue.

She wanted so badly to say that out loud, but she was refraining.

Kamiya had a strong affinity for the light. At that time she wasn’t aware of her real magical attribute, but she knew that she could sense light touching her smooth skin gently.

Kamiya was accustomed to that feeling. But, just like anyone there in the room she wanted to open her eyes, move around, and talk with the others to understand the situation.

Meanwhile, the demon lord in another room was enjoying his time listening to Mozart. Just when Alice stepped into his room, a boy that didn’t care much about the whole idea of pretending to be asleep and just decided to follow everyone, Atsuko Kamitani, moved his head quickly.

Since he was facing the wall the whole time, he decided to turn his face to the other side, to face Kamiya…

His action wasn’t noticed by the demon lord at that time, but his classmates found that as an excuse to start moving.

‘Since nothing happened after Kamitani moved, it is safe to assume that we can move freely.’ This was the thought of everyone in the class except for two: Kamitani who just moved and didn’t realize the consequence of his actions and Kamiya who was wondering about her classmate's sudden action.

Eventually, the only one left in the dark was the brown-haired boy, Kamitani.

Even though they understood that there wouldn't be any threat if they moved, everyone didn’t dare to take the first move, especially Chikao…

Being overly cautious was a habit of his. That was, mainly, the reason why he came up with that idea in the first place. The reason, also, why he was expelled from the Royal Magic School just like the seven other students…

Finally, someone broke the silence in the room.

“What is this place?” Yamaguchi Reina repeated the same question she asked earlier with a worried tone.

“You can open your eyes if you want!” Ichiro Akira, one of the boys who kept silent the whole time, decided to follow her lead, and speak. He wasn’t trying to pick up a fight with her at that time, but he just didn’t have anything to say and wanted so badly to speak.

He wanted to repeat the question he asked earlier since he couldn’t remember anything after leaving the headmaster’s office that morning, but then he decided to observe the situation silently once again…

Hearing this short conversation, a girl who wasn’t acting about being asleep slowly opened her eyes. She gazed around her searching for the source of voices. She saw that everyone was asleep. “… Eh? Was it a dream?” She wondered.

“… I am surprised how you were able to sleep in this situation, Masami-chan!”

Koizuma Masami looked around her once more to realize that Kozue was the one who said that.

She rubbed her eyes quickly and tried to stand “… Ah, how long have I been?”

“Only four minutes! Seriously, how were you able to fall asleep this quickly?”

Masami stretched her body while ignoring Kozue.

At that time everyone opened his eyes except for one…

Masami’s eyes were immediately fixated on the blue paper.

She took a few cautious steps toward the teacher’s table and picked up the sheet of paper.

Slowly everyone followed her, except for one student…

As they gathered around her, she unfolded the paper to read it.

The first thing that caught everyone’s attention was the sealing mark of the royal family.

“Wait!!! Did you tell King Zola about your plan?” Alice’s voice suddenly echoed in the classroom.

The students, surprised, took a few steps back.

Slowly, the chalkboard started sending live footage from Baal’s room.

“So, you can see me now!” Baal laughed as he stared at the students looking at the board in disbelief.

They didn’t know that the young man they were watching on the board was the symbol of terror and the most feared living being in the world.

They only had a feeling that something was odd…

Masami looked at the screen with a confused expression then asked gently: “Who are you?”

“I am your new teacher!” Baal smiled gently as he stood up.

“But… I thought we got expelled?!” Akira shook his head, doubting Baal’s words.

“From today onward, you’re all going to be my students. Welcome to class 2-F!”

Baal took a few steps forward and a devilish smile appeared on his face.

“Or shall I say the class of failures!”